Saturday, April 2, 2011

The best damn fries in the metro!

I don't know why but I may have found the best damn fries in Metro Manila. Heck, maybe even the Philippines. For some strange reason, not all French Fries taste the same. If you go to the top fast food chains, they taste differently. Some are even different in color. In restaurants, they also taste different. Some add pepper to it... The premium ones even have truffle oil. But I'm not gonna tackle that.

The best damn French Fries in my honest to goodness opinion can be found in the basement of Power Plant Mall. It's in a place called Elbert's Cheesesteak. The balance of crunchiness and saltiness is just fantastic! It just tastes absolutely delicious! Together with the cheesesteak, CHAMPION!!! They serve it in a paper cone hot and freshly cooked. I feel like they use some type of special cooking oil! But believe me when I tell you na

At first I didn't want to blog about it because I want them all to myself! Kidding! The Fries in Elbert's have to be shared to the public!!!

I go there not for the cheesesteak, but for the frikkin French Fries!!! Try it! You won't regret it. If you've tried it, let me know what you think! I appreciate and welcome all comments in The Tangled Web!


undercrisis said...

i think i may have tasted those fries! but it's been so long since :( is that the store smack in the middle of the basement food strip, near the washrooms?

MAKMAK said...

I've tasted it once but I can't quite remember how it was. Haha. But seriously, I can't believe there's anything better than NYFD! :)

Jerick said...

now let me taste that. haha! i'll tell you when i get to experience that as well.

Ai said...

I agree! Elbert's French fries are the best!

Kristoffer " Stong" Franco said...

Tama ka Jiggy =) Masarap nga!

Kristoffer " Stong" Franco said...

Tama ka Jiggy! Masarap nga! =)