Sunday, August 30, 2009

Awesome weekend!

It was a good weekend for me.

Saturday - had a haircut and got my comics

This was sent to me via twitter... Cute. They made Ellie from "UP" resemble Lola :)


Woke up at 4am to go to "Tatakbo ka ba?" It was an ok run for me. Not really happy with the time I got but I had fun. It was a run where I was actually talking to someone. Thank God for my cousin Jem.

I ran for Rock Ed Philippines with JC Medina, Kat Velayo and Ramon Bautista. My life is changing because people recognize me already. People ask me for a picture, so I politely say "sure! :)" It's still weird for me. For my friends reading this, no, I will not change!!! I promise!!! My lola and parents taught me and raised me well. Saw familiar faces at the run.

With Mariz Umali (Thanks to Josh for the TwitPic)

The Presidentiables

Went to Times for Lunch. Baby James wasn't there since he has the fever... Poor kid... It's still different. I miss my Lola so much. Especially on Sundays... :( We always have our reunions Sundays...

After that, joined my other relatives to watch the Ateneo-Adamson match. My golly! What a stressful game. Adamson put up a fight! Props to Coach Leo Austria and his boys. I got so tired after the game... Grabe! I do want to point out 2 things in this part of my entry. #1, I met this UAAP Fan, Hector, he's a die-hard Adamson fan but he cheers for Ateneo if it's another game because of Bacon Austria. He's a nice guy and very passionate about the game. It's sad because there were "more passionate" Ateneo Alumni who picked on Hector... I hope the "more passionate" fans would give them some slack. Sure, it sucks when your team's down, but the fans of the other side have the right to cheer. Ito na lang, ang pikon... Talo. So Hector, keep on cheering!!! #2, I really appreciated the Captain of The UST Yellow Jackets for giving a speech after the 1st game, he told the people concerned that the last day of registration for voting is on October 30. Good job! We need more youth votes!

Anyway, I might blab already... So I'm off to rest because I'm tired and sleepy already. :)

Daredevil #500

So Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark end their run on Daredevil with issue #500. Loved the ending but I can't help but compare it to The Murdock Papers. Bendis' last arc was awesome! But ok, the point here is that Ed Brubaker simply did an excellent job carrying the "Billy Club". Bru just made the Daredevil mythos even more Marvelous!!!

I loved every page! But I hope they didn't put too much of the reprints inside the book... This was just expensive! I still loved it though. The gatefold cover by Marko Djurdjevic rocked!!!

Spoliers ahead. Skip the ===== for the free from spoilers part.


I just want to highlight some points from "Return of The King"

1. Matt's life is just going down the drain. He lost Milla, Dakota, and Foggy. So submitting to The Hand's offer was a perfect way to end it.

2. The Owl getting stabbed - Holy $#%& moment there. (To the non-comic book reading folk, I'm sorry but fanboys just call wow moments holy $#%& moments)

3. Lady Bullseye - force to be reckoned with!!! Can't wait to see more of her!

4. THE KINGPIN IS BACK!!! - I think it's awesome that his dead wife Vanessa is still haunting him.

5.The page turners - you didn't know if anyone would die! But thankfully none of the good guys did. Thanks Bru!


To Mr. Ed Brubaker and Mr. Michael Lark - thanks for this amazing run!!! Lady Bullsye and The Mr. Fear arcs were my favorites!!! It's just sad that you concluded your run so early...

Good luck to Andy Diggle and Billy Tan!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Top 5's

Top 5 most played songs on my iTunes

1. Stolen (Single Version) by Dashboard Confessional
2. It ends tonight by The All-American Rejects
3. Makes me wonder by Maroon 5
4. Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional
5. The take over, The break's over by Fall Out Boy

Top 5 visited websites

1. twitter
2. newsarama
3. blogger
4. yahoo! mail
5. geekologie

Top 5 frequently asked questions in interviews

1. Will you enter politics?
2. Will you enter showbiz?
3. What will you remember most about your lola?
4. Do you have a girlfriend?
5. How is the family?

