Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm not a Gundam fan, but this is just way too friggin awesome!!!

OK, I'm not gonna "pose" as a an Anime fan but being a geek, this is just way too awesome. Japan actually made a life-size RX-78! Its head even f#$%ing moves!!! How cool is that???

But it doesn't walk or shoot lasers. It can't destroy Japan.

It's for the 30th anniversary of "GUNDAM"


I would love to see this in person...

Imagine a real life Voltes V? or a real life Voltron or Ramrod? Or a Bio Robo? Or a Megazord!!!

Damn. Now those would be awesome too...

"Stop staring at me people... I swear, I will shoot you all!"
"My rockets better be clean Gundammit!"

"Now where's Godzilla??? Bring it!!!"

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Miko said...

I agree, a large dose of AWESOME!

I saw this at and it's really something!