Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have to admit that I'm only superstitious during the UAAP season... You know how athletes do some rituals out of superstition? Well, fans also have superstitions. I, in particular, can't wear the opponents color on the day itself. I outgrew the whole lucky shirt thing though. For one season, I wore the same shirt to 5 games. Sometimes, I hid it under an Ateneo jersey. Hahaha.

What is it with superstitions? For some reason, a black cat crossing my path gives me the creeps. Especially when driving. Then there's the funeral procession wherein if you're on the road, you have to throw a coin when you pass by the procession.

We all have our different faiths. I think there's a line between faith and superstition. Kanya-kanya as they say.

What about you and superstitions? What do you think?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Being in the real game is WAY more different

Today, I was on THE BIG MEAL with CJ the DJ and Suzy. I played Beat Suzy.

I tell you, I think Suzy was psyching me morning pa lang. She was tweeting that I was "SMART". I was like "Pressure much?"

But in the game, it's totally different. In the car, you scream the answer and all that but when you're in the hot seat, everything changes.

CJ was kind enough to give comic book questions but the HIP-HOP questions... Wala. Talo ako. The Joshua Tree, I can't believe I forgot U2! Nakakahiya... I was expecting a lot of 80s cartoons questions because off air we were talking about Jem and the Holograms. Who was the lead singer of the Misfits? I said Pizaz!

Eto pa, you know your favorite Disney movies? I loved Hercules. But frikkin "WONDER BOY!" I forgot! I said Golden Boy. Boo.

Seriously, it's different. But congrats to Suzy! :) It was a fun game!

Guys, listen to The Big Meal! Mondays to Thursdays from 12nn-3pm on Magic 89.9. Fun show!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Everything within reason

Sometimes, you just have to stand by a decision. The people close to you may not be as supportive as you expect them to but there are times when you have to prioritize.

Today, I stood by something where safety comes first. It wasn't a popular decision but I believe that safety will always be a priority.

I'm usually a very patient person. But it can hit you sometimes. I'm really sad at this point in time. :(

But things happen for a reason. I think I made the right decision.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

300th Post: "Who you gonna call?" and "COWABUNGA!"

For those asking about the "Writer's Block Book", it can be bought in Fully Booked. :)


300! Welcome! :) I haven't blogged as much as 2009 but I'm trying my best to be at par with it.

I'd like to share with you what made me happy as a child. They were cartoons! I love cartoons and I still watch cartoons. Yes, I'm 24 years old. I watch The Simpsons if I catch it. I watch anything about comic books. So if I see The X-Men on TV, I'll watch it.

But to those born after the eighties. Before cable, before Ben 10 and Pokemon. Kids like me back then had to wait for Friday nights. ABS-CBN showed to of my favorite cartoons back the.


Let's start with The Real Ghostbusters. Why "Real"? There was another cartoon called Ghostbusters and it had a flying car with no Proton Packs whatsoever... The Ecto 1 will still rule over a flying car! The Real Ghostbusters I'm talking about is the one with Egon, Peter, Ray, and Winston. :)

You had to be fan of the Ghostbusters! :) I can still here the theme song. If there's something strange in your neighbohood? Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! I ain't afraid of no ghost! This was spawned by the movie with Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray. The movie was pretty scary if you were 5 years old. Seriously, the whole "There is no Dana, only Zuul!" scared the sh*t out of me. Anyway, back to the cartoons.  It was about these 4 guys in New York City fixing the paranormal problem. It may not be cool for you but it was one of the best we got back then.

Thank God a 3rd movie is in the works! Christmas 2012 is the release date! Huzzah!

The other cartoon in which I was a bigger fan of was TMNT. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Again, 4 main guys, err, Turtles. The story begins when a kid drops his 4 pet turtles in the New York City sewer. Living in the sewers was a Ninja Master named Splinter. One day, a secret mutagen simply called "the ooze" fell in the sewer. The turtles mutated into "humans" while Splinter mutated into a Rat.

These Turtles, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo were trained by Splinter to be, yep, you guessed it, NINJAS! They were to fight the threat that was THE FOOT CLAN lead by the Evil Shredder! The bad guy was a friend of Splinter a long time ago... TMNT started as a comic book but was nowhere near the cartoon counterpart. The comic was dark while the cartoon was funny. That was the time when the word DUDE came in since the teenage turtles always had all sorts of expressions like RADICAL, AWESOME, and of course, COWABUNGA! This was also the time I loved Pizza a lot! Why? Because the turtles ate it and I thought I'd be a Ninja by eating pizza. Hahaha!

