Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some SDCC Photos

Hi guys, sorry but my stories are exclusive for Yahoo! Philippines. I can share some photos though :)

Here are just some snippets from the San Diego Comic-Con!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So far so good, my vacation's going well!

It's been 4 years since my last "vacation". It was before I started working. I went to New York with Jonty. Now, I'm here in Los Angeles and I'm driving to San Diego in a couple of hours to live my dream of attending the Comic-Con International.

I arrived a couple of hours ago and I did all the necessary shopping essentials. (Water, snacks) I'll need the water for Comic-Con!

FREE INTERNET in the room!!! Huzzah!!!

But here's the thing, a few days ago, I entered a contest on Twitter. It was for the premiere of Captain America! (Chris Evans will make a special appearance in the theater!) Guess what, I WON!!!

I can bring an extra person along so I'm going to watch with my brother! GEEKS FOR LIFE!

So far so good, this vacation's pretty awesome and Comic Con hasn't even started yet!

I'll try to update you guys again but it seems Twitter will be the best option.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm not the bad guy

I've lived all my life wanting to please people. I was never the badass type nor was I the maangas type. Being the good guy was something I wanted to be 24/7. It's worked for me.

Growing up, I wondered why the ladies had a thing for the bad guys... In high school and college, there were a lot of girls who liked the bad guys. REALLY? Why? Fellas, if you're thinking the same thing, fret not, it's only a matter of time.

You have to continue being the good guy... With all the hate, anger, rudeness, impatience, lies, and all the negative things that are happening in the world today somebody has to counter that. Even if you don't get noticed with the little things like opening the door for someone or falling in line or letting someone go ahead in the elevator, it's still the right thing.

In the end, the good guys win. Believe me. Everything will fall into place. I used to think that being the good guy isn't "cool" to the ladies. They wanted the badass type. I was starting to doubt myself. But as I mentioned, everything will fall into place. It's only a matter of time guys... Just keep at it.

Good guys get the girl! I got the girl! :) And she's an amazing person.

Just be the good guy. Just be the good guy. Just be the good guy.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So I'm back after a while... Sorry I haven't been posting. Anyway, I took a promo flight to Malaysia last weekend. Left on a Friday and came back Monday morning. (EARLY Monday morning)

Misha had to go there for work so my friend Ben and I accompanied her for a short but fun vacation.

So if you look at the photo above, those are the Petronas towers and they look amazing!!! Especially at night!!! 

Arriving in Malaysia, there were several thoughts entering my head. 1 was that their "Low Cost Terminal" looked really modern and I felt bad for ours :( 2 is that their roads are fantastic! I felt even worse. In terms of progress, ang layo na talaga nila... Sigh.

But I don't want to ponder on my sad thoughts. 

I had a fun trip! I have other pics but I have to get them from Ben and Misha.

The Malaysians LOOOOVE their MILO. The Milo brand there is HUGE!!! It's just like here in the Philippines but they drink more Milo there. It's like water for them. Below is a glass of Milo in a Malaysian restaurant. Misha had to order one. 

For food... They looove spicy food! But I can't handle the spiciness of the Malaysians. I had to settle for chicken rice. (Good thing I love chicken rice!) For me, their food is just ok. It's because I'm really not into the "gata" included in meats... Curry? Not a fan... sorry! If gata in dessert, GAME! 

I had a blast in MY! It's a beautiful country! I met a couple of Filipinos who have been staying there for a while now. Wish they could come visit here so that they can tell their friends that our country is beautiful too...

To end this post, I just want to point out that we have the capability to improve our country... We need to get people visiting our beautiful country! Tourism. Tourism. Tourism. My Tito Noy talked to us and he's really pushing for the Puerto Princessa underground river to be part of the new natural wonders of the world! You just have to text PPUR to 2861. Tourism will definitely increase if we make it in the top 7! Top 14 is also good but why not we aim for top 7???