Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ultimate Spider-Man #133 and Amazing Spider-Man #600

So I'll first show my disappointment with USM #133. This was "the end" of Ultimate Spider-Man and Bendis was given this difficult and crappy task given by Jeph Loeb to "cap off" the series. This was due to ULTIMATUM.

So here you have the mask of Spidey lying in the gutters... The issue was a silent issue... No dialogue, not even sound effect text. Spidey wasn't even in it.

It was a bad bad bad bad last issue for a great Spidey title. I mean... WTF?

This is MY FAVORITE book! I don't get it! Ugh... I hate you Loeb!

Anyway, I saw Bendis' twitter page and he tweeted that this isn't the end of Ultimate Spider-Man. Next month, there'll be Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem.

We'll see how it leads to "Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1"

Bendis... I trust you.

Don't leave Spidey lying in the gutters because that's just wrong!

Don't drop him like a hot potato!!!


This is an awesome cover by Alex Ross. It's a cover with shades of Red!!! I totally love it!!! But my only question is why are there more than 4 Doc Ock tentacles???

Here's another teaser of Amazing Spider-Man #600

I love the tease with the "son" and "Parker" covered by the mask.

But guess what! It ain't Watson and Parker!!! It's Jameson and Parker. Newsflash, Aunt May is in love with J. Jonah Jameson's daddy!!! Yeeech.

But cool teaser. I love it how Marvel plays with Spidey's mask!

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