Thursday, May 26, 2011

You know what? Movie-type stories? It's possible!

There was one point in my life wherein I was shy to talk to girls. Oo, aminin ko, torpe ako for a time. I was also in an emo phase when I'd watch these romantic comedies where the main tandem were childhood friends. Now there's a one in a million story... "Childhood sweethearts". Boy is 4 years old and has a crush on the little girl. They separate ways. They meet back in high school and become friends. They separate ways again. One goes to school abroad, one stays. Both find love in  other people that doesn't work out. Both are devastated. Then the impossible thing happens... They meet again! Doesn't happen right? Wrong!

You know that ending in "500 Days of Summer"? Where the guy meets Autumn in the end? That happened to me! BELIEVE IT! I had a devastating part in my life that crushed my heart. But as the Lord works in mysterious ways, things really do happen for a reason. It really does. I'm telling you, on the 500th day, Autumn entered my life and changed it forever! 

Misha was the first girl I ever liked. Honest to goodness. She was my childhood crush. After kinder, the next time I saw her was in high school and I still found her to be pretty. She became a friend. Sadly she left in college but somehow we kept in touch. After several years (college+masters), in the most surprising fashion (facebook), she said that she was going to work with me real soon. Well, at least in the same building. We didn't hit it off at first when she went into the building. It took time of course. But I think this story is just too good to be true. A lot of my friends can't believe it really. But it's true. Call it cheesy, but I'm a happy happy man. :) I can't ask for anything more...

There was a comment a couple of months back... There was a reader that was going through some difficult times with his lady... All I can say is that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Things really do happen for a reason. We may not see it at first. You'll feel that the world just crumbled and ended. After time, you'll be thankful that it crumbled and "ended" because if that didn't happen, you wouldn't have seen one of the great things that happen in life and that's meeting your true love. (Cheese anyone? :) hahaha!)

Do you know someone with the same story? :) Well, I hope there's someone who has the same story. To those in difficult times, fret not... She/He is just around the corner...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lightning Strikes!!!

SHAZAM! Call me a geek! But I love this new watch! Hahaha! This SWATCH just reflects my personality :) I can think of The Flash, Captain Marvel, and even Thor! Haha!

Swatch has been releasing some pretty cool watches recently. I don't know the name of the line but there's this gray strap with a black face and red hands. Looks really cool.

I'm not endorsing Swatch don't get me wrong. I'm just happy with this new lightning watch! :)

The number of lightning watches have been decreasing since people have been buying. Get one while you still can :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My team

The Playoffs isn't as exciting for me anymore since my team is gone. But today, I have to give it to the boys in Dallas for putting on an amazing show! Dirk is a BEAST and that's all I have to say. 

Anyway, I'm here to write about my C's. My beloved Boston Celtics. I've written about them several times now I know. It's just that I'm a different kind of fan. I don't follow players when they transfer teams. I'm a team guy. I've always been a Celtics guy. Always have been, always will be.

This season was disappointing because of the trade. I'm still quite bitter about the Perkins trade but what's done is done. I just hope Mr. Ainge does something spectacular in the off-season. I'm glad that Doc Rivers is back with the team. What sucks was that Rondo got injured in the playoffs. He's the key to winning if you ask me. But that's not it. Personally I think they should have retained Nate Robinson since he plays well with Big Baby Davis. We all know how he performed in the Playoffs...

If Doc believes that the guys still have some fuel left, then I fully support it! The Big 3 gave a fan like myself an awesome title in 2008. It just sucks they fell short last year. Grrr... I still hate that game.

The season's over and all fans can do is look back. It's time to rest and rebuild again. The Celtic Mystique is weird... I don't know whether to trust in it but I believe in Doc and his ethic. Ubuntu!!! Let's see if we can acquire some good players...

For now, I'll just be a Basketball fan and see what happens. Forever, CELTICS! HOORAH!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hot or Cold Coffee?

When did you have your first cup o' joe? Did you have it hot or cold? Did you have it with milk? creamer? or just plain black?

