Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One Big Fight - 2009

So tomorrow is the final game of the 2009 UAAP Season.

Lots of exciting games!!!

I am very very nervous... what more the players???

Anyway, basta, faith!!! GO ATENEO!!! ONE BIG FIGHT!!!

2009 has been a difficult year for me, so I hope the sadness ends tomorrow!!!

Ateneo fans, let's all pray we get the back2back both SRS and JRS!!!!! :)

On to the fray!!! March on to victory!!!


t e i n said...

..yah right!! kuya, aq din pu super nervous talaga!! me and my classmates will be watching the game via phone nlang kc we have classes at that time pa.. ka sad talaga pero oki lang aman. HM!!
..we will be praying for ateneo's big fight.
..actually i wore blue shirt today for ateneo eh?? haha.
..I KNOW AND I BELIEVE, kaya po ng blue crew ean. let's trust and have faith.

Louise ♥ said...

Thoughts have become things! :)) Awesome win for Ateneo today. \:D/

nongski said...

jigs, this is my hubby's account. belated happy birthday ! didn't know your bday is the day after my wedding anniversary. got married in oct . 5, 2002, ateneo's first uaap victory after a 14 year drought :-) have the perfect bday gift for you .... seeing what a die hard fan you are :-) hope to see you soon. HUGS AND KISSES TO YOUR MOM, DAD AND JONTY. fondly, ate jing castaneda

t e i n said...

..ei? haven't made any blog yet ah?? kuya?? ehehe.

engel said...

Congratulations to Ateneo for the win!!! Good season for the Eagles!!!

domjullian said...

Congrats!My Atenista brother's sooo happy now

nekoely said...

Ang galing ng team ngayon. ^^

sUpEr sa nerbiyos? Ahahah!!! Sorry for my bad tagalog..

Nakaka kaba at first..

Buti na lng na gawa nila.! ^^

(I don't know your phone no. that's why I send this message through your Blog.^^)
Sorry for my bad english.. LOL! Banzai!

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