Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen


I know that there a lot of mixed reviews with this movie but I loved this movie. It was pure entertainment. It's not perfect but I still loved and enjoyed this movie a lot. It helps if you grew up with the 80's cartoons.

I watched with some friends opening day and I watched again Friday night. It just shows how much of a Fanboy I am. There were several geek moments in the movie so if you haven't seen it. Spoilers ahead.


The opening scene was the coolest part of the movie for me because it was all Autobot action!!! They were in Shanghai hunting Decepticons. Plus you have the Autobots fighting alongside the US Military. The best parts of the sequence was Sideswipe cutting Sideways in half. (They should have shown Sideswipe some more. His scenes were just too short man... We want more robots!!!) The other one was Optimus Prime jumping of an airplane and parachuting down! The chutes even had Autobot logos. Awesome!

Optimus Prime fighting 4 Decepticons single handedly was amazing. It was the best. You have THE greatest robot of all time fighting for the right thing. He's a friggin PRIME!!! Though he got "killed" by Megatron, I sort of knew that he was gonna come back because it was just halfway through the movie. Though you still that inner child being sad seeing him "die" and then you remember the 80's movie where he "died" too. Thank God they didn't put Hotrod in the movie. Because I didn't like the whole Rodimus Prime bit. Hotrod is cool but Rodimus sucks man... Sorry. I will always be an Optimus Prime fan. Using Peter Cullen's voice was an excellent move. He's f'n Optimus Prime yo!!!

The other geek moment was when Jetfire shared to Sam the solution for bringing Optimus Prime back to life. 3 words. Matrix of Leadership!!! My jaws dropped. Literally. I was in Fanboy heaven!!! They put it in!!! I loved it!!!

Other pros of the movie. MEGAN FOX. Need I say more? Ok, maybe one more bit. The slow mo scenes of Megan Fox was FAN. TASTIC. Thank you Michael Bay. Soundwave's original voice was used. Ravage was awesome. Devastator!!! Love the Constructicons!!! Bumblebee rocked the house yet again!!! Agent Simmons was cool this time around and Shia LaBeouf was being himself. I loved the witty jokes and the girly screams. Hahahaha.

The Decepticons just proved that they have better operations. They executed their plans very well... But you just can't beat Optimus Prime!

CONS of the movie. They removed too many Optimus and Bumblebee scenes. Plus the new robots, Skids and Mudflap sucked big time! They were absolutely annoying!!! Talk about the newest Jar Jar Binks... I wanted more Autobots that are cooler! Jolt didn't have any scenes! Sideswipe had what? One line? Ugh... Too many Decepticons... Ironhide and Ratchet didn't do shit! What's up with that? Sam's Mom was also trying to be funny but wasn't. They also should have brought back Anthony Anderson and that Aussie girl back for the sequel. There were also jokes that were out of place... Way too out of place... But the scrotum bit was pretty funny. And the Fallen being able to do Ninja-like moves was out of place too...

On top of the cons, the movie still rocked. Transformers will give you that suspense and thrill. It will give you oohs and aahs. Your jaws will drop with the amazing effects and the story will keep you at the edge of your seat.


1 or 2? It's a toss up. But I kinda have more complaints with the 2nd. So Transformers 1 will be my pick if I had to choose.


Have a fellow geek seated next to you when you watch this! You'll enjoy it more!!! :)

So hurry up and Roll Out now!!! Watch it already!!!

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