Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Welcome to LEVEL 7

Being a comic book geek has its moments. There are times wherein you can't talk to anyone about the awesome book you just read or the super cool movie trailer you just watched. There's just no physical venue wherein one can discuss comic book related things. 

Recently, I got a text from Chef Edward Bugia of PINO Restaurant and he said that Mr. Rick Olivares wanted to discuss a project. It was about comics. So I said I was game. We met up in Katipunan Avenue since that was the middle point for us. Sir Rick wanted to do a Comic Book Podcast. No one was doing it religiously and he said we should do a podcast on all things related to the world of comic books. 

Rick Olivares, Ed Bugia, and yours truly

I was sold! I'm more free these days and I thought it would be a good to do something fresh and new. LEVEL 7! That's the name of the show. This is a S.H.I.E.L.D. reference and basically it's somewhat welcoming you to a level that has clearance and access to all classified information. So I'm quite proud that we finished recording our Pilot episode of Level 7. We really enjoyed doing this and we hope to do this on a weekly basis! 

Please do check it out and tell us what you think! Tweet us up at @jiggycruz, @rickyolivares, and @chefedward

To listen to the first episode of Level 7, copy paste the link below.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

What is the right thing to do?

I sometimes question myself if I'm just too nice. It comes to a point wherein I ask if I'm just too stupid to see the reality or if I'm being a martyr. Do I see that others may be taking me for granted? Do I feel like I'm unappreciated? Do I sometimes sense that what I do will gain me nothing? I actually do feel those often. 

I've been praying a lot recently. I've been praying for guidance. It's been a roller coaster ride this year. A lot of ups and downs. 

At the end of the day, to be the gentleman, to be the nice guy, and to be someone that will do what's right are the things I was raised to do. That's who I am and I cannot let someone change that. I do what I do because I feel it's what's right. 

My Lola always said that if you think it's right and you know it's right, you fight for it no matter what the odds. Even if everyone is against you.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


I know a number of people who didn't see Wreck-It Ralph last November. It's a big shame. For me it was Disney's stand alone animated motion picture that really pinched me in the heart. The Pixar ones are those that stand out but Wreck-It Ralph was purely just Disney and no Pixar.

But I'm not gonna talk about Wreck-It Ralph. Apart from missing a great movie, people missed the best short film of Disney.


Enjoy folks!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


For those looking for a seriously good cup o joe here in the Philippines, my recommendation is none other than NESCAFE Dolce Gusto. 100% Roast and Ground coffee inside capsules that deliver excellent coffee each and every time. 

For those willing to spend a little extra, the Melody 3 is the top of the line coffee machine of NESCAFE Dolce Gusto. This machine that doesn't look like a coffee machine delivers 15 Bars of pressure that will give high quality coffee every time you brew. Stainless Steel finishes plus 1.3 liter tank to hold the water for more coffee that can be dispensed! Equipped with Flowstop Technology that lets you play and select your desired taste. Just copy what the capsule recommends and program it on the coffee machine with the selection wheel and you're all set!

Be the envy of all your friends and guests at home when you display this awesome machine in your kitchen or even in your room! Coffee Shop Quality coffee you can serve at home! But while you're at it. Settle for the TOP OF THE LINE. The Melody 3 sells for Php 9,999 and you don't need to buy a separate frother! 

You can get this online at or at S&R

Monday, January 28, 2013


No I'm not heartbroken because of a girl.

I'm heartbroken because my team, my boys, my heroes, The Boston Celtics announced that Rajon Rondo (the MVP of the team, obviously) suffered an ACL. To the non sports fans, an ACL is a very serious knee injury and it puts you in the sidelines for a year. That means the Celtics' most valuable player is gone for the remainder of the season and half of next season. 

Mind you that I woke up earlier today to check on the results of the MIAMI-BOSTON game that started at 2:00am in the morning. I woke up to the news that Rondo had an ACL. 

Season over. That's it for him.

What's bothering me more is that this puts Danny Ainge, the Celtics General Manager, into a major dilemma. Will this make Ainge disband my team? Will he trade The Truth and The Big Ticket?

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I LOVE MY CELTICS. I am emotionally attached to this particular era. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Doc Rivers, and yes, even Ray Allen. The 2008 championship was the sweetest and I felt for them in 2010. (Laker fans, that was supposed to be ours)

Every time they win is pure bliss and every time they lose is hell... But today, it's not just about Rondo getting injured. Today might be the beginning of the end of the Paul Pierce-KG era. I told some NBA friends that I'm really gonna tear up when that day comes. I love those guys. I love them Celts...

