Friday, September 30, 2011

Wait for my Birthday Giveaway!!!

Finally! September's ending!!!

It's my favorite month of the year!!! OCTOBER!!!

I'll be another year older in a couple of days and I've been blessed this past year so I would like to share the blessings :) You have to keep reading The Tangled Web in order to see what I'll be giving away to a lucky follower of The Tangled Web! Click on the "LIKE" button below and let's see how this flies :)

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What am I giving away? This is going to be BIG! I haven't given away anything like this before :)

I'll be giving away several items just keep reading the blog for more updates!!!

TRESE 4: Clue #1

As the launch date of "Trese 4: Last Seen After Midnight" approaches, Kajo Baldisimo has released cropped details of his "unique" sketch.  What is so unique about this awesome piece of art? See clue#1 and try to figure it out. Find out at the launch event on October 8, Bestsellers, 4F Robinsons Galleria at 5 pm.

Purchases of Trese 4 from National Book Store, Bestsellers and Powerbooks up to October 31, 2011 are eligible for the raffle of Kajo Baldisimo's sketch.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'll definitely go back to SDCC next year!!!

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Sharing with you a collage :)


Finally!!! The long wait is over!!! Personally, there are only 2 books I'm really really excited for and this is one of them!!! Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo are releaing TRESE Book 4!!! "Last Seen After Midnight", will be released on October 8, 5pm, at the National Book Store Best Sellers in Robinsons Galleria.

You know how we fanboys love exclusives? "Last Seen After Midnight"will have an EXCLUSIVE DUST JACKET! (See artwork above) TRESE 4 + The Dust Jacket will be exclusively available in National Book Store until December 31. All TRESE 4 books from January 1 onwards will not have the dust jacket.

I was told that Budjette and Kajo are raffling of a unique piece of art!!! We'll have to wait and see what it will be :) Don't forget! 10.08!!! Trese 4!!! National Book Stores Best Sellers!!! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tony Stark's Water Bottle!

A friend of mine is selling these awesome water bottles called the KOR ONE BPA Free Hydration Vessel! Pretty cool name huh? Well, it's gotta have an awesome sounding name since this is the bottle being used by none other than IRON MAN himself! Check out Tony Stark's picture below!

I'm not really a heavy water drinker but KOR believes in sustainable hydration. Basically using less plastic is what they want. So I got one of these babies from my friend who's selling a limited number of KOR units. The Ice Blue color is what he's carrying now and it's going for 1,250 a piece. If interested, you can text at 0917 5066880 to order.

I AM IRON MAN? Hahahaha! I really really don't drink as much water as I should... But I hope this will help me go H20 from now on. But you have to admit, the bottle looks pretty damn awesome!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



I got a pretty good number of contestants! But guys, some of you weren't following instructions :(

I'm sorry but you gotta read carefully! Next time! :) there were some who didn't put their email addresses!

Anyway here are the winners!

For the cap, question was the Ferrari Autobot.

The answer is DINO. Not Mirage. Ferrari requested the producers to change the name to Dino.

jong caytiles

For the mug, question was the Ferrari model on the shelf and it was an F40 :)

Congrats to

Sam Miravalles

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Disclaimer: I really got into the UAAP during the "rebuilding" era. It was the final year of Ryan Pamintuan and Jean Alabanza. It was Enrico Villanueva's Sophomore year.

Anyway, I got this idea from Luiboi, a follower of the blog.

If I were to get a selection of Ateneo players from different eras, and build a dream team, these would be it.
In a 16-man line up.

My Starting 5. I believe that this is THE strongest starting 5 in my honest to goodness opinion.

1 - LA Tenorio
2 - Larry Fonacier
3 - Wesley Gonzales
4 - Rich Alvarez
5 - Enrico Villanueva

In 2002, these guys were all present! C'mon, at their UAAP primes, these guys got it!

LA is the best point guard of Ateneo in recent years. In his rookie year, man, he kicked ass! Larry was the all around guy. He had defense, offense, style, class, the cold blooded shots and he was humble. Larry was a King Eagle. Wild Wild Wes plays best when he's up against La Salle. I put him there because you need someone who won't take crap from anybody. You need an enforcer and Wes is the best at what he does. Rich will always be my favorite player of all time. The back-to-back MVP was the king of the boards. He improved year on year, he can take the 3-ball and man can he dunk! Enrico is the most dominant center in recent year. He was Rookie of the Year and MVP. Enrico also won't take crap from no one. To this very day, he still gets boos from La Salle. That's how popular and dominant he was.

The remaining 11 is a tough call. As much as I want to put in more, I can't.

Since I'm a fan of defense, the first 2 I have to put are

6 - Nonoy Baclao (4)
7 - Kirk Long (2)

For my guards, I'm a fan of these 3 guys so I have to put them

8 - Chris Tiu (2/3)
9 -  Emman Monfort (1)
10 - Kiefer Ravena (1/2/3)

My big men

11 - Greg Slaughter (5)
12 - Rabeh Al-Hussaini (5)
13 - Japeth Aguilar (5)


14 - JC Intal (3/4)
15 - Ryan Buenafe (3/4)
16 - Magnum Membrere (3)

COACH: Norman Black

Monday, September 12, 2011

VROOM! VROOM! (Only a Ferrari can do that in style!)

