Friday, April 15, 2011

Answers to Q&A Part 3!

I posted an entry called "Q&A Again" last Monday. Didn't tweet about it since I wanted regular readers to see for themselves :) Anyway, thanks to all who posted questions!!! :) I had fun answering them. No worries on the multiple questions! I had to skip some questions though. Sorry about that!

But anyway, click on the "READ MORE" link to see the Questions posted by the Tangled Web followers and my answers :D

Paano maging isang apo ni Former President Cory Aquino? Is she the typical lola na maging spoiled ka. Are you the eldest apo?

It’s such a huge blessing! But it comes with a lot of responsibility. We have a name to protect and keep clean. Hindi kami nagiging spoiled. :) She was always straight and fair. Yes, I am the eldest apo. More responsibility for the eldest.

What is it that you were looking in a great blog? my url is and i wanna know what you had in mind there.

I look for comics, technology and geek stuff usually. I follow Gerry Alanguilan’s blog and I saw the comfortrooms and it’s not bad! A lot of recent stuff! It’s news! I never thought Rebecca Black was a hoax!

Do you have plans of going into politics?

No :)

Hi Jiggy, medyo madami akong questions, wish you could answer them! :)

1. How do you handle criticism, adversity and a broken heart?

Criticism you can look at it in 2 points. One is either you dwell on it and sulk or you can see it as an opportunity to improve and move on. Everyone’s a critic but you can’t let bad feedback get to you. I always look at the bright side. Adversity will always be there. You just have to keep a positive outlook in life. A broken heart is one of the most difficult things to handle in life. But as cliché as it sounds, time will heal a broken heart. You have to keep yourself busy and surround yourself with loved ones and friends. Do things that make you happy. Make yourself laugh. Go watch funny movies. That’s what I did then. :)

2. Plus just curious, which among the films nominated in the recently concluded Oscars did you like best?

Among the nominees, I only saw 3 that were nominated. Toy Story 3, Inception, and The Social Network. I liked all 3 actually. But if I were to pick, I’d choose Toy Story 3 since it cheered me up after the Celtics lost to the Lakers last year…

3. What sort of paintings do you own?

I have 2 paintings from my Lola. I have her first painting :) Since I’m the eldest apo, she gave that to me. The second painting went to Miguel, the third to Jonty and so on. But in terms of artwork, I’m into the comic book art. I have sketches from all sorts of people through the years. But now, I recently acquired 8 pages from Manix Abrera which is just awesome.

4. What is Pres. Cory’s favorite movie?

I never asked her! Nanghihinayang ako na hindi ko natanong actually. I saw some Audrey Hepburn tapes in her room before though.

5. And lastly, what do you think of Andrew Garfield as the new Spiderman?

I’m still sad that Marvel changed the Sam Raimi team. I don’t know. They changed the costume and I’m a purist. As of now, the only basis I have is The Social Network so with that, I’m convinced that he could be a Peter Parker. But let’s wait and see. Basta wag lang nila sisirain ang favorite superhero ko, ok lang.

If you'd be given the chance to spend a day with your Lolo Ninoy, what would you do? Where will you go? What will you tell him?

Wow. I’ve never been asked that but I have thought of it before. A long time ago though. Hmm. Probably now, since he’d probably have “powers”, I’d like to travel back in time. I want to ask him how he courted my Lola. He’d take me to that time. Sort of like Ebeneezer Scrooge except for the whole ghosts of Christmases. I’d ask him how Laur treated him. What’s the key to success? Why’d he love the country so much… Man… I’m gonna ask a lot of things. I’d even probably ask if he can extend the day…

Does your family pose stricter rules on you and your cousins now that your uncle Noynoy is the President or is it still the same as before?

It’s still the same as before. Me and my cousins are disciplined and we know the difference between right and wrong. But I guess all of us are pretty much up on our toes.

When it comes to travel, what are your dream destination/s? (I mean, yung never mo pa napupuntahan)

Comic-Con International in San Diego is in the top of my list! Definitely! I’d also like to see Egypt and Morocco. After watching a lot of Discovery Travel and Living, I have to see that food market in Morocco!

You blog about childhood a lot. Was your teenhood as awesome? :D Tell us a bit about it. I hope I'm not being intrusive. Kung intrusive na, feel free not to answer my question. :D

My teenhood was ok I guess. Aminin ko na torpe ako dati… But I got over the bump and it all went well. High School was a busy time for me. I studied a lot in the weekdays and then hung out with friends on Friday. I was also part of the Student Council so that kept me busy. It was a normal teenage life I guess? I never did drink or go to clubs. It wasn’t my thing to begin with and it still isn’t. My friends thought that I was never “my age”. Either I was too young at heart or too mature like a kuya.

Hello's my simple Qs
First Q:
Do you play any musical instruments?

I can play the guitar. Basics lang!

Second Q:
Aside from chocolates and comic books are you also obsessed or a "fan" of any other things/people?

Spider-Man stuff! I love STAR WARS too! The Back to The Future Trilogy is a big favorite! Voltes V, 80’s cartoons like Thundercats and Transformers,  early 90s cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters! I like LEGO, and Coffee! Nescafe Classic to be exact! I’m a pop culture guy. I like random trivia / facts. :)

Third Q:
If you were given a chance to go to college again and take up another course, what would it be and why? And are you going to follow trends?

Oh I’d go back to college in a heartbeat. Best 4 years of my life! I’d probably take up Communications. I’d veer away from the math muna siguro. I wanted to take up film before kasi. Trends? Nah…


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Thanks Jiggy for answering my question about spending the day with your Lolo ninoy. I guess it really made you think huh ^_^ Thanks! :)

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Hello, Thanks for answering our Qs! Be blessed.. :)

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.. haha! missed this!! :') SAYANG. I hope you had fun having this at the third time. May questions pa naman ako, wooo!! well then, i'll save it till you have your 4th q&a. GB ;')