Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Favorite Band of all time!!!

I was asked several times before if there was one band that could come here who would it be. I'd always say Dashboard Confessional. Always!

And this Thursday, my dream will finally come true! I finally get to see Chris Carrabba and the guys! Thanks to the wonderful people of Ayala for bringing them here!!! Ahhh... I cannot wait!!! As lovers go, Screaming Infidelties, Saints and Sailors, Don't wait...

Hands down was the first song that made it for me but Vindicated is my favorite song of all time. Coincidence because Spider-Man 2 is my favorite movie of all time. Stolen comes in a very very close second!!!

Dashboard Confessional got me through tough times back in school. Emo na kung emo but they frikkin rock!  Once Chris sings "Hope, dangles on a string"... Damn... baka maiyak ako...

I'll let you guys know how my experience goes :) I'm sure it'll be awesome!!!

No more vacations... (I think this is Tuesdays #15?)

Jeez I badly need a vacation! Kahit 5 days lang. In the real world, you will get to be very very busy. I feel bad that my friends are taking it against me now. But work is work. Gotta pay the bills!

Upon graduation, that's when it all begins. That'll be your LAST summer vacation.

3 weeks to go na lang right? So to the incoming Seniors in college, ENJOY IT!!! Stay in school for as loooong as you can! Cherish it!!!

My trips to the different regions of our country isn't really vacation. For example. I was in Cagayan De Oro yesterday. Flew at 640am since the flight was delayed. I headed straight to the Sales Office and presented there. Had a quick lunch and rushed back to the airport to catch the flight back to Manila. Zip line? Nope. River Rafting? Nope again.

Today I was in Pampanga for another presentation. I'm halfway done. I just need Dagupan, Iloilo, and Cebu and I'm done presenting!

HOPEFULLY, by 3rd week July, I can take a few days off and relax... I need that break! For now, I just gotta go go go and work hard!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Grade School Munchies

The other week, my friend at the office gave me a piece of my childhood back. It was candy that I haven't seen in ages!

STAY FRESH! Do you remember this? Back in grade school, I used to buy this all the time after lunch. My classmates would even use this as ammo for blowguns! I was in grade school from 91-99 and I have lots of memories! Now, I can't help but reminisce about the food that was back then!

On a hot school day, we'd always get SLUSH PUPPIE! Strawberry was my favorite and Lemon Lime comes in second. You could even mix it back then. This icy treat was pretty awesome. I remember it was located at the end of the Ateneo Grade School canteen and kids would line up for this. It's your typical ice mix with flavored syrup.

The other candy I remember and is still present now is Haw-Haw Milk candy! When I hear Haw-Haw, it's not that red round candy. This is the one with the cow! I tell you, this candy's a winner in my books!

I don't have pictures of the others but I can still remember the famous fried siomai from the grade school pergola. Sadly the pergola's gone!!! The melon samalamig is pretty awesome too!!! How much do kids bring to school as allowance these days?

Damn I miss being a kid...

Thursday, May 20, 2010



When you start working, you really have to follow the rules. If you're told to go to the province, you have to go there. Yesterday was a long and tiring day. It was my first time to Legaspi/Legazpi. (Sorry, I really don't know if it's S or Z) This was for work. I had a presentation to the Sales Team of South Luzon. 

My day started at 3:30am. I had a 6am flight. I tell you, it's so hard to wake up at that time. When you know that most of the people in the Philippines are happily asleep and you're not, the sleepiness really kicks in.

My highlight of the trip was when we were about to touchdown. Upon the descent, my boss woke me up and showed me Mayon. It was gorgeous! But sadly, it's not a perfect cone anymore... I was at the last row of the plane and they opened the tail end when we landed, Mayon was beautiful. I had a picture taken as soon as I landed in the tarmac. It was a good thing because when we left that afternoon, Mayon was covered by clouds already.

There are perks at work. You get to travel. The con is you have to get up early. But this trip was worth it just because of Mount Mayon. If there's one place I HAVE to go to, it's Bohol. I really want to see the Chocolate Hills... If you're not doing anything, If you have time, If you have the money to spend, go see The Philippines!!! Tourism means jobs :) 

I spent only a couple of hours there. Bitin... But I think I'll be back there pretty soon. :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010


During the wake of my Lola last year. I knew who my best friends were. They were there from the beginning until the end...

Now, after the elections, the friends I knew who were my best friends remained the same. They were there to support me and my family all the way.

In this world, you really have to cherish your friends. You have to keep them close. Friends will be there at your best and worst days.

My life will change some more in the upcoming days. But my commitment is to stay the same. I owe it to everyone to be that same level-headed person as I have been raised. I owe it to my best friends to remain the same.

