Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Sorry, we're closed. Come in, we're open!"

No more angst. No more hatred.

What's done is done.

I got all the answers but I guess one can't really understand all the answers right away.

You may not like it but you come to a point wherein you just have to accept reality. This is how it was written. This is how it's supposed to be. There is a reason for everything. That's the mystery and beauty of life.

I did everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. I gave it my very very best shot. But it wasn't enough. I guess I'll be thankful to know that at least I did everything right?

Will I regret some things? Some things yes, everything no.

When the thing you're most afraid of happens, it doesn't become that. It was the anxiety and paranoia that drove me crazy, but in the end, you expected it to happen so you were actually prepared for it. It validated the point of why I was scared in the first place.

End of the day, there's always one who sacrifices. One's loss is someone's gain.

Things really don't turn out the way you want them to be. But like I said, things happen for a reason.

You see a door closed on the left while another one's open on the right.


I'd like to end with a story.

Once upon a time there were two roads being built side by side . They were parallel at everything. They came across bumps, holes, slippery roads. They were going through all the challenges that were being thrown at them. They thought that they can get through anything. But one day, the two roads couldn't be side by side anymore. There was a road block. So a fork had to be built. The two roads had to say goodbye to each other since their paths were not to meet anymore... They had great times but there had to be an end...

"I thought... I assumed... (Akala ko...)"

Moral of the story... just go with the flow. Don't expect. Don't assume.


Joanne said...

ditto! everything happens for a reason...
don't assume talaga... :) hug jiggers!!!

Miko said...

It's somewhat cliché but everything happens for a reason.

You may not see it now but you will, in time.

Anyway, have you read Dino Ignacio's "Tower of Misunderstanding"? It's a modern fairytale of sorts, kinda gave me a new way of looking at perspectives.

It was publish by Alamat so it's a comic book as well, after a fashion ;p

Jiggy Cruz said...

Miko, where can I get Tower of Misunderstanding? :)

Miko said...

I got my copies from Comic Quest at Megamall. Hopefully, they still have some:D