Sunday, October 18, 2009


It's been a year since I was in KOMIKON!!!

But 2009 is rather different. Venue wise that is... KOMIKON was held in Megamall at the Megatrade Hall 1. Not a bad venue at all!

First booth I saw was Budjette Tan's booth and I was able to get TRESE Book 3 signed by Budjette himself and Kajo Baldisimo! I also couldn't pass up on the Trese magnets!!! Trese and the Kambal!!! I'll probably put them on my cube at work.

There were also customized Mighty Mugg versions of the Kambal. Too bad they were only for display...

My main goal was to get a copy of Gerry Alanguilan's "Where Bold Stars Go To Die". So I found his booth and since there was a line, I chatted with his lovely wife Ilyn first. She's the better half of Mr. Komikero :) Hahahaha. Gerry's partner in crime for this book is the very talented Arlanzandro Esmena.

Komikero with the artist fanboys :)

Gerry was also selling a new version of ELMER! This one's a collected version :)

I met up with the Ninoy Art and Essay contributors too. Besides Gerry, Harvey Tolibao, Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz, and Stephen Segovia were there at the kon.

I got Francisco Coching's El Indio too. I was talking too Heubert Khan Michael and we agreed that El Indio was a must get!!! It was only fitting to get that in KOMIKON 2009!!!

The last book I got was Manix Abrera's "12". It's fully colored!!! Plus the guy is awesome!!! He sold his Pulp Hope book to me!!! Hahahaha!!!

Cosplayers this year were on the down-low. Not so much of them... It was weird. Cosplayers are a must for comic conventions in the Philippines!!! But I was glad that a lot of people were there to support the local creators!!! :) Loved this year's KOMIKON!!! A lot of awesome buys!!!

Anyway, here are scenes from this year's KOMIKON.


nanaykrung said...

who drew the noynoy and mar caricatures?? they're awesome!!

seems like it was really a fun experience for u.. too bad i'm not really a fan of comics..

t e i n said...

..aha! that's very nice aman po.
ancute aman nung caricature nina Sen. Noynoy and Mar Roxas po? ahihi.
anxea, god bless po and more powers.
more blogs to come pa po.
hm, ingats po.

Miko said...

I should've hang around a bit longer. I was able to ask Carlo Pagulayan to sign my mom's copy of NINOY. I didn't know Jason Paz and Stephen Segovia, Harvey Tolibao were there as well. Too bad.

I'll just wait for the next 'Kon, I guess or the next mini-con by Comic Odyssey.

Oh, I hope you like the Tower of Misunderstanding. I did learn something from it when I was in a phase that I would rather not discuss :p

Anyway, it's still a good read. It's kinda surprising that this is from the same guy that made Bert is Evil as well as as Maritess VS The Superfriends with Rex Navarrete :D

Miko said...


Here are the cosplayers that you were looking for:

It seems they were their own event the same time as we were.

fielsvd said...

ganda ng caricatures ni noynoy at mar...

Monica:) said...

Hey this komikon is like comic con in san diego which I go to every year:)have u been to comic con in san diego I am from l.a so I am familiar with it:)