Top 5 comic books that I simply must read

1. Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man
2. Daredevil
3. The Umbrella Academy
4. New Avengers
5. The Sword

Top 5 movies of 2009

1. Star Trek
2. UP
3. Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen
4. The Hangover
5. Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

Lolo Ninoy at 17

Before the Aquino Museum was opened. A lot of "digging" had to be done. Aquino memorabilia had to be collected. Pictures, clothes, news clippings, etc...

This was the picture that shocked my Lola and parents. This was the pic of my Lolo that looked like me!!!

My Lola said that both of us had small "dumbo-like" ears. She called them dumbo-like since they were "flying". So with my ears, wearing a baseball cap would only emphasize them more.

Lolo Ninoy went to the Korean War as a correspondent at age 17. Wow... Who can actually say that? Did I do anything significant or extraordinary at age 17? Not as extraordinary like my Lolo!

This pic can be seen at the Aquino Museum in Tarlac. My friends who've been there agree that I do look like my Lolo based solely on this picture...

Monday, August 24, 2009

I guess my life has changed...

It's weird for me because I'm the private type of person. Here I am never expecting to get 100 followers on The Tangled Web + 10,000 on Twitter. It's weird for me. I'm just a normal guy doing normal things. But ever since my Lola's cancer, someone from my generation had to step up and speak in behalf of the family. So that was it...

Here I am, trying to escape my sadness through twittering and blogging. But in the end, it really won't do much. Lola was HUGE part of my life and now she's gone to a better place. In the family, we are trying to cope in our own little ways but it's the togetherness that's important.

Anyway, I don't know what to do now. Should I adapt or let it die down... Eventually, new news will come up and people tend to forget... That's what I don't want to happen. So in my own little way, I will try to do more good things like my grandparents. They're not that concrete as of the moment. But yes, I do intend to do something. I think Tito Bam said it best that you can still do public service even when you're not in politics.

So we'll see. But for now, I want to get back to my normal life and lay low... But I wouldn't mind having followers in my Blog. After all, this blog is public. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tatakbo ka ba?

I got invited by the kind people of JAM 88.3's Rock Ed Radio so I'll be running next Sunday :) Gotta prepare for it this week!

Anyway, ever since my Lola passed away, I just saw the importance of Democracy in the Philippines a whole lot more!

So there you have it! I will support REGISTERING TO VOTE! So if "Ako ang simula" has any projects coming up, I'd be glad to support that too.

Other than that, I really want to support education in the Philippines. We have to do something about it.

Anyway, let's run on Sunday! :)

epic fail...

I hate the feeling when you're just too shy to talk to someone. Grrrr...

That's what I call an epic fail.

I watch How I Met Your Mother and you how bros help each other as wingmen? Well, I can't help but blame my wingman on this one. He was distracted too. Hahahaha.

I should have prayed t0 Lola! =/

But that's who I am really. I can be a shy tinapay at times...

Oh well. I'm hoping for a next time so I can redeem myself.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The color Yellow

Here's a story I'll never forget.

My Lola went to Japan and Miguel and I were the only apos back then who were old enough to play with Action Figures. Jonty was still a baby then.

She called me and Miguel and she had her hands at her back hiding something. She asks Miguel, "Left or Right?" So Miguel chose first since he was younger. He got the Fiveman Red with a motorcycle and I got Fiveman Yellow... At first I was like "what? I got the girl action figure? :(" And the sad part, it was the time wherein I loved the leaders, Red 1, Steve, Captain Power, etc. Plus miguel was making me jealous... You know how little kids acted...

But my Lola talked to me after and said something to the effect like "it's ok Jiggy, you're the older one, you have to set an example to your younger cousin and brother. besides, Yellow is my color :)"

I was ok after she said that Yellow was her color. But other than that, I guess that was the day I knew what being the eldest apo was all about. It had perks attached to it but at the same time, being the eldest came with having to make sacrifices...

That was the day yellow became significant in my life. It was Lola's color.