You see, I'm the type of person who really values relationships with other people. I take it very seriously. I may be busy most days but I try my best to make it up to my friends. :)

So to the one reading this, you have to keep your friends close. Believe me. You need them as much as they need you... Life is not fair. You need a friend to get you through life.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MAY 10, 2010

I just have to tell you my story on the elections.

To be honest, I was quite nervous with the new system. The way "cheating" happens in this country, it's really insane. But now, I think candidates who lost can't say that they were cheated anymore. I think we've made a huge leap. It's a good first for the Philippines!

Anyway, last Sunday, May 9 we went ahead to Tarlac for mass officiated by Bishop Soc Villegas. He said a very moving homily. He said that the Presidency is given by the people together with God's grace. When Bishop Soc gives a homily, you can't help but feel the sincerity from his words. It's just so soothing... After that, I was less nervous.

After mass we had a dinner and reporters joined in. Ces Drilon and Sandra Aguinaldo covered for their respective stations and this whole election coverage is executed so well! Grabe! Technology these days are just so cool! Ces Drilon showed me her Flip camera. It's a really small camera that shoots in HD and it even has a USB port that pops out!

When Tito Noy was being interviewed, I said to myself that before casting the vote, this would be one of the last times I'd get to hang out with him. If he wins, he'll just be so busy!

That night, I went to bed early and said my prayer.

I woke up before the alarm. It was probably the excitement. We headed to my Lola's house where Tito Noy was staying and finally had the Tarlac breakfast!!! It was sinangag, longganisa, fried egg, and of course may kasamang bacon. (1 strip lang though)

From then, we headed to the precinct only to find out that the PCOS wasn't working. We fell in line just as the rest of the people would fall in line. We were in for a long day...

4 and 1/2 hours in line to be exact.

The heat is no joke whatsoever. I was telling myself that vigilance was important. I had to go through that to cast my vote! That's why I really admire the nation for braving the heat!

While in line, they said that you had to fill the ovals or "bilogs na hugis itlog" lightly so that hindi bumakat sa kabila... So that's why it was taking long. People were just being careful I believe.

Nearing the entrance, I was really getting excited but this sense of being careful was sinking in. I didn't want to have a smudged ballot!

I registered when I entered and casted my vote. However, all the camera flashes were distracting. I was sitting next to Tito Noy. Haha. But it's all good. Even if our PCOS wasn't working, I think COMELEC did an excellent job with the automation.

After voting, we headed straight home.

To all those who braved the heat, fell in line, and didn't give up. I salute your vigilance!!!

Anyway, I'm posting some pictures below. Just wanna share it with you guys :)

Sama-sama sa hirap at ginhawa sa ilalim ng araw

Yep... It was pretty crowded

The Happy Photographers

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last day of campaign

On May 10, we decide the future of our country.

Why should you vote for Noynoy Aquino?

I'm voting for my Tito Noy not just because he's the brother of my mom. I'm voting for him because we really need someone who can inspire change in the government. The word "politics" has been so negative for so many years in the Philippines and it's about time we bring back TRUST in the GOVERNMENT!

Corruption has been in our country for so many many years and you have all sorts of men wanting to stay in power forever and ever and ever. It makes me wonder how they can just take away the people's money... You call them leaders?

I am a descendant of Ninoy and Cory Aquino and I am just one proud grandson. The major responsibility? KEEP THE NAME CLEAN. That's why I am confident that no one in my family will ever tarnish the good name. You think my Tito Noy will ruin it just like that? Not a chance in the world...

Yes, he's not his parents but you can tell how a person is raised. That's why I know he'll be a good leader of this country. HE WILL NOT STEAL. He CAN inspire change and I have my full trust in him.

This campaign has changed our lives so much. It's unreal.

May 10, 2010 is a pivotal day in our country's history. I want the road paved straight that will lead me to a bright future.



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesdays #13

This was supposed to be the entry before elections... But seeing the news today with the 76,000 smartmatic cards being recalled... UNBELIEVABLE!

One cannot help but get worried and frustrated. But today, I asked myself... "What would Lola do?"

She would have told me to pray.

I think with all the hullabaloo of election fever, people may tend to forget to pray. People maybe so focused on the news and all that. But at the end of the day, I think the faithful would turn to God. Whether Catholic or not, people would always go back to prayer. I believe that this our chance to turn back to God and pray for clean elections.

I remember that there were these car stickers being given away before. I think it was in 1995 or 1998. PROHOPE was the sticker.

Pray the ROsary for Honest Orderly and Peaceful Elections.

We come at a pivotal part of our history. Come Monday (I hope), we get to vote for our candidates. The candidates we believe that will bring change, order, and good governance back in the Philippines. We need to bring back TRUST in our government. We need someone who can drive change. It's not gonna be an easy road but we need to build that road solid and straight for future generations.

Please do me a favor? :) Let's all pray for our country, for one another, and for honest, orderly and peaceful elections.