Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Hundred Islands

The weather has become really really warm... Summer is here... 

As for the working person, there is no summer vacation. For the graduates, enjoy your LAST summer vacay. Cherish it!!!

Anyway, since the summer season is here. I was inspired by Team Manila's "Tara Na!" campaign. 

A few weeks ago, I was in Pangasinan. I went to see the HUNDRED ISLANDS.  I only saw pictures of it when I was studying the books on the Philippines back in grade school. How can there be a hundred islands in a place? I was asking myself then... 

But really, there were so many islands!!!

Only in the Philippines I tell you... The hundred islands is an excellent place to visit this summer.  Where else can you see that many islands in one place? Bring the whole barkada along while you're at it! It's about 4 hours away from Manila. It's not as far anymore thanks to SCTEX.

(From the highest peak of the hundred islands)

We were told by our guide that only 3 islands could be inhabitable by people. The biggest is the "governor's island" where they actually shot a few episodes of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition. (It was the Kim Chiu season) The others I believe were Marcos and Imelda island.

The exciting island is "Marcos Island" if I'm not mistaken. Mind you, I don't find it exciting because of the name but because of the cave that's situated in the island. There's a 15-foot drop to the ocean inside the cave. It's awesome!

The beaches are pretty awesome. The snorkeling part is also exciting because of the marine life. I was told that the place improved dramatically. The shores are much much cleaner than what they used to be.

Visit the Philippines if you can guys :) I actually believe that tourism will generate jobs! "Tara na! Biyahe tayo! Nang makatulong kahit paano sa pag-unlad ng kabuhayan ng ating mga kabayaan! Halika biyahe tayo! Nang ating makita ang ganda ng Pilipinas, ang galing ng Pilipino!" (I love that song)


Kina said...

I grew up going to the Hundred Islands every summer because my Lola was from Alaminos. It's so nice to see other people appreciating it too. Thanks for the feature.

Kina said...

I grew up going to Hundred Islands every summer. My Lola was from Alaminos. It's so nice to see other people appreciating it too. Thanks for the feature.