I remember having my first taste of coffee when I was little. It was just a black cup with sugar. I had a teaspoon. I remember being curious and asking my yaya if I could have some. So I had a few ml of coffee. It was outstanding I thought. Of course there were those stories that you wouldn't grow. (myth) So I didn't drink that much. 

When the coffee shops came in, then you have the surge of cold "coffee shakes". I was never into it really. I wanted it black, with some sugar, and a couple of ice cubes. I'm a cold coffee kinda guy. I want to drink it straight! I started this whole coffee consumption thing in college to stay awake in the morning. In the cafeteria, I remember getting the canned Nescafe. My favorite is the Black Roast variant but sadly it's no longer available. (I settle for Latte now) But anyway, it was mighty cold and it was really good in the morning. It kept me up. 

Anyway, since I started working, I gave hot coffee a try. (Which is the correct way of drinking it) I got used to it. But the funny thing is now I take coffee pure black. No creamer. That's my top choice in the morning! After lunch, sometimes I crave for something sweet. So a Nescafe 3in1 will do that for me. (The Brown N Creamy is AWESOME cold if I may add... I kid you not) My taste buds have changed but I still love coffee!

What about you? How do you take it? Hot? Cold? :) I'd love to know!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Four Years in the biz

I still think it was just yesterday. May 21, 2011 marked my 4th year in the corporate world. I've been working for 4 years already and it went by so fast! 

It's just like going through another schooling period without the summer vacations. Yup. 4 years without vacation. 

The working life has been good to me. I'm happy where I am and I'm happy with the people I work with. :) It makes a difference really. Waking up everyday and going to people you don't want to be with? Yeech! At least that never happened to me. I've been blessed!

For those starting with the new working life, there's an adjustment phase but try to have fun! The more you have fun, the more it won't feel like work. Let me share a story. You know I didn't get my first paycheck? :) It's because I gave my first salary to my parents. I split it into 2. Half to my Mom, half to my Dad. For all the years they supported me, it was the least I could do... I can't tell you the feeling after I gave the salary because the gesture has to come from you and I'll spoil it. You'll have to experience it yourself! 

After 4 years, I still look back at that moment in time and the feeling hasn't changed.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My most prized Comic Book!!!

I take my comics seriously. I mean it. I really take it way too seriously. I'm serious enough to invest in the collector's items. 

I've acquired something that made me really happy. It's a graded comic of what many believe marked the start of the Bronze Age of comics. (not proven but I believe it is)

Fanboys, lo and behold. I got me a copy of GIANT SIZE X-MEN #1! Booyah! Hahaha! It's not a 9.8 but it's a cool 7.5 :) not bad at all :) For those of you not into comics, this is a key issue since it marks the first appearance of the new X-Men Team. It also marks the 1st appearances of Colossus, Nightcrawler, Thunderbird, and Storm! Not to mention, it's Wolverine's debut as a member of the X-Men. What do you think? :)

What I dream of getting is really Amazing Fantasy #15 but that'll take decades of saving money... But for now, I'm very happy with this! :D

Sunday, May 15, 2011

National Book Store with Free Comics and Free Sketches!

Comic Book Fans! Check it out! Wanna meet Harvey Tolibao, Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Segovia, Manix Abrera, Ariel Padilla, and Kajo Baldisimo all at once? Not only that, they're sketching for FREE! Yup! FREE SKETCHES!

Just go to National Book Store Best Sellers in Robinson's Galleria this Saturday, May 21!

Pretty cool huh? Hold your horses! THERE'S MORE!

They're giving away an iPad signed by V for Vendetta co-creator David Lloyd!!! Just join the raffle!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011



One thing you might not know about me is that I also watch Baseball. Many Filipinos don't give a rat's ass about Baseball but I happen to enjoy watching it. Yes I understand many will find it boring but it's actually exciting once you immerse yourself in the game. It's a fun game to watch in my honest opinion? As tense as a tight game in Basketball? Not really... But it will still make your heart pound.

