Sunday, November 29, 2009

Walang paghihirap na hindi natatapos

"There's no hardship that doesn't finish" - It's better in tagalog, I know.

I've been saying a lot about 2009 being a difficult year for me. It's definitely been a hard year. But I always look back at this saying. I guess it sort of tells you that there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes you just have to be brave enough to walk towards the light.

I think my Lola doesn't want me to have a bad 2009. I think she wants all of us to remain strong.

It's the unexpected that makes you happy the most.

Remember the What Ifs entry?

Well, I think I answered it last night. High Risk, High Return.

Like I said, you just have to be brave enough to walk towards the light.

Keep your chin up guys. All will be well.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Being alone at home...

I'm usually home alone these days.

For October, my brother took a short vacation abroad and my parents are extremely busy! So now, I'm just at home, tweeting, surfing, and planning what to do for next year.

Now? My parents are busier than ever before, my brother has school and his schedule is just loaded. Me? I end up either eating alone or eating out alone. Hahaha.

So anyway, there was one particular night that I had to turn off all the lights in the house. As I was going up, the toilet in my Lola's old room (which is now the den again) makes a flushing sound. That was at 11:30 at night with all the lights off. $##!$%!^&& It can't be. I go outside and I ask Maris (who was been with us for so many years) if the toilet was busted... She kept on laughing but in a scared way... She didn't want to check the den but I said that we had to! NO WAY I was going in there by myself.

I find out that the toilet was busted. But still, right after closing all the lights and you suddenly hear that.

Lola, I'm sorry. I love you very much. It'd be nice to see you again but please not late at night... Takutin pa naman ako especially when I'm all alone in the house. I still miss you each and every day...

It's so quiet when alone. The best thing to do is to keep yourself busy.

Thankfully, I'm not home alone now :)

Just felt like updating the blog!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We all look like we feel...

"We all look like we feel" as said by Chris Carabba.

These are people who do not wear masks. I believe that if you really want to show your true feelings, then you go out and look like how you feel.

You feeling happy because of something/someone? Go show it! Show that person that you're happy!

You feeling sad because someone hurt you? Go show it! Be true to yourself!

You feeling angry about something? Don't keep the anger inside, that's bad for the health.

Anyway, I guess the point I'm trying to drive at is that I believe most of us don't want to show these feelings because we're afraid to get judged. Some of us may fear rejection while some may feel that they'd hurt someone.

I think the people who should know how you feel should be given that.

So here I am being honest, right now, I'm feeling really happy -)

Signed Stuff

OK, Last na to on James Jean. Just want to share the things I had signed :) I had all the stuff I wanted signed so it was mission accomplished for me!

I thought things like this just happen in comic-cons abroad but thankfully, Fully Booked made a lot of geeks so damn happy :)

He just sketched Snow White!!!


Fables: Covers by James Jean (Apparently, they don't print this anymore)

Lucky to have gotten a Snow White sketch on the "1001 Nights of Snowfall" book

Should I explain why I chose Runaways? Look at the title of my blog :)

One of the best BKV books ever! Had to have this signed!

I can't just forget UMBRELLA ACADEMY #1!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Visiting CSB for the James Jean talk

Yup. I'm still on a James Jean high! I took a leave from work today so I could listen to James Jean's talk today at the College of St. Benilde. The talk had limited slots and Jonty and I were lucky enough to RSVP on time.

Mr. Jean basically showed his art and how he was influenced and all that. It was nice to know that he was inspired from Comic Books. Wolverine #31 was the very first comic he read. Plus the thing he drew when he was 13 was inspired by Jim Lee's style. It was an X-Men drawing.

Look at what he can do now! (See below)

(THE X-MEN!!!)

(Wolverine #31)

James Jean has come along way and he's accomplished so much. It's just sad to note that someone asked if he'd return to comics. He won't :( He wants to focus more on painting and having art shows. But it's all good. He really can't limit himself to just doing covers for comics. Plus he won cover artist of the year for 6 years in a row now! Wow!

