Thursday, December 10, 2009

My first Q&A on The Tangled Web!!!

Thanks for all the Questions guys!!!

Here are the answers :) (Click on the read more link)

who do you think is the COOLEST person in your block, mr jiggy cruz? :-)


margx the wanderer said...

if you weren't born an Aquino, what do you think you are doing now?

I think I’d still be in a normal day job.

yish said...

Pwede po ba matanong kung anong course niyo when you were still in college? :) Big time kasi company na pinagtatrabahuan niyo. Galing! :D

I took BS Communications Technology Management. Just make sure you have a lot of extra curricular activities in college.

daiene said...

Okay, what I'm gonna ask about is music. What do you think is better? Oldies rock or Modern rock?

I like them both but if I were to choose, Modern Rock would be it.

Butch and Bob said...

hey jiggy! cai here. wanna trade links? i'll add your blog in mine. :)

Sure Cai!

boie17 said...

What will be your role in your Tito Noy's campaign?

I’m helping out in Yo!Noy ☺

Proud to be PiNoy! said...

Hi Jiggy, i also follow you on twitter, but im not a stalker ha! anyway, i just want to ask you something...
You belong to one of the respected families in the Philippines: the AQUINO. Since your Tito Noynoy is running for President, it definitely means that you'll support him. The question is, if you weren't an AQUINO (and a nephew of Sen. Noynoy), would you still vote for him for President? Why?
Hope you'll answer this one! hehehe...thanks a lot!

I would still vote for him because he has a clean record plus he didn’t want this to begin with. He discerned on it and it was a calling. The people called for it. Most importantly, Integrity is the first step I believe, and he has that.

Darleen said...

cool for coming up with this is nice are some few questions... promise to answer :-P

1. Everyone is so hooked with Twilight mania and has been so excited with New Moon. My question... if you were one of the characters, will you be Jacob or Edward?

2. Now let's go to a more mature "if you were"... :-) If you were given a character to portray in real life, would you like to be Mc Dreamy or Mc Steamy?

3. Wala na akong maisip... What are you scared of?

Hahahaha! Nice one Darleen.

1. I’m not hooked with the twilight mania. Sorry. Does that make me bad? ☹ But I did see the 2 movies. I would choose to be Edward because I want to end up with the girl.
2. I don’t watch Grey’s but I would choose Patrick Dempsey’s character. Dreamy right?
3. I’m scared of ending up alone…

Gian Carlo said...

Oooh! can I ask?! I know you're a big fan of Marvel comics but are you also into Star Wars? I was wondering if you read the Star Wars expanded universe comics too...

Uh, HELL YEAH I LOVE STAR WARS!!! I have a Star Wars collection too ☺ Dark Empire was one of the best!!!

jhaphet said...

If you were given a chance to participate in a reality show, what would it be, and why?

Easy. Beauty and the Geek. Why? Because Im’m a Geek but not the stereotypical ones you see on TV.

ria said...

I'm just absolutely curious, and I'm sorry if this is inappropriate, but what do you think of Gibo Teodoro seeing that he's one of your uncle's top rivals in the presidential race?

I think he speaks very well. He just has that whole “kiss of death” thing.

Clariz said...

Good Morning. :)

1. What's the most touching comment you've ever received? it may be from a friend or Twitter Follower. and why?

2. (I know this is so childish) If you were given a chance to wish 3 things what would it be?

3. Most Unforgettable Moment with President Cory?

Hello Clariz!

1. Most touching comment was probably from my Tita Mikee. It was on facebook right after my Lola died. It was very sincerely written plus it was moving.
2. Wish 1 – I wish my Lola were still here. 2. I wish I’d end up with a sweet girl whom I can get along with every single day. 3. A copy of Amazing Fantasy #15.
3. Being her room mate sa mga trips.

Aiea said...

hmmm. pretty interesting questions already posted.. ako.. ano ba itatanong ko? hmmm.

on a serious note: anong gagawin mo to help give justice for maguindanao massacre victims?

on the lighter side: kung bibigyan ka ng chance na maging ibang tao for a day... who would that be and why?

literal na random. hahaha. :)

I’m just one man. I’m not big. But I would just pray for them. An average person is totally helpless in these things. The best thing to do is to pray.