Looking back at yesterday's press conference of Nonito Donaire, his wife Rachel said that the color yellow, for her, stood for Hope and the Bright Future for the next generation. But it's up to us to give the bright future...

Yellow may mean a lot of things. But to me, it means the love and sincerity of a grandmother to her grandson...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lolo's 26th Death Anniversary

It's really different now. Lola wasn't there :(

But today didn't feel like a Ninoy day, the Cory spirit was very much alive in all of us. Sorry Lolo. We love you and remember your sacrifices but Lola's passing is still so fresh.

It was the first time I went back to Manila Memorial Park since August 5. Still so many people visiting!!!

I even got a gift from someone. Really touching. I have to return the favor :)

Anyway, I'm getting sentimental... gtg for now.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 21, 2008

A year ago, I launched "Ninoy: Art and Essays". None of it would have been possible if it were not for my Lola, the awesome artists and writers who contributed to the book. But it was Lola who gave me her blessing on this one.

Time flies so fast... I'm telling you. You have to live life to the fullest. Spend as much time as you can with your loved ones and tell them how much you love them...

August 21 is a day significant to my Lola. Her Father and Husband both died on the same day. (But different years). To me, it's remembering my Lolo and the sacrifice he made. My Lolo Ninoy put the country ahead of family. He BELIEVED in the Filipino. He really did...

Let's not make his death meaningless...

We have to start being patriotic. The change begins in ourselves...

Nothing will happen if we stay apathetic and cynical.

Let us be reminded that The Filipino is indeed worth dying AND living for!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adidas Supernova Sequence - For Flat Footed People

I have flat feet and I over pronate when I run. So thanks to RUNNR, I had my run assessed and they suggested these. The Adidas Supernova Sequence :) I ran with them last night at the Urbanite Run. They performed awesomely!!! Hahahaha. Such a shame I lost my Nike+... Adidas should tie up with Apple too!!! Nike apparently doesn't make shoes for flat footed people and some runners say that Mizuno's the best choice. But since I have flat feet, Adidas provides shoes for all runners :)

But anyway, I highly recommend these if you run like me... Most runners make mistakes with the shoes they wear. So make sure you run with the right pair of shoes!!!

Check out RUNNR at Bonifacio High Street :) Look for Nikko. He was the guy who gave great advice in running! Excellent customer service!!!

Ateneo - La Salle Round 2

It's still bittersweet for me. Tito Alex, our family doctor, the person who took care of my Lola, happens to be one of the doctors of La Salle. He's die-hard green.

So I really couldn't cheer like the past years. My voice would be gone after the game during those times. It's hard to shout "Go Ateneo!" and people from La Salle see you. So I was quiet...

It was different this time around. It was back to seas of Blue and Green. But, there was this big streamer in Araneta that said "Thank you Tita Cory"

I miss my Lola very much... I really want her to appear to me kahit dream lang...

She was the biggest fan of Basketball... sigh... Miss her terribly.

But I still thought she was with me during the game. Why? Because I had the guts to ask Ateneo's courtside reporter for a picture :) Hahaha. I really don't do that. But I'm a big fan of Jessica! She's one of the best reporters to date! Patty Laurel pa din all-time but Jessica is doing an awesome job this season! So congrats to her!

So here's the Ateneo fanboy with Jessica. She was real nice to let me have this pic taken. Thank you Jessica! :)

8-1 for Ateneo. I'm still very worried with the games. You really can't be too sure. I just hope and pray that the Blue Eagles stay focused and be humble at victory...

It's amazing. Ateneo is now on a 6-0 streak against La Salle. 4 straight last year and 2 this year.

Oh well. That's the UAAP for you.

Bad Run at Kenny's Open

I was all pumped up and excited for the Kenny's Open.

But one of the worst things I could think of happened last night. I lost my Nike+ chip yesterday. How? People ask me, "how could you lose that?"

