Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not a bad day at all :)

Got a lot of surprises!

Jonty was the first.

My team in the office. - BIG SURPRISE!!!

Ospret and his antics...

Dinner with my loved ones :)

Plus Lola's making her presence felt... :) Still miss her very much


t e i n said...

..ey kuya jiggy!! that's very nice of you.. ala lang? masaya ka kc eh.. kea maxaya!! haha. godbless po.

t e i n said...

..belated happy 24th b-day po.
haha, kuya? i'm one of your biggest fan. idol pu kc talaga kita!! hehe, sana me chance na mameet ko po kau?? ehe.sana..
..godbless po, more powers.

nekoely said...

belated happy birthday... =p

May God bless you as always.. ^^

Stay healthy.!

Takbo ulit tayo..?

pero sana... Ma try ko sayong makipag-usap personally.. While running.. AhahahH!!! Gomen(Sorry) for my bad english.. =)

Thanks.. Ja, kyoskete.. ^^