I remember when I was in Grade 6 I had this huge interest in collecting model cars. I got the 1:18 and 1:24 scaled MAISTO and BURAGO cars. Since I couldn't get a real one, I decided to get the smaller ones instead. I had a lot of the different sports cars but the ones I really liked were the red Ferraris! 

I had a classmate in Grade 6, Gelo, we became best friends since we found out that we collected these cars. Now, the guy's going to take the BAR and he'll probably have a Ferrari in no time once he's a big time lawyer! Haha! If you'll buy a sports car, you have to go BIG! Gotta get a Ferrari! Not just any color! It has to be RED! NagFerrari ka pa kung black or navy blue or silver! Diba?

I remember that the F50 was the in thing when I was in Grade School and that you could get them in SHELL Gas Stations! I loved going to SHELL Select when those cars were out! (Did you know that SHELL and Ferrari have been partners since 1929? Best Friends in the corporate world! I wonder if the Shell CEO drives one?) I think it's cool that the gas that powers one of the most powerful engines in the world is powered by Shell. 

Anyway, I don't do this much but this post is a special one! Yep! If you're a Ferrari fan, you might want to join this! I'm giving away SCUDERIA FERRARI merchandise from ITALY courtesy of SHELL! 

4 Scuderia Ferrari Coffee Mugs 


4 Scuderia Ferrari Caps

Now, I need 8 winners. (Can't have em both sorry. You have to choose! :) )

It's easy! All you have to do are the ff:

1. CLICK ON THE FACEBOOK ICON TO LIKE IT!  (found at the bottom of the post)
2. CLICK ON THE TWITTER ICON TO RETWEET IT! (found at the bottom of the post)

If you like the Coffee Mug, 

Click on the instagram link ( ), to view it and like it. After that, answer the question. What Ferrari model is placed in the bookshelf? YOU HAVE TO COMMENT ON THE BLOG TO ANSWER :)

If you like the Cap,

Click on the instagram link ( ) to view it and like it. After that, answer the question. What is the name of the Ferrari Autobot in "Transformers: Dark of The Moon" ? YOU HAVE TO COMMENT ON THE BLOG TO ANSWER :)

When you comment, YOU HAVE TO PUT IN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS so I can let you know if you won. :)

You have until SEPTEMBER 17, Friday to answer :)

Winners will be randomly selected! :) 

BUT! I will give someone a cap/coffee mug whoever can give me a cool idea for a blog post! :) 

GAME? :) Good luck guys!!!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heebie-jeebies / shivers

Earlier today at lunch, my team mates and I were talking about stuff that creeped us out when watching movies. There were a couple of memorable scenes mentioned but the one that really stood out was from The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Remember when Frodo showed the ring to his uncle Bilbo and then the frikkin Hobbit's face morphed into this scary face with fangs? Yeeech! $#@^##&# Ugh... I hated that scene. Gives me the frikkin creeps!

Next was a scene from The Passion of The Christ. I remember it was Judas being crowded by this group of children and they suddenly changed into creepy old men in bodies of kids! AAAAHHHHH!!! Scary Sh%t man!!! Ugh...

But the worst for me would be from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. I hate rats. I effin hate rats. No way hozay. Anyway, there was a scene wherein Indy had to avoid a fire and he enters this coffin. In the process, rats that wanted to survive entered the frikkin coffin!!! YUCK!!! YUCK!!! YUCK!!! Worst scene in the history of cinema!!!

There are also other scenes that scarred my innocent mind and still haunts me to this very day. Remember Danny DeVito as The Penguin? There's this scene from Batman Returns where he bites a person's nose?

What about you? What movie scene scarred your mind?

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I was talking to one of Misha's uncles last night and we had this great conversation about the attitudes of people in the Philippines. There are a lot of proud people here in the country and I can't blame them. The Campampangans, Ilocanos, Batangenyos, Cebuanos, Mindanaoans, etc.

I only noticed last night that mentality we have as Pinoys. There's a higher rank to "Filipino" and it's where your from... There's really a lot of pride instilled in our hearts and minds but maybe too much pride is bad?

Don't you think it makes us divided as a people? Shouldn't we just say we're FILIPINO?

It's just a thought to ponder on... We're all on the same team here... :)

Ako'y isang Pinoy, sa puso't diwa!

Crazy Stupid Love

Movie #28 in my 50 Movies in 2011 goal... I have a looong way to go. I need to watch 2 movies each in the next month to catch up... 

I watched a movie by myself today. Not just any movie. I watched a romantic comedy alone... Sucks to be me. I texted Misha and said that I was crazy and stupid to watch it alone. I just missed her more... I can't watch another romantic comedy alone. Never again. Lesson learned. 

It was a pretty good movie. The cast brought it together. Steve Carell was awesome as usual. But I thought Ryan Gosling was hilarious! Emma Stone proved that she's the next Hollywood IT girl. I couldn't predict the movie really. Which was good because if I get surprised, it's a great flick! There was something about the film that I couldn't predict. You'll just have to watch and see.

Romantics will enjoy this movie. You never give up on your soulmate as the movie says. No matter the challenges or speedbumps along the way, you never give up. Right? :)

Love... How can a four letter word be so complicated? Hahaha. Honestly, who knows what it means? I think it's relative. But you know what? I believe it what makes us wake up everyday to go to work or to school or to where ever it may be. We wake up for the people we love.