The Turtles were huge! It was a  phoenomenon! They had cartoons, 3 live action movies in the nineties and 1 animated movie back in 2007. In 2009, they celebrated their 25th anniversary! I had the Toys when I was a kid. Donatello was my favorite of the bunch. Too bad I never got the Turtle Blimp! I did get the Turtle Van though. :) They don't make toys like they used to too... :(

Back then, when cartoons were shown on Friday nights, you pretend outside to be Ghostbusters or Ninja Turtles. That was when kids went out of the house and played. Now, most are stuck in front of the TV or a computer...

Times have changed but I think the kid in me will never go away.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Man Bag!

I see a growing number of men having this sling bag around them. No, this is not your typical back pack. It's a small bag and I don't want to call it a murse. It's a MAN BAG!

Yes, I think it's acceptable! I own one because I don't want bulky pockets. I was told that it didn't look nice. So there, I got myself a small bag I can sling on my shoulder.

I was in Greenbelt last weekend and BratPack had this exhibit with famous people showing what they carry in a bag. I was inspired to "blog" about it. There are a number of people who use Tumi and I think it's a pretty good brand. My brand of choice is Jack Spade. Yes, it's the sister company Kate Spade. Why Jack Spade? It's simple, sleek, and it serves you well.

Here's what I carry inside my Jack sack!

I have the ff:

1. Notebook
2. Business Card holder (yellow)
3. Pen
4. iPod
5. Mints (PocketMist spray and Breathsavers)
6. Phone

Guys, it's ok to carry a bag. Make sure it's manly. Try not to bring a clutch bag. I don't think it's as accepted yet.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I can't live without... MINTS!

You know that feeling when you feel naked? Yun bang may kulang pag-alis mo ng bahay?

I wear a watch all the time when I'm out and if my wrist doesn't have a watch, yikes! I feel the same way if I don't have a handkerchief with me too! But what I really can't do is go out of the house without MINTS! Fresh breath is of IMPORTANCE!

Seriously, I'm way too conscious about my breath. Whether it be POLO, Eclipse, Doublemint, Smint, or Listerine, I need to have mints on my pocket!!! 

My mint of choice is the Listerine PocketMist. Sadly, it's not available here in the Philippines. I have relatives from abroad buy it for me. I'm after fresh breath when I take mints. The stronger the mint, the better!

Let's face it people, you owe it to the person you're talking to. It wouldn't hurt you to have fresh breath :) It'll be much appreciated!

Monday, August 16, 2010


I have this new tool for The Tangled Web. I got a gift from my girlfriend and it's "Writer's Block".

It's pretty cool actually, it's an actual book in a shape of a block and it has 786 ideas that you can write about.

I cut through and it leads me to a page with the word FLIRTING on it.

So this is my entry on Flirting...


Would you believe that I don't know if someone's flirting with me already? I'm too naive. I think people are just nice sometimes. Yep, I wouldn't know.

Flirting? I think it's all for high school / college people... For adults? Maybe. For single people? By all means, YES! Go flirt with the people you want to flirt with! Have fun!

Wait a minute. What am I saying? I have no credibility in flirting whatsoever...

Do you flirt? Why? Kilig factor? :)

I think it all begins with attraction. It's the flirting that follows. Guys have to tickle the girl's heart first. Guys MUST be able to deliver the kilig factor! No matter how baduy it may be.

Anyway, that's all I got for flirting! I got nothing...

But you know what? DO send in a comment. Why do you flirt? Do you only flirt with the people who you find attractive?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Changes in Life!

There are 3 things that are BIG changes in my life right now.

1. Moving to a new department at work. - I've been in my current department for almost 18 months and I will miss my team a lot... But we gotta adapt to change and I'm moving on to a business unit with more responsibilities. Gotta take the challenge! Time to shine!

2. Y Speak! - I was offered by ABS-CBN/Studio 23 to co-host Y Speak :) It's a local show that has gone through a lot of changes but still managed to remain consistently true and cool to the youth! Boses ng kabataan! Thank God they still think I'm young! It's a weekend thing and it will take my Saturday mornings but I'm all for the advocacy! :) If it will be a good influence to the youth, then I'm all for it!

My first episode as co-host is on August 14 :) 

 After my 1st taping with the guest and crew!

3. Blogger for Yahoo! Philippines - I'm officially a comic book blogger on FIT TO POST. It's just me talking about all things comics! :) I'm assigned to publish 2 a week so this will take time away from blogger :( Please do read my posts, I put a lot of heart and time into the geek posts :)