I learned that a lot of his artwork had a mix of pencils, Photoshop, and even Flash! He admitted that he didn't like Illustrator. He stuck with Flash.

(Jaime Daez and James Jean)

Also, Pinoy Comic Book artists attended the event. Heubert Khan Michael, Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Segovia, Jason Paz, Ernest Jocson, Jay David Ramos, Harvey Tolibao and Philip Tan (who happens to be visiting the Philippines) dropped by. After James Jean, they had a panel discussion in the afternoon for the students in which Gerry Alanguilan joined.

(With Philip Tan!)

(Philip Tan and Gerry Alanguilan)

The Panel
Gerry, Philip, Ernest, Carlo, Jay, Heubert, Harvey

I think it's cool how Fully Booked organized this whole event for the fans. I mean, think about it. It's difficult to bring an artist here from abroad. They've brought in Neil Gaiman, Ben Templesmith, and now James Jean. Awesome!!! Who's next??? We'll have to wait and see... But if I had my choice, bring in BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS, BRIAN K VAUGHAN, MARK MILLAR, OR JOE QUESADA!!! Hahahaha.

But thank you Jaime Daez and Fully Booked for this event! You guys made a lot of Fanboys and Fangirls happy! :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Interviewing James Jean

Last Thursday, after Rock Ed Radio, I got a text from Erwin Romulo saying "Are you free Saturday, 5:45pm?" I asked him why. He then replied "This interview with James Jean."

That was around 12 midnight already and I just lost sleep. Holy crap! It was JAMES JEAN for pete's sake! I didn't pass that up.

So Erwin asked me to do the interview but I asked him if Jonty can also go since he's more of the writer. We got the GO signal from Mr. Romulo and the rest was history.

November 21, Jonty and I went to Fully Booked High Street at around 10:30. There were already fans lining up but thankfully, we got 10 and 11. Not bad for 2 Fanboys.

So the Cruz bros came back to the Fort at around 5 to meet up with Erwin since he was to facilitate the interview. Jed Segovia of Inquirer did the interview first and he even scored a White Violin sketch from Mr. Jean.

After his interview, it was our turn. We said hello to Mr. Jaime Daez and he remembered us for being the first guys to go to Fully Booked to see Ben Templesmith back in 2007. The man is an awesome fanboy. Plus he had a good memory!

We entered his office and it was full of priceless artwork from JG Jones, Dave McKean, Bill Sienkiewicz, and of course, James Jean.

As I entered, there was the 7 time Eisner Award Best Cover Artist winner, waiting in his seat.

The interview started after and the rest was history! Just grab a copy of UNO Mag once it comes out. You can read my interview there :)

(playing it cool)

(listening to the man's answers to my fanboy questions)

We didn't get sketches nor have our books signed. We respected the guy and we wanted to properly go through the process. So we fell in line with our stubs. :)

The interview was awesome! It was a fanboy's dream come true! :) Just look at me and Jonty's smiles below! Hahaha. Sayang lang blurred. But it's all good. According to Gerry Alanguilan, "Blurred is the new focused!" :)

(Blurred is the new focused. Photo by Erwin Romulo)

(Just look at Jaime Daez's collection! Frikkin AWESOME!)

Jonty and I got really really lucky with this one. We had an awesome time! Definitely once in a lifetime!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The what ifs of life...

I started catching up on "How I Met Your Mother" recently and I'm just around 5 episodes behind. I just need to start watching Season 5 now.

So anyway, I couldn't help but reflect on the "What Ifs". One of the props from the show is the yellow umbrella. We still don't know who the mother is though. But the yellow umbrella Ted found belongs to the "mother". So when the umbrella is shown, Ted narrates what if he didn't go out that day, what if he turned left instead of right, what if he didn't stop at the magazine stand? He wouldn't have met the Mother...

I have a knack for thinking of "What Ifs" just like Ted. I guess the Marvel Comic contributes to this...