If I were given a chance to be another person, I’d like to be Steve Jobs. I’d like to know how he gets all his ideas.

julie orellina said...

do you like owl city? they're pretty cool e.:)

ok lang i guess :)

Melty said...

tell us about your cousin miguel! are you close? may girlfriend ba sya? tell us more about him jiggy! please!

Miguel is my closest cousin. May girlfriend na siya. I think that’s for him to tell. Hehe.

Ceeyannah21 said...

Hi, tanong lang.. pwede po ba namin kayong ma interview. yung classmate ko po kasi na si carl gusto pong gumawa ng article tungkol po sayo. si Cielo nga po pala to from The Manila Times. Salamat po...

Sure, just send your questions here in my blog.

sparksfire said...

what are your favorite books and what food places do you recommend?

Books – Men and Cartoons by Jonathan Lethem, Harry Potter Books.
Food places – I’ll write a separate entry on this ☺

fleduhh said...


I follow both your twitter and blog, but I check this one out more often, because i think its more personal and we get a glimpse of who you really are. So, in the spirit of your blog twist, here's the question:

"What are the toughest questions for you to answer?"


Which Characters (other than the ones released already) would you like to be made into Mighty Muggs? (bec i think they should come out with Tekken and FF ones :))

Toughest Questions would be the political ones.

I’d like to see an Iron Fist Mugg and probably Shaider.

JP Anonuevo said...

I was just curious...

1. Apart from your Lola Cory (whom we all miss), who else serves as a great influence in your life. but this time, in your dad's family?

2. If you were to give yourself a drastic make-over, what would you do?...

1. I think it would have to be my oldest cousin in my Dad’s side. He lives in the states, but thanks to Facebook, we get to chat.

2. Drastic makeover??? I wouldn’t ☺ Hahaha.

Aijah Cruz said...

Kuya Jiggy! Among your COUSINS, Who should you consider the 'PASAWAY' cousin for you, and why? I'll wait for your ANSWER .. just mention it @ja08cruz on Twitter. :))

Walang pasaway sa cousins ko ☺

juli said...

Elow Jiggy... Im an avid fan of Aquino family and im also following you in twitter.. just want to ask you, have you ever thought of entering politics in the future?I'll wait for your answer..Godbless

Hi Juli! No plans. But I’m not closing the door.

ien said...

uhm... this may sound so gay, but here's the topic i want you to blog about... describe your fashion sense. ma-porma ka ba? what perfume do you put on (or do you even dab one? hehehe) any crazy haircut in the past? what are you favorite brands - sa jeans, watches, eyeglasses, etc. that's all. love your blog btw. hehehe

Ma-porma? Not really but I want to look decent. Like in Church, I never wear shorts. I usually ask my fashion-guru friends for advice. ( and Mr. Marino. I don’t want to say what cologne I wear kasi unique eh… Sorry. I want to have my own scent. Hahaha. Brands, not choosy. But to answer, I like the Analog Soul and Team Manila t-shirts. Jeans I wear Giordano. Eyeglasses I wear Oakleys because they have the black frames I like.

Prish said...

what's your type of girl? physically, attitude, must have in a girl, etc. :)

torpe ka ba? hehe :) do you believe importante pa ang ligaw stage or ok na yung fast paced?

what kind of bf are you?

do you truly believe dadating lang si right girl for you? do you pray for her? :)

Hello Prish! I think I came across you from this forum. Someone sent me a link. Ikaw ba yun? If you are, thanks for the kind words.

My type of girl… I actually don’t have a type. My friends also say that I don’t have a type. Morena/Chinita/Tisay wala talaga. I have non-negotiables. I like the good girls. ☺ Smoking is a non-negotiable for me. She should be able to understand the nerd/dork/geek in me. Haha.

I used to be torpe pero hindi na. I believe in the ligaw stage. I think it’s only proper and respectful to the girl.

