Sunday, December 13, 2009

12 Days before Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas memories was my first Christmas morning here in my house. I wrote a note to Santa asking for Micro Machines. Do you guys remember that? I was never a Hot Wheels guy. MICRO MACHINES FOREVER!!!

The reason why it's one of my favorite memories is because I vividly remember being vague. I just attempted to draw the Micro Machines logo. But in my mind, I badly wanted the Supercity Toolbox playset.

When I opened Santa's gift. I got it!!! It was the Toolbox!!! I didn't ask for it but it was what I wanted. I was so amazed Santa read my mind.  :)

Anyway, I searched for this online and somebody uploaded the commercial. Just sharing with you a Christmas memory :)


sjnhs_bon said...

bungga na bungga - Baby Jackson :)

gladys said...

One of the perks of childhood!I remember having the same feeling when I opened my mini kitchen set!

Christmas is really a fun-filled season:-)

Tago Fabic said...

I remember this. :D I also used to write letters to Santa and post it in our Christmas tree. :D Well, since most of my requests were ridiculously expensive, I used to get cheaper alternatives to my wishlist. haha.

Sundae said...

hi kuya jiggy, I purchased myself with the december edition of Yes! Magazine.. It was your family on the cover page.. it was really striking when i passed by the bookstore, so without any doubts, i bought a copy for myself.. this is the best gift i've given to myself and so i'll give my friends too.. the stories about your family were so inspiring.. God bless po and your family too.. Merry Christmas and more power!!

Blinkz said...

Hi Jiggy!!!!Finally im one of your follower n>>>>!!!!

Anonymous said...

..haha nice ^^,). what a christmas memory, galing aman ni Santa to read your mind kuya, hehe.