The thing is, Nike does not make shoes for flat footed people... and so I use Adidas Supernovas (which were awesome by the way) so I had to buy a clip for the Nike+. I attached it safely on my left shoe. But as I was running down McKinley hill, my iPod suddenly talked to me and said "Activity Stopped". I looked down on my shoe and the Nike+ was gone. I spent a good minute looking for it. It wasn't there anymore... :( I was so sad and pissed that it ruined my run... I was pacing so well but that little incident changed everything.

I managed to end below 41 minutes. Almost the same as my Globe run. It just sucks that I could have had a better time and I could still have the Nike+... Arrrgghh.

Oh well... that's life... I should have used the shoe wallet instead...

Anyway, I need a new Nike+. I hope it's still available.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thank you Brian Michael Bendis!!!

For some months, there was speculation that Ultimate Spider-Man would end and that a new one would come. The tragedy that was Ultimatum shook up the Marvel Ultimate Universe.

Ultimate Spider-Man was the comic that brought me back into reading comics. Brian Michael Bendis just writes the hell out of Spider-Man and the Ultimate line is continuity free!!! So anything goes!!!

Ultimate Spidey Fans - Spoilers ahead.

So Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem 1 & 2 were the 2 issues to cap off the series that was Ultimate Spider-Man. This was where J. Jonah Jameson writes Spidey's obituary...

Requiem shows Jameson confessing that he was wrong. Spider-Man wasn't a menace nor a freak. He was a hero.

But y'know what? Spidey's NOT DEAD!


And so I read Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1. It's Peter on the 1st page plus the 3rd page says "Previously on Ultimate Spider-Man"

OH YEAH!!! IT DOESN'T END!!! WOOHOO!!! I was just so sad with Issue #133 because Bendis had a thank you note in the end. It was like saying goodbye...

But Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man had a lot of Holy @#$% moments. Awesome writing by Bendis!!! I won't spoil anything first because it's just too good!!! Ahhh... I. LOVED. IT.

Bendis, you did it again!!! Awesome, awesome stuff!!!

Can't wait for issue #2!!!

My only complaint... $4??? But, it's worth it... Some titles need to be brought back to $3 though

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meeting the Pinoy Fantastic Four!!!

We wanted to meet the four honor guards who stayed with my Lola during the procession. But August 21 was the closest we could think of. Luckily, GMA 7's Wish Ko Lang contacted me and asked if we could meet them. Perfect!!! We wanted to meet them too!!!

They're amazing guys!!! Vicky Morales came and brought her crew to Ninang's house. It was a surprise for the 4 men. Pretty cool. Punk'd in a fun way. Hahaha. Vicky told the 4 men that she'll frop something off her house. When they called the guards, my mom and her siblings were in the sala. So as the guards arrived, TADA!!!

We hosted a dinner for the Honor Guards. Tita Kris interviewed them on their relationships. Hahahaha.

Lagui Laguindam, Bong Malab, Edgar Rodriguez, and Tony Cadiente!!! THE FANTASTIC FOUR!!!

Some scenes from the night...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

on the Ninoy Book...


Looks like there are requests.

Just to let everyone know. I only had a limited run. 1000 copies made... =(

I'll keep you guys posted on what I'll do =)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Should I do a second run on the book?

There are only a handful of the Ninoy: Art and Essays book...

I'm thinking of something that will bring out something good.

I'm thinking of some sort of challenge...

Maybe like the person who can get the most people to register to vote get's a signed copy of the last few pieces of the 1st printing... But I don't think a lot of people will do that.

Hmmm... Will think of something...

I need to get people to register.


Should I do a second run?

I have to bring it to National Book Store first though... I'll have to see...

I'll discuss with my Mom...

Thoughts about the game...

At first we really didn't want to go to the game because we were afraid that no one would wear yellow... Plus personally, basketball reminds me too much about my Lola.

Jonty, Miguel, Nina and I decided to watch the game anyway.

I was the first one who entered the arena among us 4 and it was the first time I entered the South Gate of the Big Dome. As I entered, WOW! It was a sea of YELLOW! Sure you'd see spots of Green and Blue but the place was still YELLOW!!!

