Sunday, September 26, 2010

Turning 25 soon.

My birthday's coming up soon and to be honest, I don't know what I'm feeling. I also don't know how to celebrate it. I don't know whethere I should be excited of turning 25. I feel like that time flies by so fast that you need to pay attention to every second. Gone are the days of being a teenager and having petty problems in life. More is expected from you as you grow older and you need to get better at it.

Now, all I can say is that I am truly truly blessed. I'm very happy where I am now. :)

I guess it really is about making the most out of every day.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Toys I never got...

My Mom and Dad told me when I was little that not everything in this world you can have... I realized when I was older that it was a way not to spoil me. They did a pretty good job at raising 2 boys. Seriously.

But there are just 2 things I really REALLY wanted as a kid... I never got them though...

1. The Turtle Blimp from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It was THE vehicle at that time! A blimp man! C'mon! How can you go wrong with that? You inflate this small balloon similar to the Wet Set stuff for the swimming pool.

I thought the Ninja Turtles had awesome vehicles. The toys where more awesome since not all toys appear in the movie. The Ninja Turtles were one of the best things out of my childhood to be quite honest.

2. The second toy I wanted SO bad was the 1989 version of OPTIMUS PRIME from Transformers. Need I say more? Here was the leader of the Autobots. A RED TRUCK with a container van attached that turns into a frikkin Robot. I got other Transformers but Optimus was always sold out! Mind you that Toy Kingdom/Toys R Us did not exist in the Philippines back then. We had Ultra Noblia in Virra Mall (Now called V Mall) and Babylane... Yes Babylane sold toys.

I'm not complaining. I got pretty cool toys growing up! I didn't get a lot of stuff as well... But if there were 2 toys that I really wanted it would be these 2...

What about you?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nightmare!!! I hate it!!!

I had one of the worst nightmares... I hate the feeling of "namamahay"

I was in a seminar/workshop last week from Thursday to Friday in Antipolo. It was a long day session. Drank so much water and coffee in the cold function room that I kept on going to the rest room...

At night, I wasn't feeling all to well because for some reason, my stomach was upset. I turned in early around 10pm.

Remember from INCEPTION how you don't know how the dream starts? You're always in the middle of it. So I was walking down a road and a red-head caucasian walks next to me and talks to me. Suddenly, her red hair turns black and so do her eyes. She was the devil! I woke up from the dream with my stomach rumbling. I checked the time and it was 2:48am. Frikkin 12 minutes before 3am!?!? I wanted to wake up my room mate but I got scared because his voice might change or something. I went to the bathroom and detoxed. Yes, I will call it that. With an upset stomach, you detox!

I tweeted to take my mind off the dream. I left the bathroom door open for a "night light" effect.

I went back to sleep and I think I had another weird dream about poltergeists or something. Ack! I forgot to flip the pillow!

The next day, I was feeling terrible with an upset stomach and a bad dream running through my head.

I hate it especially when it involves evil. I tell you. It sucks big time. I talked to several friends and they said that nightmares were a way of disposing "garbage" in the mind. Another friend said that you gotta leave all the crap in the bathroom. So there you go, I should've detoxed before sleeping. Grrr.

Anyway, you guys sleep tight alright?