Thursday, October 29, 2009

To all new registered voters...

Even if there are still 2 days left, I just want to thank everyone who REGISTERED TO VOTE!

I cannot stress how happy I am for all the newly registered voters. I was really afraid that people still don't care. But with the stories I've been getting, it really is so heartwarming to know that people registered.

I have friends who fell in line for hours. But I think some had it worse. Hats off to you guys!

My grandfather died for democracy, my grandmother lived for democracy. We really can't take it for granted. We really really can't!

So, those who devoted all their time and effort to register, thank you for preserving our democracy!!! You guys rock!!! Mabuhay kayong lahat!!!


JP Anonuevo said...

Thanks for keeping us aware as well. It only shows that patriotism is not just something we think of, but something that is instilled.

The Filipino nation owes a lot to your grandparents. Now it's our time to show them that what they worked hard for would be something that we cherish, protect, and love.

I've been an active voter since I was 18. I never failed to vote ever since, nor will I fail to vote next year.

To the newly registered voters, please protect your votes. Think long and hard for the benefit of our country.

sjnhs_bon said...

hi kuya jiggy, thanks for reminding us for not to be apathetic for what is happening now.

Thanks for your advocacy of encouraging the Youth for their future.

Thanks din sa pagsagot sa mga tweets ko sayo even though naguguluhan ka sa amin dahil maraming marami kaming nag-tetweet sa yo imagine 18,000 kaming mina-manage mo and come to think of it, halos araw-araw pa, we are proud of you.

It is my pleasure to become a follower of yours. Imagine, grandson ng dating pangulo ng Pilipinas, ang dating pangulong nagbalik ng demokrasya sa bayan...I really can't believe this, thanks for all.

To such person who owns the name Justin Benigno "Jiggy" Aquino Cruz kudos to you, keep up, Good Job, God Bless, adios, stay safe and in be half of the people of the nation, "Saranghamnida". :P

Bon Robert A. Luzon
luzon_bon :P