So anyway, I just want to share that I'm psyched that I'm going to watch a live game within the year! No I will not be watching the Yankees. Seriously? I'm part of the Red Sox Nation! I'll be watching a game in Boston to cheer for the Red Sox in Fenway Park! FENWAY. PARK. Yup! It's another dream of mine which I want to fulfill... Sadly, I'd want to watch the Celtics live and see the banners that are in the rafters. But back to Baseball, I'm gonna watch with Jonty and we're pretty much excited to visit Boston and see the Red Sox play in their home. :) Huzzah!

It's part of my bucket list! To the baseball fans, I'll tell you all about the experience once done. Matagal pa! Still a couple of months but I'm excited because I have my tickets already! :)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Once a year, every first Saturday of May, there's this mega event called FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! On May 6, Comic Odyssey headed by Mr. Sandy Sansolis will be giving out thousands of Free Comics! Yes, you read that right. FREE. COMICS. 

How does it work? You go to Comic Odyssey in Robinsons Galleria this Saturday and you get FREE COMICS! Now mind you, the Free Comics are specially made for the event. Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, IDW, Archie, etc. They have special FCBD Comics. This is really a way to get new readers into comics. 

Sandy has been good to the comic book fans here in the Philippines over the years. Now, he's spending for these Freebies guys. These aren't free for him. That's why I think this should get more mainstream exposure. RETWEET this link so people can see. FREE COMICS guys! Not only that, Sandy's throwing a MAJOR SALE this Saturday only! Up to 50% off on all graphic novels!!! I think we should all support this event!!!

Oh! And please do check out the confirmed guests!

International Pinoy Artist Superstars (Signing starts at 1:30pm)
CARLO PAGULAYAN - Agents of Atlas, Hulk, Emma Frost, Elektra
ED TADEO - Sigil, X-men, Wolverine, Iron Man
GERRY ALANGUILAN - Elmer, Ultimate Avengers, Wolverine, X-Force
HARVEY TOLIBAO - Psylocke, Silver Surfer, Heroes for Hire
JAY ANACLETO - Marvels Eye of the Camera, Aria, Spawn, Thor
KAJO BALDISIMO - Trese, Star Wars
LEINIL YU - Secret Invasion, Ultimate Avengers, X-men, Wolverine, Superman
LUI ANTONIO - Terminator, Savage Tales, Warlord of Mars
MICO SUAYAN - Moon Knight, X-men, Thor, Werewolf By Night
PHILIP TAN - Green Lantern, Outsiders, Spawn, X-men
STEPHEN SEGOVIA - Silver Surfer, Ultimate Avengers, Wolverine

The Local Artist Superstars (Signing starts at 10:30am)
ARIEL ATIENZA – Class, West Side
GIO PAREDES - Kalayaan
FREELY ABRIGO - Kapitan Tog, Kulas
IAN OLYMPIA – Ambition
JON ZAMAR – Digmaang Salinlahi
JOSEL NICOLAS – Windmills: Breakdowns
MACOY – Taal Monster vs Evil Space Paru-paro
MEL CASIPIT – Baboy 1 & 2
RH QUILANTANG – Goodbye Rubbit
TEPAI PASCUAL – Maktan 1521

Gates open at 10:30 am this Saturday!!! Check it out guys!!!

For more info, go to and


Now, a day before the big day, Artist and Co-Creator of V for Vendetta DAVID LLOYD will be making an appearance in Alabang Town Center. That's May 6 guys. 

National Book Store is sponsoring this event and I'd recommend you go meet the guy who did this graphic novel! The man worked with Alan Moore!
He'll also be at the Metro Comic-Con this Saturday in Megamall so if you still aren't full with the free comics, go next to the Metro Comic-Con which is until Sunday, May 8.

I'm interviewing Mr. Lloyd on Saturday so if you want me to ask him any question, post it here on the comments page :) Thanks!

It's a HUGE weekend for Comics so please please support the industry!!! It'll be AWESOME!!!