I do believe na dadating. Yes, I do pray.

rebecca said...

Uhm... Mr. Jiggy here's my question for you.

You're proud to be part of the Aquino clan, right? So why is that I never and, I mean never see you in the Aquino Family reunions, for like EVER?

Which reunions? :( The only one I know of is the December 24 reunion we have…

mayah said...

ellow pow... i follow you on twitter and tangled web.. i thought you are snobbish... pero hndi pala..

at sana maging friends tayo.. hahaha
at may pwede ka po bang mairecommend na book na magandang basahin. thnx.. tc always.. hahaha

Hey Mayah!

I usually recommend Comics. For starters, try reading Bone by Jeff Smith ☺

kath said...

hi jiggy.. I'm also ur foolwer sa twitter..(mybhaby_0603).. I'm just wondering, R u also thinking of entering politics?and...

what's ur fav. food?:)

may charity works or org. po kau?


Politics, please see above ☺

Food, PIZZA!!!

I support 5775 ☺

t e i n said...

..halah? i just read this account today, haha. Good thing it's DECEMBER 10 today!! wah, i don't wanna be left behind hmp!!
..well, but before anything else, i wanna thank you also Kuya Jiggy for your appreciation sa mga blog followers mo like me, it's so good to know that you love us, haha ^^,)., i got bunch of questions? ready?? what's your phone number? (haha, just kidding), what do you plan doing after 10 years?

is having a family is now on your mind? (what!!)
what makes you cry? get mad? and makes you so inspired??
who are your inspirations in life (except your lola)
do you like travelling? to where?
what's your greatest dream ever?
do you play musical instruments? what instrument?
are you a music lover? what is your all time favorite song?
have you ever tried painting like your lola? do you have plans to do so?
what books do you read? who's your favorite author?
tell us some stories about your college life before
what movie has moved your feelings so much?
why didn't you tried playing basketball or applied being a varsity player? do you want to be??
how does this blog so far affected your life?
do you still consider yourself as a private type of person??
are there times that you don't like what your bloggers tell in their comments?
what's your most embarrassing memory ever??
what's the story behind you, being a komik fan? how it all started?
if your a singer, who do you want to be??
do you like joining reality shows??
what particular??
what are your skills and talents kuya? share it to us.

..naku, i think i have asked too much. I still have questions at the back of my mind, but, i'll reserve it NEXT TIME ^^,).
good luck Kuya sa pagsagot mo sa mga questions namin, hihihi.

..last question po, i really wanna know how i could hear reactions from you personally, pano po ba? if it's o.k to you po hm.

..thanks po ulit, God bless Kuya Jiggy ^^,).

Wow tein!!! Here goes.

Don’t know. Work pa din. Family hindi muna. Thinking of my lola, people who are not punctual, making my family proud makes me inspired. My lolo. Yes, I want to go to Bohol! To be part of Marvel Comics. Guitar I tried. Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional. Painting? Yes. I read comics and Bendis is my favorite. 500 Days of Summer. I’m not a good at basketball. This blog makes me less stressed. Private pa din. Anyone can comment. Too long to tell yung ibang q’s sorry. Nahihilo ako! Hahaha. God bless din!

Blogger Prish said...

would you fall for a girl who hates running, does not like comics? Haha

Yup! I did ☺

Pranses said...

Good evening po Mr. Jiggy Cruz.
Gusto ko lang po sana tanungin..

~Nahihirapan po ba kayo sa sitwasyon niyo ngayon na madaming taong nage-expect ng maganda galing sa inyo?

~Pwede po malaman mga birthday niyo po?

