Monday, April 25, 2011

Bawal Umihi Dito

I had a discussion with Misha last week and we were talking about the Philippines being the only country telling it's people "You cannot pee here!" I think it's such a shame that we as a people need to be told that. (Well, the men at least)


It maybe funny at first but if you think harder, it's quite sad that it has to be written in walls that "Dude, this ain't a toilet, go find one!" Nakakahiya lang at nakakalungkot. People need to be educated about urinating properly. :( It shows that yes, we need to educate a lot of people about proper good hygiene, cleanliness, respect, and good manners.

Should we have a special class on proper hygiene and good manners for students? What do you think?

Not only that, do you know that habit of men pulling up their shirts right before their chest so they can expose their huge bellies? You know what I'm talking about. It sucks! And men not wearing shirts on the streets. Did you know that's illegal to do that in Marikina City? 

Anyway, I just wanted to voice that out. I think we should have a special class on manners... 

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this... Thanks!

(Photo courtesy of darkroomimage & Michael Johnson)


Anonymous said...


I AGREE with you on that. Mas OK kung mas early sa mga bata like Kindergarten (prep) at Elementary level pa lang eh itinuturo na ng maaga para dala nila hanggang paglaki.

Anonymous said...

Jiggy, san mu nabili yung desk organizer mo (the one you've mentioned on Twitter)?

RC said...

I think it can be tied to the 'pwede na yan' mentality. Filipinos thrive on quick fixes. Wala kasing banyo. Malayo pa ang banyo. Pwede na yan wala namang nakatingin. Girls know better that you can go to the nearest Jollibee or SM to pee. I hope future Filipinos don't evolve to have smaller bladders because of this. If there is something that weas a people should have learned by now it is the meaning of tiis.

ako si C (i am C) said...

oh how i wish men WOULD really stop lifting their shirts & expose their bellies! it's a HUGE pet peeve of mine & obviously, it's just darn indecent! :/

and yeah, an early program on proper hygiene would actually be helpful. :)

RiaRamona said...

A friend's cousin read that as "Bay- wall oomi- hay ditoh."

When it was translated to him, he laughed and wondered aloud about how anybody would even think of peeing there.

Anonymous said...

.. it's real sad na tayo nga lang ang country na ganyan.. well! if educating people is the only way? WHY NOT! kaso dapat sana, di na need pa i.remind ang mga tao with regards sa personal hygene diba? :') but people are people, and we have different perceptions sa mga bagay bagay :')
.. i do agree with this one.. sana talaga! no more shirtless MEN and those smelly corners in the street. :')