Friday, December 25, 2009

A different Christmas

So this is the first Christmas without Lola. It was different. But nonetheless, the spirit of togetherness during Christmas made it better. It was the first time we had mass that wasn't in Lola's house. We had mass at 6pm at the Meralco Lobby since it was very near the house. I didn't see the usual people like the Jesuit Scholastics and Father Arevalo. I missed them last night.

Noche Buena was held at Tita Kris' place. Different food too actually. Except for the Turkey which is my other Lola's specialty. It was pot luck. Tita Kris provided the roast beef and callos (the callos of H CUISINE is the bomb!) Tita Viel brought Lasagna and Ninang brought the desserts. Damn! I was too full.

I think all of us handled it pretty well. I guess during the picture taking, it was when I missed Lola. She was always at the center...  Even though we all miss her dearly, I think she helped us a lot last night. Being together as a family made it meaningful.

Oh, Tita Kris showed us the premiere trailer of her new soap which will air on Jan 18. Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo I think is the name. Basta, KTM. Baby James was glued in to YouTube with the MJ Videos. If it's Thriller, he'll run away. I couldn't even touch the mouse since he'd cry. When he wasn't looking, I showed him the Iron Man 2 trailer. THAT he liked! Hahaha. Gotta teach my little cousin the way of the geek.

One thing you won't find in an Aquino party is Beer. I'm sorry but we're not big drinkers. There was wine though which my Dad and Titos drank. Except for Tito Noy. He also can't handle alcohol.

After that, we went home. The Cruz celebration was held at our house. By this time, I was already full so I was just drinking Sprite. Hahaha.

At the end of the day, you think about the loved ones you miss. They're not here anymore, but they still live on in our hearts. I miss my Lola dearly. Each and everyday. I even went to the den which was her room and whispered Merry Christmas.

Anyway, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!


Ceeyannah21 said...

aww... you're a sweet guy jiggy. so sweet. Merry Christmas!:)

Oliver Oliveros said...

Merry Christmas, Jiggy =)

erva said...

hai jiggy!!

just wanna ask if whole yap fam (james.kris,josh and bj) ba pupunta ng bangkok tom??

y ndi kau wathcg xmas game ng tito james u??i expected n nandun kau whole family especially ur tita kris but bj lng andun eh!! hope u can answer.tnx.


JP Anonuevo said...

merry christmas!

jasmin said...

Merry Christmas to you and your fam! :)

Anonymous said..., the last part of your blog entry was very sweet ^^,).
I know your lola is very happy seeing you all celebrating Christmas, and i know you also Kuya, should do the same too.
..happy holidays to your family, i will be praying for you to celebrate the season peacefully and with joy in your heart ^^,).
..God Bless and more powers. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

domjullian said...

parang kulang kayo sa family pic except for ur lola

crystal.boundaries said...

you are such a sweet person, jiggy. your lola must be proud of you.

i'm a martial law baby and was in grade school when your lolo died...your lola changed philippine politics.they were more than persons to memorize in my social studies class. they changed my world. continue the legacy!