Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jiggy's Book of the Week (WEEK 4)

Ok, I'm keeping myself busy.

Here's one review I owe.

For week 4, I was fortunate enough to get a first printing of the Obama - Spider-Man Issue.

Can't believe that this is going high on eBay!!!

Just because people raved about this, Amazing Spider-Man 583 gets the recognition.

But so far, it's still Wolverine #70 for 2009.

Hmmm... can it be topped???

Saturday, February 21, 2009

single again...

It's over... :(

I wasn't to tell people... But because of the power of facebook... the world now knows...

The hurting begins again...

I am so so sorry for my shortcomings... :(

Who is my "Mary Jane"? :(

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Comic Book Romances had this Valentine's Day article. The 10 best Comic Book Romances.

In the top 10 was the Comic Book Reader and Wednesdays! Hahaha. Yes, we do love Wednesdays!!! New Shipment!!!

But I'm gonna talk about Spider-Man!!! He's in #6 and #3.

At number 6 is Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy - THE BIGGEST LOVE TRAGEDY IN COMIC BOOK HISTORY.

The Nerd gets the Girl!!! But Girl dies... Damn... During that time, EVERYBODY thought that Peter and Gwen would end up together. EVERYBODY thought WRONG!!!

At number 3 is Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson - Recently Anulled THANKS TO "ONE MORE DAY"

Well, there are loop holes and Fanboys may win in the future...

Spidey and MJ... They'll be back...

Who beat them?

At number 2, is Clark and Lois

At number 1, is Reed and Sue - 45 years of Marriage yo!!!

But I still believe that the greatest love triangle is NOT Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Wolverine.

It's Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man, and Mary Jane Watson!!!

And with that, here's something for the readers out there.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Coming back to blogging

OK, I owe more stories. A lot more!!!

I have to give reviews for comics and all that geek out sessions.

To be honest, after the kick-off, I've just been having a lot of fun. Because come Monday, it will be a new day.

I finally got my "non-stint" assignment. It will be for at least 2 years. I'm headed to the Confectionery Business. I'll be a Channel Development Specialist. So I'll be working for Fox's, Nerds, Milky Bar, Crunch, and of course, KIT KAT.

It's a big opportunity for me and I certainly feel the pressure. But, hey, pressure is a privilege.

New challenges. It's just a matter of accepting change and adapting to it.

I'm just sad that most of my friends are being sent out of Rockwell... Aurora, Cebu, CDO... :(

We'll just have to keep in touch constantly...


I came back from the CMT R&R. We went to Dumaguete. I got to see more of the Visayas! We went to Siquijor and Apo Island. Got a tan too. But not too dark.

We stayed in Antulang Beach Resort. It was ok. I think it was in the company of friends that made it more special. Having fun in the last few days before the real work begins!!!

We left Sunday and was supposed to go back on Wednesday. But Cebu Pacific (SHAME ON YOU) had to cancel the flight because Dumaguete has a sunset limit. The plane from Manila hadn't left on time. Thus, we had to stay one more night. We ended up shelling out 400 Php for a room. It was friggin creepy!!! Plus I wasn't able to sleep because of a lot of thinking. I was so nervous for my next assignment. It wouldn't be for 4 months but for 2-3 years!!!

But I realized that getting stranded in Dumaguete for another night was meant for a reason. It was a time for reflecting. A time to count the blessings. A time to spend time with good friends...

A great experience indeed Dumaguete was!!! I had a blast!!!

I'll probably post pictures soon...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Post Kick-Off drama

Kick-off was successful. It may not have been the best but I believe we pulled it off! People were happy. But then again, you really can't please everyone.

My batchmates and I are headed to Dumaguete on Sunday. Back on Wednesday.

Some of my good friends in the batch are headed to the province... I feel for them...

Me, my fate hasn't been decided yet. I just hope I get the assignment I want. I hope I get to be happy... I really want to stay in the company but what if I don't get to be happy??? How now brown cow? Damn it.

I have yet to post the comic book of the week for weeks 3 and 4 if im not mistaken.

But anyway, I'll be back. Need to do a bit of reflecting.