Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Recap

I'll be honest, it was a hard 2012 for me. I was tired often but that doesn't remove the fact that there were happy and memorable moments during the year. I'll give a rundown in no particular order.

So to cut to the chase...

5 Peat

This one was extra sweet. 2006 was the worst loss for me as a fan and loyalist of the Blue Eagles. It's Ateneo first and the Celtics second for me. Sorry to the UST fans but taking the 5 peat was extra special for me and my batchmates. Coach Norman is the bomb! Kiefer played phenomenally this season and it's worth remembering. This 5 Peat was for JC, Macky, Doug, and the whole graduating batch of 2007. Thanks to Coach Norman and the guys, this made a lot of us very happy!

3 Years

I'm not into the whole PDA thing that much honestly. But I have to brag that I have the coolest best friend in my girlfriend. Misha is just awesome. I can't ask for anything more. Really. She's taught me so much but more importantly, she has made me less uptight and more adventurous over the last 3 years. Sweet, Beautiful, Kind, and all the other positive adjectives rolled into one, that's Misha. She knows me too well and that's one of her best talents in our relationship. She's the commander! Haha!

San Diego 2012 

It's still the happiest place on earth for me and I'd go back every time if I can. San Diego is heaven for any fan of Pop Culture. It's just a bit sad that it's more of a Pop Con than a Comic-Con but still, it's a happy place to be in. Ask any comic book fan who has been there, I'm sure they'd say that they'll go back again and again and again. People who ask me "Comic-Con nanaman!?", they'll never understand.

The Avengers / The Dark Knight Rises

Comic fans were treated to fantastic movies in 2012. Marvel's The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Seriously, both awesome and I was VERY VERY HAPPY. Both are in different leagues but both were just made of awesome. Though a number weren't too happy with TDKR, I was still very much happy with it. Really loved how Nolan ended it. For the Avengers, it was the movie every geek was waiting for and boy oh boy did it deliver. The movie gave so many geek out moments from the unveiling of the SHIELD Hellicarrier to Loki being tossed around like a pansy by the Hulk. Who can complain?

Meeting awesome comic book people (Millar / Vaughan / Cebulski)

Mark Millar wearing my glasses 

Brian K. Vaughan - DAMN.


Now most people aren't comic fans but meeting all these people in one year was insane. Mark Millar wearing your glasses? That doesn't happen every day. Meeting BKV? Once in a blue moon. Meeting CB Cebulski and finding out he's the most awesome guy? Priceless.

It's not every day that you get to talk to your idols and heroes. This year was extra special that I got to meet these guys. I even got a special mention on Millar's blog! Thanks to National Book Store for giving me the opportunity to meet Mr. Millar and Mr. Cebulski! 

A real life Celtic

Now this was made possible thanks to my awesome brother who works for the most awesome magazine. RAJON RONDO. Me and my brother are probably two of the biggest and passionate Celtics fans in the country so this moment was priceless. Jonty had a great interview with the man and I got to shake the hand of a Celtic Legend. Though 2012 hasn't been good for the C's, I know they'll bounce back next year. Watch out haters. Never count out my Celtics!

New York with my bro

Brotherly Bonding. It can be chaotic and fun at the same time. NYC is still the coolest place to be in. Surprisingly, we never fought during this trip and that's what made it memorable for me. "Walang basagan ng trip" was the motto. I don't say shiz, he doesn't say shiz. Finally getting to try Shake Shack just proved that I found the best burger. 

Family Trips

This year was significant in terms of family bonding. A few days ago, the 4 of us Cruzes travelled together that it was just us 4 after so many years. It was fun family time for us. Food tripping, blind leading the blind, and taking so many photos. It was a great end to 2012. Also, it was the first time that me and my mom travelled together that it was just us 2. Mother and Son time in Malaysia. I've travelled with my Dad that it was just us 2. I also travelled with Jonty that it was just us 2. It was fun travelling with my mom plus it was cool since she's never been to Malaysia before. Good times for family time.

Surprise Birthday Party

I got the surprise of my life on the eve of my birthday thanks to Misha. No one has ever given me  a surprise party before and Misha pulled it off! She didn't think I was surprised but I was genuinely happy and surprised that she knocked it out of the park. She even had this amazing cake made. Person making the cake asked how many candles to put. 3? 4? 5? Misha goes "Um... 27?" That's one for the books!

Launching the Genio

I'm extra proud I got to launch the automatic Dolce Gusto machines. I bought a Black Genio for myself and it stands happily on my desk at work. It serves me excellent coffee every time. I usually have 3 a day. Seriously, I talked to people who own this baby and they totally love it! It's just too cool for a coffee machine.


Whatever 2013 has in store, I'm confident it's gonna be better. I'm sorry for not blogging that often in 2012. I was just way too busy. But hey, 2013 is a new chapter! I look forward to posting here more often.

Have a great year ahead guys! All the best to you and your families!