Monday, April 11, 2011

Q&A Again!

I just got 617 followers now on The Tangled Web and I will not Tweet this post. This goes out to the loyal readers of the blog. :)

It's another Question and Answer! I haven't done this after a long time! This is the 3rd time I'm doing this. I know there's this thing called Formspring but I'll do it the old-fashioned way and just post on the blog. I wanna survey the people who read this. :) Plus I wanna interact with the readers!

I can't answer everything though... I'll screen them first of course. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment and give your inputs. They'd me much appreciated. :)

If you're a friend of mine, don't joke around anymore. You can text me anyway...

Questions until Friday, April 15, 2011 :)


GARET said...

Paano maging isang apo ni Former President Cory Aquino? Is she the typical lola na maging spoiled ka. Are you the eldest apo?

Jerick said...

a friend from the church also works for the same company you're working for. she told me that nobody was aware of your stature. which only means how humble of an upbringing you've had. they only realized you were an Aquino when your grandma died.

my question is, what is it that you were looking in a great blog? my url is and i wanna know what you had in mind there.

thanks jiggy!

Batang Lakwatsero said...

Do you have plans of going into politics?

Lhai Cruz said...

Hi Jiggy, medyo madami akong questions, wish you could answer them! :)

1. How do you handle criticism, adversity and a broken heart?
2. Plus just curious, which among the films nominated in the recently concluded Oscars did you like best?
3. What sort of paintings do you own?
4. What is Pres. Cory’s favorite movie?
5. And lastly, what do you think of Andrew Garfield as the new Spiderman?

Sorry ang dami, but of course you may answer lang questions you are comfortable answering! :)
Thank you!!!

the spunky wanderer said...

If you'd be given the chance to spend a day with your Lolo Ninoy, what would you do? Where will you go? What will you tell him?

Therese said...

Does your family pose stricter rules on you and your cousins now that your uncle Noynoy is the President or is it still the same as before?

Anonymous said...

When it comes to travel, what are your dream destination/s? (I mean, yung never mo pa napupuntahan)

Sheena Arquiza Dangoy (Dai Xu Na) said...

hi! suggest ko lang, baka mas better if you'll use formspring for your question and answer... i really think it is a good avenue when it comes to asking and answering questions... :-)

RiaRamona said...

You blog about childhood a lot. Was your teenhood as awesome? :D Tell us a bit about it. I hope I'm not being intrusive. Kung intrusive na, feel free not to answer my question. :D

preciosa said...

Hello's my simple Qs
First Q:
Do you play any musical instruments?
Second Q:
Aside from chocolates and comic books are you also obsessed or a "fan" of any other things/people?
Third Q:
If you were given a chance to go to college again and take up another course, what would it be and why? And are you going to follow trends?

That's all..I hope you can answer all of them :) God bless!