Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What the world doesn't need...

I was watching HBO the other night and I caught License to Wed.

Robin Williams was a Reverend who was out of this world. He had this Sunday School game about the 10 commandments. "Covet? Don't Love it!", "It ain't fly to lie!", "Keep it real, don't steal"

It was pretty funny.

Anyway, it got me thinking, the movie was about these 2 people who were about to get married and there was full of distrust and anxiety...

Point is, the world doesn't need liars. The truth may hurt at times but it will definitely set you free. Believe me, lying won't do any good... Seriously.

What has lying brought in this world? I'm sure it broke so many relationships, businesses, friendships, marriages, etc...

Was it the first sin committed? Adam and Eve lying to God? Maybe...

Think about it. Did you ever realize that everything you believed in was a lie?

Remember the Matrix?

So consider this as a public service announcement.

It's simple yet true. The world really doesn't need LIARS. Honestly... we don't need them.

So continue spreading truth from now on!

Do the true thing. Always.

Liars? Ugh...

May they repent and seek the truth.

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verabear said...

I saw the movie too! he made Sunday School look like it was so much fun :)


My family and i weren't at the funeral, but we were watching it on tv the whole time. we went to times street on Saturday to leave flowers and a card. I feel your loss. May your family find comfort in the smiles and hugs of the entire nation who continues to love your lola. Sabi ko nga, the people who were walking right beside your coaster yesterday, it was as if they were all trying to hug you all at the same time.