Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hindi ka Nag-iisa MTV

Check out this music video

I got so many goosebumps when my family and I watched the rough cut of this MTV.

It was sad seeing the image of my Lola in the video. I really miss her a lot. But the next scene was Tito Noy and then Tita Kris. That part made me realize that the members of my family are doing there share in our time of difficulty. My Lola's not with us anymore but I really believe that July and August made us closer to one another...

We have a loooong journey ahead. But I think that we just have to support one another. We have to make each other realize that we are not alone in this challenge to make our nation better. HINDI KA NAG-IISA!!!

We are all in this together!!! :)


sjnhs_bon said...

Yeah, very nice video, unique talaga sa ibang-iba mula sa iba diyan, as in nakukuha ko talaga kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng video, yung iba diyan puro pangako, pangako parati naman napapako. Sa videong ito ang nakukuha ko ay isang advocacy, an advocacy na nagsusulong ng pagkakaisa ng iba't-ibang tao mula sa iba't-ibang sektor or lets just say field ;P Good Job to u all, u deserve a big.... THUMBS-UP {o_o}

Hindi talaga ako Nag-iisa Pag nadarama ko na ang Pagkakaisa
awesome :}

sjnhs_bon said...

Ayy nakalimutan ko, nga pala thanks po pala sa pag-se share ng clip na to dito sa net.

Pede po ba to gamitin sa upcomming presentation ko? {'~'}

iamjorgeurquico said...

ganda naman ng video... question lng.. may biography book na ba si Mam Cory Aquino?

mojacko said...

whoa. nakakapangilabot at nakakaiyak.

marissa said...

very touching and quite unique video. Thank you Jiggy for sharing this video :)

LainE said...

nice video i like it.. il go for noy jigz .. ahahha i have a background in politics if you dont mind ehehe i am the sk chairman in our town so evrytime people asking me if who is my bet for president i told them noynoy aquino, not because i love baby james but for me he is worth.. send my goodluck to your tito.. thank you jiggy.. kep it up! your so nice.. =)

ur guardian angel said...

The video really touched our hearts. We know that Sen.Noy will make a good president. We love and support him. Nakakaiyak... I realized more on what the youth can do, on what we can do for our country. We can still make a difference and that is to vote the right person. Laban!

t e i n said...

..first time i saw this was on CS channel 9, and right away? i sent messages to my friends about it.

..this ad is really unique of all i have seen before, it is very inspiring and full of spirit.

..i watched it again here on your blog po and funny but, naiiyak aq na ewan, hihi.

.. i dunno, i just felt something and i turned emotional.

..the song, it's very powerful, it's full of hope, parang while listening to the song, i feel my desire burning and craving for the new future every Filipinos may achieve., and my family supports Sen. Noynoy.

..i believe, your tito po is the nation's hope for a better future.

..god bless po and more powers, i salute to this ad, super inspiring.