Monday, June 8, 2009

Batman and Robin #1

Is this my first DC book of the week?

I think it is. Just because Ultimate Spider-Man sucked so bad...

This is the first issue of Batman: Reborn. Thing is, I didn't read "Battle for the cowl". But to cut the story short. Dick Grayson is the new Batman and Damian Wayne is the new Robin. While Tim Drake is now Red Robin.

I have to say that this issue was a pleasant read. It was very entertaining. You have a more quiet Batman and a more vocal Robin. Basically the personalities are reversed.

It basically sets up the new world of Batman. It sets up the new dynamic duo and it's a good change. I thought that it would be a rip off from Captain America where the sidekick dawns the new mantle. But this is a pleasant surprise for me. It's a good superhero issue. No holy shit moments though. Morrison also introduces a new villain named Pyg. It's like leatherface with a pig mask. If this were a movie, I'd be terrified of Pyg.

The new Robin I found obnoxious... Damian's a little bitch. But it's cool! It's good character balance. He had a line that said "That'd be all Pennyworth". What a little bitch! I found it funny.

Frank Quitely's art was pretty awesome too. It's like All-Star Superman in a way. The team of Grant and Frank's a good combo. I like it.

After 3 issues, a good man will take over the art. Mr. Philip Tan!!! He is like one of THE nicest and coolest guys out there! Really happy for him that he got the assignment. I've worked once with Mr. Tan and he is absolutely a terrific guy! A gentleman's gentleman! I have yet to meet him in person.My brother said he worked with the big names in DC. Johns, Morrison, and Rucka. He has yet to work with Mark Waid I think.

The only thing I don't know if the next issues will arrive on time. If there's one thing I hate in comics... I HATE DELAYS!!!

My brother loved it. He even commented on my facebook that Batman > Spider-Man.

Yeah right... like that'll ever happen! I was like TRUTH: Jiggy > Jonty. But he's entitled to his opinion. Me? Spidey > All superheroes.

Anyway, I'll give this one to the "Distinguished Competition"... pick this one up. You'll go bats if you don't!

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