Monday, April 11, 2011

See the Philippines! - BOHOL

Go see the Philippines!!! 

Last October, I went to Bohol and it was AMAZING! 

I've always wanted to see the Chocolate Hills and the clear beaches of Bohol. It did not disappoint! What I can tell you to do if you're in Bohol for vacation are 3 things. 

1. Go see the magnificent shores and just RELAX. Take a swim and just let go.

2. Have lunch in the river cruise. The food may not be the best, but the experience of riding a boat on a river and having lunch at the same time is pretty awesome. You have to try it when you're in Bohol!

3. Most importantly, YOU HAVE TO SEE THE CHOCOLATE HILLS! I tell you, they are just way too awesome for words. You get to see how God made the world so beautiful. You know those pictures of the hills you see in books, posters, and postcards? It looks like that but 1000x more awesome!!!

It was the most memorable trip of 2010 for me. It was just fun to be with friends and loved ones and seeing new things together. The Philippines has just so much to offer! We need to be good "ambassadors" of our own Tourist spots! If you're planning a trip this summer, I say avoid the crowded beaches and just relax in Bohol. It's peaceful and quiet plus you just get to rest, relax, and unwind...


Anonymous said...

I love Bohol as well! It's one of my favorite places in the Philippines. People are also very friendly.

the spunky wanderer said...

Bohol is one particular place that I really love. In fact, I've been to Bohol twice and will be back probably this year.

Nice beach, friendly Boholanos, old churches. And oh, don't forget the tarsier! :)

ashler said...

Jiggy! You still wear that shirt! Parang orsem lang a. Hehehe


Camille Romero said...

I hope makapunta rin ako sa bohol