Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back-2-Back =)

I wasn't fortunate enough to experience a championship as a college student. I had 2 chances. 2003 and 2006. We lost to FEU in 03, and I was one of the many in Araneta who experienced the heartbreaking loss of 06 to UST.

But hey, things happen for a reason. I think 2006 was a learning experience for Coach Norman and the players who were there. If I'm not mistaken, Rabeh, Eric, Emman, and Jai were part of that 2006 team.

So, Ateneans can add October 8, 2009 as the date of BACK TO BACK!

October 4 ng gabi pa lang, I was just so damn nervous about the Thursday game. Insane! That's how much of a die-hard fan I am!

It was a good thing that I filed for half-day leave October 8 even before Game 2. It was because I wanted to visit my Lola's tomb. I couldn't go on my birthday and on the 7th because of things to finish at work. So before heading to the game, I went to Manila Memorial Park. I prayed the rosary and thanked my Lola for everything. I told her how much I missed watching basketball with her. And... I asked if she could help Ateneo. =)

So this is what it feels like to win Back to Back. What made it sweeter is that the Juniors also won Back to Back! It was the 1st time in UAAP history that both Seniors and Juniors teams won!!! So Ateneo is the first school to accomplish that! (Well that's according to the people)

But I think it'll be hard to beat the 7-peat of UE and the 4-peats of La Salle and UST.

Ateneo played an awesome game last Thursday. It was a nervous 1st quarter for us. 4 point lead lang but once Eric shot that trey, I had a good feeling we'd get the win. I thought that the turning point was when Ryan had that "holy cow" shot plus the foul! I thought that Ateneo was just dominating the game. I thought that UE had poor shot selections. Val Acuna had bad shots and Pari Llagas was just out of it. I felt bad for those guys. Elmer was trying his best but his shots weren't going down either. Rabeh just had a monster game and Jai got his rhythm in the 2nd half.

The only time I was sure that we won was below the 1:30 mark in the 4th. Why? Because ANYTHING can happen in the UAAP!!! You can never be too sure!!!

It was the first time I wore Blue this season. All the rest I wore black and 1 yellow. I had a 7-1 for the LIVE games I watched. 2 against DLSU, 2 against UST, 1 against UP, 1 against AdU and 2 against UE. Game 2 was my only loss...

But I also wanted to put a bit of yellow in my blue :)

Season 72 was awesome for me! We got back to back for Seniors and Juniors! Not to mention 1st runner up sa Cheerdance!!! :)

I don't think that the experience of 2006 will ever leave... It was a painful loss. But the experience of 2009 is a great experience you can add to the awesome UAAP memories.

Of all the seasons, I think 2002 would be my favorite. It was the dream season! But sadly, we didn't get the back to back the following year...

After this, you can put Norman Black and the rest of the coaching staff in the Hall of Fame. Also the 3 vets - Nonoy, Rabeh, and Jai! (Jai is one of the few True Blue Seniors to win in Grade School, High School, and College)

Oh, for the Ateneo fans, correct me if I'm wrong, but to be King Eagle, you have to come from the Grade School right? Because Enrico was King Eagle and Rich wasn't the year after. Larry was and LA wasn't...

And for the Courtside Hall of Fame, I think that Jessica Mendoza now belongs with Pia Arcangel, Lia Cruz, and Patty Laurel.

Props to UE for giving an awesome series! I'm expecting Elmer Espiritu to get in the PBA. I'll be cheering for that guy! He's just awesome on the court. Walang yabang whatsoever! Just like Nonoy!

OK, before I blab some more, CONGRATS TO THE ATENEO COMMUNITY! :) Woohoo!!! ONE BIG FIGHT!!! Thanks for the awesome belated birthday gift!!!


Monica:) said...

I love ateneo=)

Monica:) said...

I love ateneo=)

sjnhs_bon said...


t e i n said...

..haha!! congrats po ng sobrahhh!!!
God bless kuya jiggy.

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

Congrats Mighty EAGLES!

nekoely said...

WeeeEEE!!! Banzai!! ^^

I saw you at the court... AhahahahHH!!! I was also there! =)
(I'm suPer SHY that time.. Don't know what to say, kaya hindi na lang kita nilapitan. ^^)

Ang ganda ngayon ng ginawa nila..
sana magtuloy tuloy. (^.~)

Pa- hI! nalang po ako sa brother mo po na si Mr. Jonty? AhahahHHH!!
Both of you are super KAWAII that time! Kulit!!

mata aimasho~ ne jiggy-san! ^^

Banzai!! Apir! ^^


t e i n said...

..that day, me and my classmates are watching the game of the blue eagles at school only on the cellphone of my classmate.
dyahe? pero carry na din kc, die-hard fan talaga kame, LALO NA AKO ng blue eagles.
..actually, nagkaron pa nga ng division of the house among my friends, we are all 10, 6 bet for the warriors, 4 for the eagles.
..we separated, kme "ateneo fans" on one side , sila, on the other.
..nakakatuwa kc we are super having fun that time kc, pag nakaka shoot, sigawan agad ng WAHHHHH!! SEE? SEEE?? (that time asa canteen pa kme ng school, haha!)
..dalawa kme ng friend q na super fan since high school pa lng, so before we watched the game, we did pray together and even ask for president cory's guidance. the game started and simula pa lng crossed-finger na aq praying and saying, "shoot that ball, please?" good thing it all did work great that time.
..SUPER galing nilang lahat, that day. Rabeh did show his great abilities for shooting and defenses, Salamat and Buenafe, of course, did their awesome steals and shoots din.
at xempre? jai reyes!! super the best, consecutive 3-point shots, GARBE!!! sayang nga lang ndi xa naging mvp.
..till 4th quarter, ndi pa din kame kampante kea talagang super pray pa rin aq and my friend even though lamang naman ang blue eagles
HAHA!! buti na lang, GOD is really great!! and so, the ATENEO BLUE EAGLES won their BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONSHIP.
..congrats to both seniors and juniors (galing pla ni Ravena sa juniors ah?)
hope to continue your victories for the coming seasons, I AM SO HAPPY hanggang ngayon.
ehe? salamat po for reading my comment, God Bless po Kuya Jiggy.