Sunday, October 25, 2009

On Registering to Vote

I'm happy that most of my friends are registered voters. Though I have some who wanna vote but are just too busy... I hope they register.

But I'm happy that I have friends in the office who will be first time voters. I know that they wanna see change in the Philippines. They wanna see integrity back in Philippine politics.

We can always hope for the betterment of the country.

However, when someone wins the seat, we cannot leave it up to him/her. We have to play our part too...

That's why I'm happy that I have friends doing their part. They registered to vote.

After my countless kakulitan to them, they finally did :)


Sundae said...

Hello po Kuya Jiggy. I'm Sundae from Misamis Oriental. I've been following your blog since this month lang. I've learned so much from your entries especially dun po sa entries nyo about your Lola. Medyo naging sentimental ako dun kasi bago lang din ako naulila sa lola ko. Hindi pa po ako pwede makapag vote since I'm only 16 but I'm encouraging my friends to register and vote wisely. I'll do my best na magkaroon ng malinis na election dito.
I'm also a supporter po pala of Sen. Noynoy Aquino so as my friends. I've been admiring your family since then. Best regards po sa kanilang lahat especially kay Miguel Abellada :). I've been admiring him ever since.

Sundae said...

Hello po Kuya Jiggy..
I'm Sundae from Misamis Oriental. I've been an admirer of your whole family since then.Though hindi pa po ako pwede mag vote since I'm only 16, I'm encouraging my friends and classmates to register. I'm also supporting your Tito Noynoy, so as I my friends. I will do everything na magkaroon ng clean election dito. Best Regards din po to your whole family especially to Miguel Abellada who is my crush.. :)

t e i n said..., yah right po.
actually, i just had myself registered yesterday po.
Good thing it all turned fine aman po
..i thought it would be so dificult to do so kasi a lot of my friends told me na 'sobrang haba ng pila' well, they really are right nga., my sister and my brother, woke up early 4:00 in the morning
just to go to the comelec office in our city hall. An aga na namen but guess what? ang haba na agad ng pila! wah!
..we waited for around 4 hours before nag start ung mga comelec officers? garbe talaga!
..but despite those hirap, at the end, it feels so good to be officially registered as a voter. anxea, kc it will be my first time to vote, aha! Now i can feel na, even simple people like me can contribute to our nation's future.
..i hope more and more people can realize the importance of one's vote before it's too late.
..nga pu pala, my dad, plans to help for the campaign of Sen. Noynoy, ask lang po sana aq ng assistance po from you.
..thanks po for reading my comment.
More powers po and god bless po.