Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It's what I don't know that makes me scared. That feeling of uncertainty and anxiety put together makes my stomach churn and gives me a heavy heart. 

If only we can find out soon that "everything will be ok"... But we can't can we? Would you be willing to see what will happen a year from now to check if "everything is ok"? 

Are you scared about the future? A lot has been on my mind lately and all I can do is pray... I guess I just need to have the faith that everything will be ok. 


idle minds covet evil thoughts said...

I have the same feeling.

ako si C (i am C) said...

"if only we can find out soon that "everything will be ok"

-oh how i wish that happens! uncertainties even leads to depression at times! :(

Anonymous said...

.. i think i know what you mean by that.. :') i guess, that's part of the wonderful life challenges of Heavenly Father. We are tested how faithful we can be.. kahit na uncertain tayo of what might be the results.
.. siguro nga God depends on how faithful we are sa kanya para mangyari yung iniisip natin.. MAYBE. :')
.. keep going, KEEP THE FAITH. :')