People were smiling at us and some were still giving their condolences. We felt welcomed by the crowd since so many wore yellow. It was an amazing experience. I felt Lola was sitting beside me.

The opening prayers by Father Nemy and Brother Bernie were beautiful. Bro Ber almost made me cry with his speech. Tried my very very best not to.

I have to give it to both the Ateneo and La Salle communities. They showed much love for my Lola. La Salle had these cool CORY Shirts, they had yellow shoelaces and even used the Laban sign during their school hymn. Thank you so much to Brother Bernie, Brother Armin and the whole DLSU community.

Ateneo had yellow shirts as warm-up shirts and yellow ribbons on their jerseys. I particularly loved the banner that said ONE BIG "L". Awesome!!! Wish I could get a jpeg of that.

It was a thriller of a game. I think my Lola made it exciting. My brother's friends with Hyram Bagatsing's sister during his internship. My Lola knew about Jonty's officemates when he was an OJT. Did she help Hyram? Hmmm... Maybe?

To be honest, I was a bit sad at the end of the game. The De La Salle community stuck with my Lola the past few years and they just showed tremendous love and support. My Lola was close to the Christian Brothers as well as the Society of Jesus. If it were only a tie. Sayang, wala na si "Kagalang-galang", Mr. Jvee Casio. My Lola loved his game. He was always humble in victory and loss. But at least Nonoy Baclao was still playing. My Lola also liked Baclao's game :)

When I got home, I cried alone several times. I missed my Lola too much. She'd always text me "congratulations" if Ateneo won. "It's ok Jiggy" if Ateneo lost... sigh... I just think that she's in a much better place now.

Thanks for the game Lola! You did it again! Who would have thought that Ateneo and La Salle could wear one color in a game??? But your magic did it again! Miss you so much Lola!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

On Y Speak

Was asked if I'd allow Y Speak to interview me. I said yes because of the following: 1. Y Speak caters to a lot of the youth of today and I wanted to send out a message from my Lola. 2. I wanted to meet Bianca Gonzales in person. Hahahaha.

It was a light interview. My brother Jonty is Bianca's BIGGEST fan so he tagged along to give me moral support... or so I think he did...

There was a message I wanted to send out and they're 2 things.

1. Pray. A lot of people don't pray anymore, especially the youth. I'm calling out everyone to never stop praying for the country and for one another. I really believe in Prayer Power as did my Lola.

2. REGISTER TO VOTE. I have friends who haven't registered. There have been 2 elections already since my batch was eligible to vote. To be honest, it saddens me :( I just give them a frown when they tell me they're not registered voters. My grandparents fought for democracy and it'll be a shame if it's not put to good use. Here's what people are thinking. "My vote won't count anyway, why should I register?"

Just imagine the number of people who are thinking that way... Quite a lot eh? Imagine if those people did register... Now doesn't that make you smile? :)

So if you're eligible to vote, and haven't registered, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I am humbly asking of you to please register.

Anyway, sharing pics of the taping of Y Speak last Thursday :) Jonty was the one documenting.

The monitors

Shy Tinapay

Bianca with her #1 Fan!

Friday, August 7, 2009

View from the coaster - August 3

Just wanted to share some images from my eyes inside the coaster. This was from LSGH to the Manila Cathedral. It was an experience I will never ever forget.

I cried at Ayala Avenue because I saw the "Paalam Tita Cory" digital banner from the Insular Life Building. That's when it sank in... I will never see her physically again... :(

But the love and support the Filipino people was just so awesome!!! I am so proud to be a Pinoy!!!

I'll miss you forever Lola...

You meant the world to me Lola... Thank you for everything. Thank you for the honor for letting me be called your eldest apo...

I love you Lola. I'll miss you forever.


I went to your room earlier Lola. I couldn't help but cry... Seeing your clothes, your bed, your bags. I miss you soooo much :(

But I know you're happy with Lolo now. And you're right, this is just temporary. We will meet again. I can't wait for our reunion for eternity...

Please watch over us...