Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My new Desk Organizer - KIT KAT BENCH!

I tweeted about this last night but I think I should put it on the blog!

Anyway, check out my new Desk Organizer :)

It's a KIT KAT Bench!

Pretty neat huh? :)

Available in select supermarkets! If you buy a KIT KAT 6-Pack, it comes with it! Php 100 only :) I got mine in Rustan's Supermarket. I was told they have in Landmark too!


kristel said...

Please tell Nestle to import the green tea variant. They are to die for! :D

Jerick said...

that's what i miss about being in the office every day. i miss having desks!

Rj Kodakero said...

i'd love to own one in life size :D

Why am I doing this? said...

That is SO awesome!

Anonymous said...

.. that's nakakagutom, HAHA! :") it's been a while since my last posted comment. Miss your blog! GB. ;')