Friday, October 23, 2009

500 Days of Summer - my honest review

I'm not gonna post something inspirational. I'm here to talk about a fantastic movie that I just saw.

Spoilers ahead. Be warned.

500 Days of Summer was very well crafted, witty, fun, sad, and different all at the same time. The title alone will let you know that the 2 main characters won't end up with each other.

It was the perfect relationship set to end with an expiration date.

There will be things we will never understand on LOVE but that's the beauty of it. 500 Days made me see things that I could relate with. I was able to relate with the process of moving on.

Towards the end of the movie, Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), was told to look back at the past. But on a condition not to look at the happy memories. He had to look at the bad ones. I think that sometimes we ignore the simple bad things that happen in the relationship. You realize that when you look back at the past and see the flaws, you'll get to understand.

I think guys will have to go through their "Summers". I think it's something all, if not, most guys go through in life. You deal with heartbreaks. You get to live with it, forget about it, and finally move on with life.

What I believe in is that things happen for a reason. Whether it be good things or bad things, they happen for a reason. The reason, we may not understand but it's supposed to happen for the grander scheme of things.

To all the nice guys out there who got their hearts broken, watch this movie. You'll like it. I promise you that.


t e i n said..., hope i could also relate to this movie?.
..i agree on what you have said that, "people should pass through their summers". It's something like passing through the past memories you had which are not that kinda nice for you to remember at all. In short, MOVING ON.
..i hope, moving on would be as easy as passing through your summer days. That, you can easily turn your backs to your past and finally say that it's OVER. So that wula na tayong matatawag na mga "Prisoners of the Past" Sana ganun nlang po kadali anu? hm.
..maybe, i gotta watch this movie? and reflect on it, haha. thanks for the movie review, har.
..another story for realizations.

..more powers po!! God Bless.

Ma. Theresa Rosario said...

I agree.Love the movie.I'm sure a lot of guys and girls could relate in this film.

Ma. Theresa Rosario said...

I agree.Love the romantic,sensible story.

dojski said...

Reading this, I realize one other reason why the movie is unique: it's a romantic comedy NOT for the girls, BUT for the GUYS. ;)

luiboi said...

i have yet to see this movie but the premise alone already makes me relate to it.i guess in one point of another this would happen to be the stories of our lives.i also a comic book in the making w/ the same concept.its a sort of my,MOVING ON phase.hope i can release it by the end of next year.promise,id give you a free copy.hope this is still shown come this weekend.nice review.

johnonline said...

definitely the best romantic comedy movie of the year!

every lines thrown are quotable. i'm feeling the pain of tom. haist...

idadaldal said...

Glad to know some people really liked this movie. I was beginning to think I was the only one, and that it's only because I'm too much of a sucker for hopeless romantics like Tom.