Monday, October 5, 2009

Turning 24

In less than 2 hours, I say goodbye to being 23.

I really don't feel like celebrating my birthday since Lola's not with us anymore. :(

I was talking to Ninang last night and she noticed it too. Mom was the first one to experience a birthday without Lola. Among the apos, I'll be the first one to experience a birthday without Lola.

Lola gave us all one last birthday. She completed everyone's birthday before she left to a better place. Ninang noticed it. Whenever she'd implement a new rule on Birthdays, she'd start with the eldest...

The past week, I woke up crying. Twice. Why? It's funny really. I dream that I'm crying and I wake up crying. Dreams can seem so real right? Why did I cry? I dreamt about my Lola.

Yes, I still miss her very much each and everyday. I was really close to her...

It pains me writing this entry but it's my way of venting out and sharing it with you.

I thought that she'd give me an early birthday present with an Ateneo Championship but I'm hoping that she's just delaying it for a bit so I can pray some more :)

I didn't take a leave from work because of important things to do. Plus you get to see your friends at work who'll greet you. Hahaha.

2009 hasn't been a good year... Hopefully, it'll change on Thursday... I want the title that bad :( sigh... (Sorry UE... die hard talaga ako.)

Now, I'm looking back at the previous years and birthdays. They were awesome. Felt the love! Although it's a bit different because next year, dang! I'm a quarter century old!!!

Time's flying by way too fast... You have to live everyday to the fullest. Make your loved ones know how much they mean to you!!!

Anyway, I know that God has His plans. May His will be done.


Miko said...

Happy birthday, Jiggy!

We may not feel like celebrating especially with the profound loss that we might have but we must - because life goes on.

You are your Lola's legacy. Not many people can say that.

Anyway, enjoy your day and hope to see you at Komikon.

reyjr said...

I'm sure your Lola wants you to celebrate too. :D 25 is a fine age. Heh heh. Happy Birthday Jiggy. ;) God Bless!

rachelle villar said...

It happened to me as well. Crying while sleeping, haha. Then when I woke up, I just realized na basa ang mata ko pati na yung pillow. I hate it kapag nakikita ako ng lola ko na umiiyak ako pag tulog kasi nahihiya ako bigla. Parang, I'll just make her worry. What's wrong with you apo?! haha.

Seriously, lets just say that everything in this world eh blessing mula kay God. Painful or happy experiences are bound to happen. I know that you still miss your Lola. I know that it's really hard to move on, pero try to look at it in a more positive way. Parang, you must be happy for her because she now lives with God and she is now pain-free, worry-free. Ganyan ang iniisip ko everytime I think of my Lolo. He's still with us but he has stage 4 cancer. It's really difficult for me to accept it pero, iniisip ko na lang na, its a blessing from God because at least, He gives me enough time to show him how much I love him. aja! :)

jessica said...

Time's flying by way too fast... You have to live everyday to the fullest. Make your loved ones know how much they mean to you!!!

-so true u really inspired a lot of young's today and kasama pa ko sa young na un;)) luckily. anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY have FUN i nw its HARD pero sympre mas masisiyahan ang LOLA;)) mo kpag happy ka rin;)db. 1BIGFIGHT aja! ateneo cn do it =) take care

Julienne said...

Happy Happy 24th Birthday Jiggy! :)

Hi Jiggy, I`m your number one fan and I major idolize you. :) First-time risk ever :"> I`ll just consider this as a birthday gift to myself which is on October 8! :D I`ve read ALL your blogs and tweets (no kidding) my mom and friends said that this is the time that I go overboard with someone I crush so much. I can say that if I were boy, I would have been influenced to read comic books because you write your reviews like we HAVE TO HAVE comic books! :)) I guess, that you`re really dedicated in everything that you do and that`s just one thing about you (and so many more). I`d love to tell so many stuff but I don`t want you to be intimidated on your birthday. HAHA :)) Happy Birthday! Love and Light >:D< :*

--Julienne Vida

Jez said...

Happy birthday, Jiggy!
Yay to 23 years of living with a heroic-bloodline :)

Ria Arana said...

have a blessed birthday jiggy! i salute you for being a family person. not everyone values his family members the way you do. continue inspiring Filipinos! God bless you and your family always!

Darleen said...

Happy Birthday Jiggy! You're really a role model to us. It's not because you are your grandparents apo but you have rekindle the Pinoy spirit in us that has long been buried. We are seeing that vibrant youth in you, willing to give more to our country. Mabuhay ka :-)

Turning 24 isn't that bad. I always try to look back at the year
before and seriously i wanted time to move as fast as it could. i thought that maybe by adding another year on my birthday, i have already moved past my being a child and finally become a mature person. And I realized, it's not with the age. It's how I perceived life and my beliefs.

You may not really agree with this but you've made a big impact to us and at such a young age :-) Continue to inspire more people and be the light and salt of the earth. Happy Birthday ulit.

mark abanilla said...

well happy birthday..
am surprised you're 24 already..
thought you were only 16..

suzett said...

Happy Birthday Jiggy :D

marissa said...

happy happy 24th birthday Jiggy!

LhobiE said...

hello! jiggs happy birthday ...,
i know its so hard to pretend that everthing is ok but its not ..when you lost someone that you know she or he completes your day..its really really hard to pretend...2009 may not be a good year for some of lola died also this year..aug.29,2009...i still cry before i sleep b'coz i always turned back time, the moments when she still here...with us...i really really missed her!!!tommorow is her 40th day..,and that was the last time i know she is here and after that, she would be flown away with my unknown lolo in heaven...i said "Unknown" b'coz like you, di ko nakilala ang lolo i wish i've known him...kaya jiggy..,'dont think that ur alone in this world...YOUR NOT ALONE..

hopefully our loveones who been gone for awhile, will always remembered us and will always pray for us here...

always smile..

Joseph Edward said...

hi jiggy,

happy birthday! sana nga birthday gift sa'yo ang back-to-back ng ateneo.

i remember nung botany class natin ganitong time din: feu vs. admu naman sa finals.

jed (botany class/avellana)

Rach said...

Happy Birthday Jiggy! :)

Rach said...

Happy Birthday Jiggy! :)

reyjr said...

Lol. Did I say 25? I meant 24. Ahaha..

Anyway, Happy 24th!

lalalaliza said...

Happy Birthday Jiggy!

Don't worry about everything,be happy.
ONE BIG FIGHT na tomorrow.

t e i n said...

ai shox??
di q pu alam na BIRTHDAY nyo po pala?!
hala!! sorry po? hmm..
i don't wanna be left behind kea...
eventhough SUPER DUPER LATE na. . still wanna greet you kuya jiggy.
yahihi!! clap clap!!
it's a very nice thing that you felt the presence of your lola pu..
i am so happy para po sa iyo.
hope mag continue pa po na maging masayahin po kau everyday
para masaya!!