Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Breakfast of Champions

What is the breakfast of champs? 

Is it a cereal brand with athletes on the packaging? 

Is it a glass of Raw Eggs that you gulp down in seconds like Rocky Balboa? 

Is it Champorado and Tuyo? 

Is it a bagel with cream cheese?

Is it a bowl of cereal?

Coffee and bread? 

It got me thinking that people have their own favorite breakfast dishes. Their favorite is thus, their own "Breakfast of Champions"

Me? I loooooove breakfast! I'll eat anything from Spam and Eggs with sinangag. Longganissa, Tocino, Tuyo, Galunggong (yes, Galunggong happens to be one of my favorite fishes so please don't judge me), cereal, donuts, bacon, pancakes, hashbrowns, Pop-Tarts, Milo, hotdog, Puto, kutchinta, bibingka, etc! Breakfast food frikkin rocks!

Perfect with a nice warm cup of coffee will get me going. I take it black and no sugar in the morning. 

But if I were to choose... I make mean Scrambled Eggs! What I do is after I beat the eggs and put it on the pan, I don't stop mixing it on the hot pan. Plus I don't cook it all the way. I like my scrambled eggs still wet. I hate it when it's dry. Oh, don't forget the ROCK salt. NOT iodized, Rock! Believe me, there's a difference.

What about you? What's your champion breakfast? 


Jerick said...

what makes a champion breakfast for me?

first, there should be garlic fried rice (made more special by maggi (from nestle!) magic sarap! aside from actual garlic cloves minced into the fried rice, it's got to have those garlic chips from mccormick mixed into the fried rice. if a scrambled egg is available, the better.

of course eggs are important. i want a cheese and potato omelette.

plus there should also be hotdog (the new one with corn from purefoods is amazing), chicken nuggets, beef tapa, and corned beef that isn't canned but the ones you buy from the frozen meat section in groceries.

for drinks, milo syempre! or nestle quik if it's available. i want my chocolate drink cold.

and my breakfast of champions will not be complete without taking in my daily vitamins while drinking my large glass of milo.

and breakfast of champions should be on weekends! all breakfasts taste better during the weekends!

Elgine said...

Spam and eggs.. With milo. =)