Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of the year

I don't know if it was being the last day of 2009 but it was the first time Lola appeared in my dream. I visited her in Times and she was lying down in her bed. She woke up smiling and then hugged me. She told me how much she was happy to see me after such a long time. I told her how much I missed her.

I vaguely remember her words but she did say something about me and politics. I'd rather not talk about it since I can't accurately describe what happened.

The important thing was that Lola seemed happy and ok. I know that meant she's up there with our Lord. She's happy where she is.

So this will probably be my final entry for 2009. Saying goodbye to this difficult year. Off to welcome 2010!

Happy New Year guys!


Anonymous said...

I know your Lola is missing you. Happy New Year, Kuya Jiggy and sa family mo! Say HI to Baby James for me! Thanks! God Bless :)

Pranses said...

Happy New Year po Mr. Jiggy! :D
God Bless you and your family!

Therese said...

Happy New Year! It's another opportunity for us to get it right.Cheers!

The Awesome Ramona! (Haha) said...

Wow. You're lucky with that dream.

On the day before New Year's Eve, I dreamed na nag- flunk ako sa SAT.

Anyway, happy New Year. Your Lola'll be in my prayers. :)

Anonymous said..., im so happy to hear that po ^^,). told you so, no matter where she is or whom she is now, we all know your Lola is happy for you and your whole family po, i strongly believe.
..god bless kuya ^^,).