Monday, October 12, 2009

Big Blue Eagle Back-to-Back Bonfire

To the non-Ateneo fans, sorry, I'm still on the Back-to-Back high. To the haters, pls don't hate... Appreciate! :)


Being the die-hard fan that I am, I did not dare miss the Bonfire! It was an excuse to visit my 2nd home, to celebrate, see friends, batchmates, and the Ateneo community.

I dropped by after hearing mass with the family so the parking space I got was on the other end of the campus. =| That's the problem with the Bonfire, EVERYONE goes!!! So traffic also did not dare miss to be in the Bonfire.

Ateneo changed it this year. No mud since the venue was set in the Grade School campus and not in Bellarmine field.

Ever wonder why they called it Bonfire? Back in 2002, I was a senior in High School and it was the first championship in 14 long years! My theory here is that they all wanted B's to be in the celebration. So it was called the BIG Blue Eagle Bonfire! Well... that's what I think.

That year was just crazy! People were just too happy. Traffic was terrible! I think it was more than 2008. Plus I remember that it was the time Pepsi launched Pepsi Blue. Hahaha.

The 2009 Bonfire wasn't bad at all. The temperature was just too hot... Yun lang. Pero masaya naman!

I feel bad for my friend and batchmate, Lia Cruz. Parati na lang siya niloloko ng mga Players... On stage, there was a High School player who asked her oif she could be his Grad Ball date... The crowd cheered for the guy... Lia, had to say Yes. Hahahaha. I expect her to tweet during the Grad Ball :)

Plus Wesley Gonzales is just hillarious! I read his tweets and I keep laughing! Panalo siya!

My favorite quote was from Eman "The Pocket Rocket" Monfort. Sabi niya "Mike (Baldos)! Thank you!" (Eman got his slot in the roster since Mike couldn't play...) Hahahaha.

This was the Bonfire in which I stayed the longest! Last year, I just dropped by because there were just too many Ateneans!!!

Anyway, sharing scenes from the Bonfire :)

Late dinner with my blockmates :)

With Moe and Joni

Our view of the stage

With my favorite high school teacher and her husband, Coach Sandy

With my Philo classmate and the best Blue Eagle to wear the number 4 (in my opinion),
Yuri Escueta!!!

With Ateneo Atheltics' Ceres Lina

With my favorite Juniors player of my batch, Mr. Merrill Lazo!



The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

congrats! can feel the fire burning in you Ateneans! keep it up!

t e i n said...

..haha, sayang hindi pu aq nakapunta? hm, sayang! pero oki lang, besides madameng tao, hehe! at least no chance na matabunan aq? wah! CONGRATS pu ulet sa mga ateneans, waha!! more bonfires to come, ayiiihhhhh!!!
..God Bless po kuya Jiggy and also to your family.

fielsvd said...

congrats ateneo!

from time to time, i visit ateneo esp. during special occassions because my teacher friend lagi ako naiinvite...

but this one really stood out in my memory...

nagpunta ako sa canteen ng grade school, at napagkamalan akong grade seven! lol.

Moe said...

Wow. I'm in the picture! C: *wave wave*