OK, why am I thinking of these What Ifs?

I don't know, I guess that past month has got me thinking of some things. I mean, a couple of months ago, I was feeling so so low. Back then I was asking all the "Whys". But as time progressed, I saw how life worked... You'll be surprised. Everything happens for a reason. Now, I think things are turning for the better. I'm happy and I haven't been this happy for a while.

What if a different decision was made? Then I wouldn't be where I am now would I? :)

What if you're reading this now instead of doing something else? :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Smiling at the camera

I had to go to some shoots for the family but last night was rather a bit more special.

I had a photo shoot with Jonty and of course, my lovely Mom :) She's being featured in a magazine so Jonty and I were part of it.

It was more comfy actually. The photographer made it easier for us. Plus they didn't put any lip gloss on my lips! "Guys should look like guys" said the photographer. YES! THANK YOU! I said in reply! Hahaha!

It'll be a while til the magazine comes out. 2010 pa. You won't miss it :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


With respect to Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo, this is just my humble and honest opinion on their masterpiece called TRESE.

Gerry Alanguilan said it best in the foreword of TRESE vol.1

"You have no idea how excited I am for you"

I re-read vol. 1 and I just can't seem to get enough of Alexandra Trese and The Kambal. I'm telling you, the mythology Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo created is just pure greatness! The stories are just top notch grade A pure awesomeness.

OK, so TRESE is about a crime investigator of the paranormal named Alexandra Trese. She solves cases that involves the weird activities that happen in Metro Manila. The very first issue involves Balete Drive and the White Lady. If you're a fan of Philippine folklore and all the horror that's involved, you will enjoy the book. If you like that plus mystery, you'll love the book. If you like what I just said and loves comics, you'll ask for more and more and more from Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo.

I'm telling you, TRESE is like probably one of THE greatest creations in COMICS HISTORY!!! It kicks ass and the characters are just awesome.

The best payoff is volume 3 because in my opinion, it is THE best origin story ever. I like it on how the origin is told towards the latter part. It's just sheer genius. ANG GALENG MEHN!!! Hahahaha!

I absolutely love this book and I hope Mr Tan and Mr Baldisimo create more and more of TRESE!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spreading the chocolove :)

These made me happy when I saw them inside the supermarket! Finally! They're available! It's that time of year again!

KIT KAT Dark and KIT KAT ChunKy Cookies and Cream from Australia are finally available on shelves!!! :D

Got these in Rustan's Magallanes. They're extremely limited and available in selected GMA and Luzon supermarkets.

These are perfect for gifting! Spread the chocolove!!! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Following your dream

I was talking to an officemate the other day. He was asking me on what I wanted to do in the future. So I told him upfront that I wanted to make my own comic book. I had my hesitations. Why? It's hard to enter the Philippine Comic Industry.

But it's a dream!

After this year's KOMIKON, I couldn't help it but get inspired by Gerry Alanguilan, Budjette Tan, and Manix Abrera. These are guys who are just passionate about KOMIKS.

Plus I was affected by a realization that people today have forgotten to dream big. It's a major problem of our country now. People have lost hope.

So now, I'm gonna follow my dream. I will make my own comic. My goal is by KOMIKON 2011. It's got to have a perfect story. So give me time to practice first ok? :) There, I'm announcing it. I'm gonna follow my dream :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hindi ka Nag-iisa MTV

Check out this music video

I got so many goosebumps when my family and I watched the rough cut of this MTV.

It was sad seeing the image of my Lola in the video. I really miss her a lot. But the next scene was Tito Noy and then Tita Kris. That part made me realize that the members of my family are doing there share in our time of difficulty. My Lola's not with us anymore but I really believe that July and August made us closer to one another...

We have a loooong journey ahead. But I think that we just have to support one another. We have to make each other realize that we are not alone in this challenge to make our nation better. HINDI KA NAG-IISA!!!

We are all in this together!!! :)