Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Binondo Food Walk

I signed up with "Old Manila Walks" and took the Binondo Food Walking tour last Monday. It was something different for me. I'm not familiar with the streets in Binondo so it was rather exciting for me. It started at 9am so I had to leave earlier.

The tour will give you just the tip of the iceberg from the Binondo way of life, it's history, and of course the awesome Chinese food! The tour was good. Learned a couple of things. Ivan Dy knows his stuff about Binondo.

The food was superb. There were some Chinese dishes I haven't tried. The pan-fried siopao was good together with the bitso-bitso. The Dong Bei Dumplings were the ones that made the trip! Panalong-panalo! Why? They were all lovingly handmade. From the wrapper, to the grinding of the meat. They were all from scratch.

I was with a big group. It was nice seeing the balikbayans taking the trip. They seemed to have enjoyed the food.

My suggestion is when you take this trip. Don't eat too much at every food stop. Just taste. By the end of the trip, you won't be able to chow down on the final dish. Have a good eating pace :)

Click on the link to see more snapshots from the tour :)




My Life's A-musings said...

i already joined such trip and i must say it was very educational and filling (to the mind and the stomach).

Clariz said...

Chinese foods are the best! sayang sa binondo ka lang na tour, but if your free try mo pumunta sa chinatown, you'll see different unique Chinese foods and the bitso-bitso ang daming use niyan :) aside from the pan fried siopao, Bitso-bitso is also mix with Chinese Porridge, tapos if you want to make bitso bitso a snack puwedi din, i-deep lang siya sa sugar (better than eating bread with butter).

Sayang, dami pa po sana ako sasabihin about chinese foods, pero naisip ko it would be much better kung ikaw nalang magdiscover.

That's one thing I'm proud of being a chinese, masarap at nakakabusog ang pagkain :))

JP Anonuevo said...

hi jiggy,

How much is the food tour? I'm kinda interested because even if I frequent the area, I feel there's more to see and eat in. So far the only places I normally eat in are Savory (to reminisce my childhood), President, and Tasty Dumplings (i love their ginormous pork chop--worth the money).