Saturday, December 19, 2009


So why I am I such a Beantown fan?

The main reason is that my Mom stayed in Boston together with the family. It was the happiest 3 years of their lives. I loved all the Boston stories. I was introduced to Larry Bird, "The BOSTON GAHDEN", The T, Legal Sea Foods, Chestnut Hill, Commonwealth Avenue, Boston College and the Eagles, FENWAY PARK, The RED SOX, Harvard, etc.

I love the CELTICS, RED SOX, and Patriots (Boston is part of New England)

I was never a Showtime fan. I admit he's an amazing player. I'll give him that. But Magic was arrogant. Larry Legend was the humble poker faced player. I guess that's what made me like humble people. It was my Mom and Lola telling me about Larry Bird.

Anyway, I also happen like watching baseball because of The Red Sox. Tita Viel is the biggest Sox fan in the family but I'm the biggest Celtic. Hahahaha.

You know that part of your life where you want to trace your roots? It's something like that. I've been to Boston once but it was only for a day. Bitin na bitin I tell you... But either way, it was an awesome experience. It was the coldest place I've been to...

So there you go. Don't hate me for releasing my anger in twitter when the CELTICS lose...I love THE BIG THREE!!! The Truth, The BIG TICKET, and RAY-RAY!!!


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Anonymous said...

..nice to know something 'bout your childhood kuya. Maybe, it would be perfect if you go back and visit Boston to reminisce some parts of your childhood ^^,).