Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 - Highlights


I have to have something geeky in my highlights. Meeting and Interviewing James Jean was just AWESOME!!! Fully Booked has just been bringing the goods to the geeks of the Philippines. God bless them! I dream about meeting these Comic Book Celebrities at conventions but never did I think that I'd be interviewing one. It was just a fantastic experience!


So frikkin happy my school won BACK 2 BACK in the UAAP this season! Both Juniors and Seniors! It was also the season wherein Ateneo and La Salle had a game where the crowd was in Yellow. When does that happen??? I think Cory Magic did that. Plus being sad when La Salle loses was something I never thought I'd feel. When does that happen? Cory Magic did that too. To explain to my fellow Ateneans reading this, The La Salle brothers were just so kind to her and they never left her side. They were there by her side in life and death.

8. Running

2009 was the year that I started exercising and wherein I really enjoyed running. I ran at several events this year. 10k at the MILO Marathon, 5k in Globe's Run for home, Kenny's Urbanite Run, GMA'S Tatakbo ka ba?, The Timex Run, Adidas King of The Road, and the 3k fun run at the PiNOY MARathon. It wasn't a bad year for me getting in shape.

7. Knowing who my real friends are, meeting A LOT of new people and new friends and even famous people!!!

This year taught me that you can't trust everyone. There are some people who will hurt you when you least expect it. It only makes you stronger. But God has His ways I guess. My real friends visited me during my Lola's wake and they never left me when I needed them the most. You guys know who you are. I met so many awesome people and I don't know where to start. I met my new team at work,  the Yo!Noy people, Entrepreneurs (Migs Naguiat of Analog Soul has just been the coolest guy!) I met Kapamilya and Kapuso stars and news teams. I even made some friends - Gang Badoy, Erwin Romulo, Lourd De Veyra, Manolo Quezon, TJ Manotoc, Tin Gamboa, and Bianca Gonzales! Plus Ms. Lea Salonga I met at the Tony Blair event and she even messages me on Twitter (Not all the time, but still! hehe). To top that, I met Efren Penaflorida!

6. Rock Ed Radio

Probably one of the things I never thought I'd actually be doing was being part of a Radio Show. It all started with Gang Badoy's tweet. I was asked to be a guest on Rock Ed Radio for the AUGUST 21 episode. I couldn't make it due to a committment to an online chat. But it started there. By the time you know it, the Cruz bros are part of the show. Gang, Lourd, Erwin, Leslie, Earnest and the rest of the crew have been just too awesome.

5. Twitter!

I got to connect to the Pinoys thanks to Twitter. I never thought I'd get these much followers. So to all the followers, THANK YOU for staying and not unfollowing me.

4. Getting my assignment at work

I got my permanent post at work and I get to work for CHOCOLATES!!! Hahahaha!!! It's been a challenging year for me but the learning I've been getting has just been so amazing. I owe a lot to the company I work for. My team is awesome too! The great thing about work is seeing my team as friends and professional colleagues at the same time. It's a good mix! You can't find that all the time!

3. Tito Noy's bid

Tito Noy declaring that he will run for the highest post in the country was me seeing a man rising to the occassion and listening to the people calling him. He didn't want it to begin with but he believes that something must be done. This brought a big change to the lives of my family but I think it brought us closer again. It'll be a challenging 2010 for me and my family. But the important thing is that we're all together.

2. August 1 - 5, 2009

The 5 days of the wake were the days wherein so many Filipinos (even non-Pinoys) showed their love and support for my Lola Cory and my family. People fell in line for hours just to see my Lola's remains for a few seconds. The trips from La Salle Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral and from the Manila Cathedral to Manila Memorila were 2 days that will forever be cast in my heart. I will never see anything like that in my lifetime again...  It felt like the world stopped when I was on the bus. People just stopped what they were doing to show respect to my Lola.

It was also the most tiring 5 days of my life but the experiences I got during those days - I won't get anything close to that ever again. Lola left a legacy that changed a lot of people.

1. Saying goodbye to Lola

This became the most difficult year for me because of August 1. The day I didn't want to come arrived and it was the day I said farewell to my Lola who I love so very much. I say it all the time and I'll say it again, I miss her very much each and everyday. My life changed when she left... I think I speak for my entire family...

During Tita Kris' speech at the Cathedral, that was the time where I really couldn't hold back the tears anymore. It was hagulgol...

Lola was the best. She loved us unconditionally. She displayed so much humility, courage, and faith that I wish I can just get a fraction of.

The road for my family is long.

Dear reader of The Tangled Web, I humbly ask for your prayers for my Lola and my family. Please remember her. Tell your kids about her. Please don't let her legacy go to waste and her death in vain. She loved the Filipino people so much with all her heart. Please don't forget her...

I wish you a blessed 2010!


rumelynn said...

Cory's legacy will remain. :)

Enelrahc Reivaj said...

Ang cute! How can you write so short pero malaman? Your blog keeps me busy at times, I read it often. Happy New Year! - CJ

nanaykrung said...

yes, your lola will definitely be missed by everyone! but don't worry, cory magic will live on and on and on~~

i truly hope your tito wins too!! my entire family will be supporting him next year.. ^.^

happy new year! God bless!! ~~ <3

Monnette said...

I am a cory admirer and fan. She will forever live not only in my heart but also in my life. I will forever be a supporter. In life and in death.

Anonymous said...

..it has been a tough year to all the Filipinos. President Cory's death made everyone be united as one. Her legacy will forever remain in our hearts and even for the generations to come.
..i am looking forward for you and your family to have a happy life this coming year and you, Kuya Jiggy, to stay being nice and good to us ^^,).
..i will be praying for our country to have a peaceful year this 2010
..i thank you for sharing your life to us. For telling us your thoughts, feelings and emotions and showing us the other side of you. I am sure you lola is very proud to have you.
..thank you so much, may you, your family and all the Filipinos have a prosperous and a happy new year ^^,).
..God bless and more powers.

JAZz it up! said...

Your Lola is really an inspiration to all Pinoys here and abroad. :)

Carlo said...

happy new year bromance!