Monday, October 26, 2009

Manix Abrera's "12"

I'll agree with Gerry Alanguilan when he said that one of the best things to have come out of KOMIKON 2009 was Manix Abrera's "12".

The book contains 12 short stories in comic book form. But it's a silent comic! No words at all!

But it'll make you laugh, cry, feel good, feel bad, puke, and so many other things. Manix did a heck of a job with 12. He's a comic book genius! This was one of THE BEST comic books I have ever read in my entire life. Being an avid comic book reader, this is top notch BEST IN CLASS!

The drawings are simple but totally effective. Telling a story without words is so hard to execute but Manix made it look a piece of cake for him. This book is out of this world brilliant!

It's in full color and it's worth every peso! I was fortunate to have my copy signed by Manix himself.

People, if there was one book I can really really really recommend, it would be this. You don't like words. Read this book!!!

I have to check where it's available first. But I would assume that it would be available in comic book shops by now.

I hope Manix reads this because I would like to thank him for creating this masterpiece!!! May he create many many more comics!!! Mabuhay si Manix Abrera!!!


kixvix said...

Sounds interesting, Jigs. Let me know once you find out where it's available for purchase. Thanks!


Joni Andrea said...

I didn't find one this time but I did last year. :) I'll bring some KitKats when we meet up. You must try the soy sauce. It actually tastes pretty okay.

t e i n said...

..aha! i gotta get a copy of that.
hm, exciting.

Targrod said...

It is mahal.


SUEDE said...

you dont read '12' you experience it! cant wait to get a copy of this masterpiece! you are so lucky sir to have you copy signed by manix!