Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Recommendations anyone?

I don't know how many Fanboys read my blog.

There are a few guys who have been commenting on my posts and I really do appreciate it very much.

I know I've been talking a lot of mainstream and a bit of indies. I'm looking for more indies and a bit of DC actually, or am I missing out on a Marvel comic? For local ones, where can I find TRESE? Wanna read it badly!!!

If you have any recommendations for comic books, leave me a post :) I'd greatly appreciate it!


Miko said...

I got my single copies of TRESE at Druid's and Comicquest before then the compilations at Comic Odyssey.

If you can't find copies, I can lend you these the next time we meet at the next event at Odyssey or the 'Kon :D

How about Arnold Arre's graphic novels? Or perhaps other works of Budjette Tan? Of course, Gerry's other works (both past and future) are all "can't miss" titles.

I can assure you, brilliant Pinoy talent at its best!

Jiggy Cruz said...

Thanks Miko!

I actually have Martial Law Babies now. Will read it :)

Miko said...

Yep, Martial Law Babies is somewhat different from Arnold's other works (After Eden, Mythology Class, Andong Agimat). While the others involved a touch of fantasy, MLB is more realistic. But they're all great reads.

Now if only I can find a copy of his Trip to Tagaytay :p

luiboi said...

i dont know any good trades that you might like but as for title's id like to recommend deadpool.its like spiderman w/ all the humour but more violent.spidey lost me after one more day.the stories werent that more appealing during the brand new day arc.hope its getter better.might pick up spidey # 600 as well.another title that im collecting these days would be xforce/cable crossover "messiah war".i think its almost done so if you werent able to pick up the earlier issues,i suggest that you wait for the trade as well.its cool since it tells the fate of the first mutant born since M-day,Hope and it also features the return of apocalypse and the showdown between Cable and Stryfe.another good ongoing series that im collecting right now is secret warriors.its like an espionage/spy series featuring Nick Fury's new team that he introduced during secret invansion.i dont know if you're already collecting these titles but if you dont,hope you'd get to love these titles as for where to find TRESE,i think i saw some copies at fully booked :)