Saturday, December 5, 2009

Burgers, Hotdogs, Pizza? [UPDATED]

I think I've never written an entry on the best of the best in the Philippines.

I think if that there's no home cooked meal, the best things to eat, especially when you're a growing young boy are Burgers, Hotdogs, and of course, Pizza!!!

So let me run down on what I think are the best of the best.


In no particular order.

1. HOTSHOTS - It's one of the best in the Metro because of the CHEESE!!! Make sure you get the double pattied sandwich together with cream cheese and the friggin bacon bits!!! This one's a winner together with their curly fries and an ice cold can of Coca-Cola :) (Am I making you hungry yet?)

2. BROTHERS BURGER - I think that this one of the most premium burgers ever. Everything on the menu's awesome! My only take here is price. I felt that the diameter and thickness of the burgers became smaller... Sayang.

3. McDonald's Double Cheeseburger - Ok, don't give me any of that BIG MAC or Quarter Pounder debates. Double Cheeseburger wins because you get your money's worth plus you really don't put an extra 1/4 pound in your weight.

4. Good Burgers - The best veggie meat burgers in town! Be sure to get the 3 cheese one. You actually have the option to go chicken burger or veggie burger. I say veggie burger! You want to taste awesome? Then you have to try this. Panalo talaga.

5. KFC ZINGER - Ok, not really a burger but when you're in the mood for something spicy, this one takes the cake.


My brother and I will never forget Papaya King in New York City. It was the most amazing hotdog evaaaarrrrrr!!! Sigh...

Anyway, you guys remember the Coney Dog from A&W? That kicked ass!!! Sayang lang wala ng A&W dito...

OK, so my top dogs are, and in no particular order

1. S&R Beef Hotdogs. - Ketchup. Mustard. Relish. That's it. Plus Coke. Wala ng away.

2. Jolly Hotdog - OK, whoever doesn't eat the Jolly Hotdog, shame on you! Weren't you a kid??? There's something about the sauce in the Jolly Hotdog. It's just awesome!!!

3. SMOKEY'S Cheesedog - Find a Smokey's stand now!!! I mean it!!! Try this!!! Perfect!!!


If there's one type of food I can eat anyday or everyday na hindi ako magsasawa, it would be PIZZA. Love. Love. Love. Love Pizza.

1. Shakey's - THIN CRUST. GARLIC AND CHEESE. Diba??? Diba??? I love em...

2. Shakey's - Hi-protein Supreme. It has the ranch dressing so it makes it even more awesome. Eat this while watching a Pacquiao fight and it's the best!!!

3. Brooklyn Pizza - White Pizza. #$@$% ANG SARAP!

4. Yellow Cab - Four Seasons. Can't decide? This is the perfect Pizza Sampler.

5. S&R Pizza - The big slices make it better and my favorites are usually the ones you can fold. :) Hahaha. But let the oil drip first. Pepperoni forever!!!

Hmmm... Now. What to eat? I'm hungry.


engel said...

i like smokey's footlong.

do they still sell that?

Bryan said...

No love for Wham burgers and S&R pizza? Haha.

But I love the other selections. Nagugutom tuloy ako haha!

CARLEEN said...

have you ever you tried slammer's burgers sir? I think you missed it,their juicy beef patties inside those small bread with Belgian fries (and of course, dip of your choice) is HEAVEN!

catzieblue said...

You have to try Charlie's burgers in Kapitolyo. And Shakey's Pizza Bianca. It's thin crust white pizza with bacon, mushrooms and garlic. Nakakagutom...

Therese said...

Love S&R pizza and Jolly hotdog.It makes me forget to eat healthy.hehe.

Darleen said...

try Dear Darla pizza. super sarap ;-)

Chris said...

Brooklyn's White Pizza is the best. I don't mind having my migraines every so often if I can have their bad-ass pizza everyday!

Affliction said...

McDonald's Double Cheeseburger plus large fries + large diet coke for lunch and dinner is good for dieting! I lost 12 lbs this summer on that dietary regimen :p

JP Anonuevo said...

Hey there...

Try Burger Avenue at the A.Venue Mall. Also, try the burgers at Sanggo (Rockwell--besides Starbucks).

For Italian food that's reasonable, try's the bomb!

Anonymous said...

..whew!! yummy, hahahaha ^^,). PIZZA's are the BEST!!!