Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Unexpected... But happy

The things that make you more happy when you don't expect them to happen.

For those who've seen 500 days of Summer, didn't you think the "Expectations vs. Reality" scene was awesome?

Expectations are one of the key reasons for major disappointments in life. The more you don't meet what you expected, the greater the hurt.

I've learned to accept a lot of things this year. I know it's only October but 2009 has been a difficult year. It was really a matter of accepting life as it is. It was the first time I've lost someone who I loved so much. My Lola meant the world to me. Though she's not here physically, she has been making her presence felt. Well, to me at least. I think she's helped me get stronger.

You win some and you lose some in life. There are twists and turns in life. In those turns, you won't know what you'll see. Just let go. Don't expect.

I've been happy lately because of pleasant surprises in life. Not expecting makes life more enjoyable actually. :)

Don't be afraid of tomorrow. You might like it!


Therese said...

Right.Sometimes you have to let go and learn to accept things.2009 has been a difficult year for me too so I'm leaving everything up to Him because I know in His perfect time everything will fall into place.

engel said...

it has been said: the key to a happy life is lowered expectations.

JP Anonuevo said...

Hi Jiggy,

Expectations may be one of the key reasons for disappointments, but it could also be a motivator in striving hard to achieve goals. You expect certain things and in expecting, you tend to work for it. True that sometimes what we expect don't happen the way we wanted. But I guess that's one mystery of life that only God knows.

I must say that I admire you a lot for posting your thoughts and emotions here in the internet. The entire nation still mourns for your lola. I should know because I also feel the same way. I could just imagine how harder it could be for you who is part of her immediate family.

I believe in the saying that if a door is closed, God will always open a window. I think He did for you and your family. We should look like without expectations, but with hopes. We should see challenges as a glass that is half full than half empty.

May God bless you and your family, Jiggy. I know your grandparents are proud of you, lovingly looking down on you all the time.

JP Anonuevo