Being a Celtic fan means you have to accept that Celtic Mystique... It's weird but it's part of the Celtics... Just like what the Red Sox had with the "curse of the bambino". 

I'm still going to cheer for the Celtics this season and the season after and so on. I don't follow players. I stick to my team. CELTICS!!! 

Let's see what happens for the remainder of the season. But my request to Danny Ainge. Please make Paul and KG stay...

Friday, January 11, 2013


I watched How I Met Your Mother a lot before. Past season 5 or 6, it kinda got boring. The show still didn't reveal "THE MOTHER" and I don't think we'll meet her in Season 8. 

Anyway, I watched another episode today and it's one of those back to back episodes. It was when Barney proposed to Robin. I seriously got pissed. I was affected. Seasons back, when Robin and Barney kissed, it was really a WTF WTH moment in television. Ewwwww. I hated that episode and I never found the tandem of Robin and Barney. I was always a fan of the Ted and Robin tandem. 

How Ted just "let go" of Robin after Marshall told him to be selfish and for once, put himself ahead of others hit me. Nice guys will always be nice guys. I got affected because it's something I'd do since I'm a "nice guy". I'm the type of person who puts others ahead. I was actually compared to a Persian Rug once since I was just too nice. True story. I was also told to think of myself. 

But that's not how nice guys roll. 

I realized that nice guys will be nice guys at the end of the day. Switching to the dark side? Not gonna happen.

TEAM TED. That's the team of all the nice guys in the world. 

Stay nice gentlemen. No matter what happens, stick to being who you are.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting back to shape

January is always that time when you need to shave off some of the pounds. All the food you ate during the holidays come to bite you back in the @$$. I hate it. 

What I can say is that I've been doing pretty good so far in 2013. Been eating cereeal, salad and soup. I've also started to jog again. Been using the brand new Adidas Supernovas Misha gave me for Christmas. The NIKE Fuelband on the other hand is also a good motivator to help you be more active. The weekends are pretty hard when you're in the house plus there's a lot of junk food and sweets in the kitchen. Being the weekend warrior is the way to go.

I have to share that I'm using my cousin Josh as source of inspiration and motivation. He really did so well last year. He lost 101 pounds through discipline and by working hard at the gym. Love that boy! So proud.

But the thing that got me was my brother Jonty showing me a picture of myself back in 2009. It was probably the thinnest I've been. I have to say that I really gained a lot of weight in 3 years. I need to get back to that.

I can hear my 2009 self asking "WHAT THE F DID YOU DO!?!? GET BACK INTO SHAPE!" No more stress eating this year. It's all about being fit and healthy. This is a promise I'm keeping.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Shawarma Bros Food Truck

Did you ever watch The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network? I thought the concept of the food truck was clever. 

Today, I went to the Food Truck Market that opened recently in Glorietta 3 Park. That's across Makati Shang. It's open from Friday to Sunday 4pm to 3am. 

So anyway, I research online and I see Shawarma Bros. Mind you it's not "brothers" it's "BROs". I actually know 3 of the owners of the new food truck and I had to taste their creation. Rammy De Claro and his friends are a batch lower than me and they're actually all pretty cool bros. I asked him what to get and he said to get the Lamb Shawarma. (They serve Lamb, Beef, and Chicken) It comes with rice, tomatoes, onions and their secret Garlic Yogurt sauce and Chili Cheese sauce. I tried it and I had to go back to Rammy to say whole heartedly that it was really really good. LEGIT! I didn't tell him this but it's something The Avengers would go back to all the time. Shawarma? GO TO SHAWARMA BROS.

Photo taken from Shawarma Bros Facebook Page

Rammy serving customers

I read the mission of Shawarma Bros at the side of the truck while waiting and it was actually their love of Shawarma that made them move forward with their concept. They've tried so many already and they got all those learnings and came up with their own. What I liked is that they welcome you to their "broderhood" and everyone who goes to Shawarma Bros will be treated like a Bro.

If you love Shawarma, better go to Cucina Andare, the Food Truck Market and try the food from Shawarma Bros because it's LEGIT! Awesome awesome food!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

50 movies in 2013: Here we go again...

Back in 2011, I forgot that I was able to hit the 50 goal. I forgot I saw 10 short films which sort of saved me. I did see 49 without the 10 short ones.

I'm giving some new rules for this year. I should watch in a cinema but I can watch an original DVD/BluRay copy if the movie wasn't shown here. (mind the word original and not pirated)

This month we'll have Life of Pi, Les Mis, Jack Reacher, and hopefully Zero Dark Thirty (?) just need to watch once a week and I'll be ok.

