Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finding the perfect gift for Christmas

It's that season of giving again. The hard part is finding that perfect gift for someone! You don't buy some generic thing. It has to be well thought. I really hate it when they say, "it's ok, it's the thought that counts!" But it means that you failed! You didn't get the right gift! Pressure much? Hells yeah!

I have a list of friends I want to give gifts to. But among them, there are around 2 people you don't want to disappoint.

As for me? I'm really not into the whole receiving thing. It's all about the giving! :) Seeing the person you gave the gift to smile will be worth it already.

So now, yeah, I'm pretty worried. I already did pre-Christmas shopping but I think they're not good enough... =/ Oh well. Will try again.

For exchange gifts or Kris Kringle, I just wanna get Fully Booked GC's and I'm a happy man!

Anyway, to end this entry, I'd like to share a Christmas story.

I believe it was 1989. My Lola gave me this big box. When I opened it, it was the Spider-Mobile together with a Spider-Man action figure. It was this 3-wheeled red car that had a hook in the front that you could pull then would retract. Miguel and I were the only ones old enough to play with toys since Jonty and Nina were babies at that time. (I can't find the picture on the internet :( )

I guess I owe it to my Lola since it was because of her I'm a Spider-Man fan. :)


Himig said...

Hi Jiggy.

I wanted to e-mail you, but I don't know how. So I just decided to leave a message here.

Anyway, I want to send you and Sen Noynoy Aquino a copy of a devotional book this Christmas (call it a present from a stranger). It's entitled Ako ay Pilipino. Here's their multiply site, just in case you want to check it out: http://akoaypilipino2010.multiply.com/

Hmmm.. if it's not too much to ask, may I know the address where I can send it for shipping?

Thanks and God bless you. =)



Anonymous said...

..hm, before anything else? i wanna greet you kuya, a happy and a merry Christmas to come ^^,).
..hm, i agree mahirap talaga pag gift giving na, even me, it takes me forever to think on something to give for someone special and even those who are not. So, kuya? good luck po. Hope you'd find the perfect (appropriate) gifts for your friends. Just remember it's not the price that counts, but it is the sentimental value that matters^^,).
..thanks to your lola, that you are a spiderman fan now. if not? well, we don't know what ^^,).