Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Once a year, every first Saturday of May, there's this mega event called FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! On May 6, Comic Odyssey headed by Mr. Sandy Sansolis will be giving out thousands of Free Comics! Yes, you read that right. FREE. COMICS. 

How does it work? You go to Comic Odyssey in Robinsons Galleria this Saturday and you get FREE COMICS! Now mind you, the Free Comics are specially made for the event. Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, IDW, Archie, etc. They have special FCBD Comics. This is really a way to get new readers into comics. 

Sandy has been good to the comic book fans here in the Philippines over the years. Now, he's spending for these Freebies guys. These aren't free for him. That's why I think this should get more mainstream exposure. RETWEET this link so people can see. FREE COMICS guys! Not only that, Sandy's throwing a MAJOR SALE this Saturday only! Up to 50% off on all graphic novels!!! I think we should all support this event!!!

Oh! And please do check out the confirmed guests!

International Pinoy Artist Superstars (Signing starts at 1:30pm)
CARLO PAGULAYAN - Agents of Atlas, Hulk, Emma Frost, Elektra
ED TADEO - Sigil, X-men, Wolverine, Iron Man
GERRY ALANGUILAN - Elmer, Ultimate Avengers, Wolverine, X-Force
HARVEY TOLIBAO - Psylocke, Silver Surfer, Heroes for Hire
JAY ANACLETO - Marvels Eye of the Camera, Aria, Spawn, Thor
KAJO BALDISIMO - Trese, Star Wars
LEINIL YU - Secret Invasion, Ultimate Avengers, X-men, Wolverine, Superman
LUI ANTONIO - Terminator, Savage Tales, Warlord of Mars
MICO SUAYAN - Moon Knight, X-men, Thor, Werewolf By Night
PHILIP TAN - Green Lantern, Outsiders, Spawn, X-men
STEPHEN SEGOVIA - Silver Surfer, Ultimate Avengers, Wolverine

The Local Artist Superstars (Signing starts at 10:30am)
ARIEL ATIENZA – Class, West Side
GIO PAREDES - Kalayaan
FREELY ABRIGO - Kapitan Tog, Kulas
IAN OLYMPIA – Ambition
JON ZAMAR – Digmaang Salinlahi
JOSEL NICOLAS – Windmills: Breakdowns
MACOY – Taal Monster vs Evil Space Paru-paro
MEL CASIPIT – Baboy 1 & 2
RH QUILANTANG – Goodbye Rubbit
TEPAI PASCUAL – Maktan 1521

Gates open at 10:30 am this Saturday!!! Check it out guys!!!

For more info, go to http://www.comic-odyssey.com and http://www.komikero.com


Now, a day before the big day, Artist and Co-Creator of V for Vendetta DAVID LLOYD will be making an appearance in Alabang Town Center. That's May 6 guys. 

National Book Store is sponsoring this event and I'd recommend you go meet the guy who did this graphic novel! The man worked with Alan Moore!
He'll also be at the Metro Comic-Con this Saturday in Megamall so if you still aren't full with the free comics, go next to the Metro Comic-Con which is until Sunday, May 8.

I'm interviewing Mr. Lloyd on Saturday so if you want me to ask him any question, post it here on the comments page :) Thanks!

It's a HUGE weekend for Comics so please please support the industry!!! It'll be AWESOME!!!

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