What am I looking forward to this year? These are on top of my list.

Anchorman 2

Jonty is the biggest fan of Anchorman and I'm more of an Elf kind of guy. But with Steve and Paul plus Mr. Whammy in the fold, this should be an instant classic!

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Benedict Cumberbatch is gonna kick the shiz out of this movie! He's so badass in the trailer and I'm mighty excited for this JJ Abrams sequel. Star Trek was the best movie for me back in 2009 so let's wait and see if this one will be better than the first.

Man of Steel

Here I'm a bit pessimistic because I wasn't too happy with Watchmen and Sucker Punch just sucked and punched me in the gut. Zack Snyder 3 for 3? Maybe not. Christopher Nolan producing? That should be awesome. The new trailer looks a lot better than the first and I'm hoping Supes does good here.

The Wolverine

I was surprised that this movie actually happens after X-Men: The Last Stand and not after X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I'm hopeful here because Hugh Jackman really does such an awesome job being Logan. If Downey is Stark, Jackman is Logan. Simple as that. But what I'm excited for is that 20th Century Fox is gonna make their version of the MARVEL Universe with the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises. Will we see the start of an awesome crossover after The Wolverine?

Iron Man 3

Need I say more? "Nothing's been the same since New York." OK, I'll quote that line but it's true because after The Avengers, nothing's been the same! We want more of the Marvel U! Stark is back and he'll take on the Mandarin! A new director is taking the job so it'll be exciting to see his take on the Armored Avenger!

How about you? What are you looking forward to watch this year? :)


Everybody wants to be lucky. Who would like to have bad luck? 

I'm hoping it's a lucky 2013. Really really hoping I don't get any bad luck. 2012 had its fair share of bad luck for me. 

There are some people who don't believe in luck. Wish them good luck and they say that they don't believe in it. I think that there is luck and "malas sa buhay". It can change in a snap. Complete 180 degree turnaround. 

I got this Lego Minifigure of a Leprechaun. My Celtics lost for the fourth straight game today and I haven't seen that before. Need a swing of good luck for the start of the year. Since the Celtics have a Leprechaun in their logo, I got this one for luck in 2013.

Do you believe in luck or do you make your own luck?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Trivia and not really important things

I've been playing this new app called IconPopQuiz and it's pretty addicting. My friends at work have been playing it too apparently and they ask me for the answers. I have this weird talent of remembering lines from movies, knowing logos, basically not really important things. I'm a self-confessed geek and I remember those things. Give me a line from a movie and more or less I'll be able to answer it. It just sticks to me. People find it either weird or cool. It's the former that I think  that is more often.

In teambuildings, when it's trivia time, "Bahala na si Jiggy diyan" is what they say. It's the only time I feel like the go-to guy when it comes to competition. Sports? Never happened. 

I've never joined a Quiz Night before but it would be interesting to test my memory. Movies, Comics, a bit of TV and music, a bit of the NBA/MLB/NFL, I'll be able to manage. But if it were match the movie to the actor and the line, I'm gonna nail that! 

If you know a Quiz Night in Metro Manila, comment here and let me know! I heard of this Geek Fight Night before and I was determined to form the greatest Pinoy geek team ever assembled. Kinda like Scott Summers and the Extinction Team. (That's reference to comics by the way)

So that's 2/2 in January! I'm off to a good start posting huh?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HELLO 2013

Photo taken from the LEGO Facebook Page

Happy New Year!

Personally, I'm very happy. I'm not usually a fan of the new year but this one is different. After a long, trying, and challenging 2012, all I wanted was a fresh start. Here we are. TWENTY. THIRTEEN.

Resolutions? I'm not into those but I do want to shed off some unwanted fat and pounds. Seriously. I also want to write more here. I forgot how relaxing it was!

If I can share something I read earlier today, the article was about 5 easy resolutions and 2 out of those things hit me. 

1. Be a little kinder.

It really doesn't hurt to smile, say please, or say thank you. The world can really use a lot of positivity. We should be happy! The Mayans got it wrong and the world didn't end. This year, why not be kind? Like what Conan O' Brien said, when you work hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen. So I'm asking you guys nicely, please do me the favor of being a little kinder in 2013.

2. Pray more.

I'll admit and won't beat around the bush. I don't pray as often anymore. Most of the time I'm really tired and go straight to sleep. I forget to pray. I realized that I pray when I need something and that's wrong. 2012 made me pray less and I want to change that. Whatever your religion is, it's always good to pray. Like what my Lola stressed all the time, we should pray for the country and one another.

With that, I wish everyone all the best in 2013! Have a great year ahead guys!