Yun lang po. Sana po masagot niyo. Salamat po! :D

I’m used to it na siguro… I’ve pretty much lived on this my whole life. I just do what I have to do and that’s to be good. I was born October 6 1985. ☺

Julienne asked what I'd do if all the comics in the world got burned...



julie orellina said...

grabeeee! it was loong! but natuwa ako at super effort ka. thanks for answering my question anyway:) id like to ask pa sana pero pero. wala akong maisip. CAN WE BE FRIENDS?hahaha un sana itatanong ko ulit but uhmmm.. uhmmm. naubusan ng time.hahaha:)

yAng-yAng said...

whew! nice one :D

Gel said...

haha i had fun reading. :) congrats on your 1st q&a! you're a romantic pala :p

Prish said...

hi jiggy! yeah that was me.. gosh nabasa mo pala yun, kakahiya! haha thanks for answering my questions! stay nice! God bless!

Pranses said...

Thank you po sa pagsagot. Akala ko po hindi niyo sasagutin eh. Mabait po talaga kayo. Napatunayan ko. :D

Goodluck po and God Bless to your family!

Psst.. I'm a big fan. I know your full names! :)) *share*

Enelrahc Reivaj said...

Wow Jiggy you're so masipag!!! Kakatuwa! you made me smile!

juli said...

Jiggy tnx for answering my question... Godbless..

Agent Change said...

Hi! :) Sayang. I didn't know you had this q&a thing pala. I could've asked din sana.

Agent Change said...

Oh yeah, can i link you on my blog? :)

yish said...

thanks po for answering my question. :)

ien said...

wow!!! ang saya! all the q's were answered. hehehe

another round?! why not?!

vanie said...

Hi mr. jiggy cruz:-)

i never imagined myself following your ideas on twitter and on this blog but i guess my imagination did not function that well.. hehe

Nice Q&A, even your thoughts on twitter. Take care.

julea medrano said...

sir jiggy i was amazed ang smiling after reading this blog...ang galing na answer mo yung mga questions!=) yung MADAMING QUESTIONS... im a twitter follower po,na inspire aq gumawa ng blogsite upon reading your blogs.. =)hope you can visit..=) konti plang po blogs ko kasi busy sa school..hehe GODBLESS PO!=)

rebecca said...

Uhm, Mr. Jiggy, yes I mean the 24th of December Reunions (sorry if I forgot to mention that. :P) but really i've been to like 7 of those including last year and the year before, but I have only seen you, or anyone in Mr. Ninoy's side of the family last year. Why is that?

Sorry. my first comment was kinda vague. :P

Ria said...

This is quite a hit. :)

Pamela said...

omg. i missed this. i wasn't able to ask questions. mr. jiggy, could you have a q and a part 2? :)

(that's not my question yet. :))

anyway, i always read your blog, but too lazy to comment. i actually read about the q and a thing but i never thought it would be this soon. :)

happy holidays. :)

Dinah Formoso said...

di naka-abot ung questions ko... are u still accepting questions?

if you do pls answer this if only you have time: :)

-Saan school ka nag-aral? gradeschool, highschool, and College?
-Are you outgoing type? adventurous? or love staying home?
-Do you drive?
-Can u recommend what is the best brand of camera to buy? it doesnt matter if its cheap or expensive. im into pixels and picture quality...
pls pls pls.... give me some seems you are updated to gadgets. :) thanks jiggy hope you will answer my questions.

Stockton, California

kath said...

thanks for d answers.. I think ur a very nice guy.. I hope u'll find a nice girl as u were..",)

fleduhh said...

thanks for answering and good luck with Yo!Noy and everything else

and yeah Shaider would be one cool mugg. haha.

Anonymous said...

..i am speechless ^^,). reading your answers to our questions, made me realize the true kuya Jiggy, haha!! bait bait nyo po and in fairness you're so masipag to answer all of our kakahilo bunch of questions?? GARBE ^^,).
..i wanna thank you kuya, and, i wanna say, im shy to admit, but this is my most special and memorable gift for this Christmas. haha ^^,). Di q pu kc inexpect na u'll answer back kea i am so happy talaga, hihi.
..sana my next round pa, pero i pray wag muna naun kc mukang napagod kayo kuya weh.
..nice to hear things about you and know how kind you are talaga, so happy, thank you soo much Kuya Jiggy. God Bless po ^^,).

p.s. Sana ma-meet ko na po kayo, haha ^^,).