Monday, October 5, 2009

On the upcoming game...

I have this uneasy feeling... I didn't like how Ateneo played yesterday. They were just off plus I thought Coach Norman had bad luck with the rotation of his players.

I couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking about the game.

Why is that? My friend Dino confirmed it earlier this evening. I texted him, "why am I having this nervous feeling for Thursday?"

He simply answered "Because we went through 06"

He's right. October 4, 2006 still remains as my worst UAAP game. It was the most heartbreaking loss of all time. It was UST's Cinderella story ending. It just wasn't our year. I still remember it vividly. JC Intal had 2 chances of sealing the game for us. But the 2 shots just didn't go down the rim. :(

So I don't know about Thursday. Too much of history repeating itself? Milenyo was there in 06 together with a rookie coach. Now it's Ondoy and there's also a rookie coach.

Difference is, I think that Coach Norman can hack this one. He's been with Ateneo since 2005.

He knows what to do already. He's a veteran coach.

Plus I think Jai will play big this coming Thursday. It's his last game as a Blue Eagle and he's a homegrown player. He will come out BIG! That's my fearless forecast.

And it will be DEFENSE that will bring Ateneo to the championship! It's what brought us to the Finals in the first place.

I'm hoping for a back-to-back...



julie orellina said...

funny we have the same sentiments. uggggggh. i really do hope.wish and pray ateneo wins. no more deja vu!

lalalaliza said...

i really do cried also that night.
i was really pissed to death.
anyways,i know they could do it.THEY SHOULD.

ps.i hope the Juniors will win to.